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Nearly 1/2 of students who start their college education don’t end up finishing.

National Center for Education Statistics

Introducing higher education’s first and only risk-free performance-based student retention solution

You’re well aware of the alarming retention rates across higher education. Even institutions with higher-than-average retention rates are looking to improve. But limited institutional resources dedicated to student retention can make it hard to effectively scale successful intervention strategies. And merely throwing technology at the issue isn’t enough to make a critical difference.

Enter our Retention-as-a-Service solution, which combines predictive retention modeling with proven, proactive success coaching so you can graduate more students you worked so hard to enroll. You don’t pay for our technology or our student success coaches. You only pay a share on the incremental gain we’re able to create in your retention rates.

  • Leverage predictive models based on your institution type or customize your intervention criteria and communications

  • Easily integrate with your SIS, CRM and LMS to enhance scoring models

  • Your staff, advisors and faculty all receive transparent access into Helix Retain, our retention CRM, and can leverage that student data to take additional actions yourself

  • We enhance your models with your student, marketing and enrollment data and our continuous optimization testing

  • Automated and personalized communication intervention strategies

  • Be up and running in as quick as two months

Predictive Student Retention: The Power of Data + Coaching

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Predictive Student Retention: The Power of Data + Coaching

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The average institution loses $9,910,811 in revenue due to student attrition annually.

The Educational Policy Institute

Our retention technology can predict which students are most likely to struggle, and we reach out before they do

Our powerful retention CRM and predictive retention models utilize enrollment, academic and behavioral risk factors to tag at-risk students and automatically trigger personalized interventions.

  • Dynamically aggregates data across the student lifecycle to produce actionable intelligence

  • Automate and personalize communication intervention strategies

  • Customize your intervention models with specific criteria, triggers and risk factors

  • Retain more students to maximize your enrollment ROI

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“Helix allows us to take retention to a much higher level, putting a proactive, personal touch on all outreach. By layering success coaching on top of the retention technology, we are developing a powerful resource to keep our students connected.”

Dr. Ed Schrader President of Brenau University

Personal and powerful student success coaching

Each and every newly enrolled student gets access to their own success coach during their most critical year.

Utilizing our predictive modeling, your success coaches will reach out to students based on how the data determines their at-risk status, in order to ask questions, work with the student to create an action plan that matches their goals, and successfully connect the student with institutional resources to help achieve them.

“Helix Retain created an action item for my student based on her demographic data and the fact that she was in the first week of a course with a higher-than-average attrition risk. I reached out to the student, who was indeed, experiencing frustrations with the course. We strategized a game plan moving forward and at the end of our call, she said, 'I am so happy you called me today!'”

Mia Jones Student Success Coach
Mia Jones

Learn How Data + Coaching Can Drive Your Student Retention Strategy