Maximizing Search as Part of Your Integrated Marketing Strategy


Search has quickly become one of the most powerful information generation and knowledge attainment mediums. From both personal and professional perspectives, search enables us to find that one-of-a-kind treasure or long-lost colleague, investigate our heritage, research travel options, find that ideal job, stay in the know on the competition, build a business, and more. It gives us the power to compare opportunities in unprecedented ways and easily narrow down a worldwide pool of options so that we can connect with exactly the right source.

There are two kinds of search: organic search, whereby SEO and website optimization tactics appear in natural search results, and paid search, whereby marketers bid on keywords for placements in paid listings. While SEO is certainly important, paid search, which also operates under a PPC (pay-per-click) model, has earned a stellar reputation among education marketers.

Through paid search marketing, your ads can be targeted directly at prospective students who are looking for education opportunities. When your ads appear high on the list of search results, you can increase the number of prospective students who will see them and drive these prospects to landing pages meant to produce inquiries. Once on your site, they can evaluate and compare your program offerings, accessibility, costs, reputation, success rates, and any other relevant information.

As you can likely guess, all of this power comes with a price. Paid search can cost more than other components of your marketing mix as you increase bids in exchange for higher and more visible ad placement. You also need to be aware that search doesn’t always scale as much as you might think. Spending more money won’t always equate to more people searching for your school.

As we dive into the importance of paid search and its role in driving inquiries and enrollments, we’ll outline reasons why this medium should absolutely be key to your marketing efforts, but equally important, why it should be just one critical component of your full-funnel marketing strategy. We’ll look at ways that paid search can help you achieve your goals, but also how you can maximize its impact as part of an integrated approach.

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