Finding The Right Students: Four Key Trends Impacting Inquiry Generation

The lack of stability education marketers have experienced over the last several years has been unprecedented. And while economic and regulatory factors have impacted both their efforts and the sheer volume of enrollments, evolving demographic and consumer behavioral factors are creating challenges, too.

Since 2010, our country has experienced an economic roller coaster. While unemployment has sparked some students to go back to school, it has taken a financial toll on others, forcing them into (or back into) the workforce to ensure bills are paid. Coupled with a growing concern over student debt and the general high cost of education, affordability and timing are top-of-mind for prospective students.

Education marketers have also seen a tremendous increase in government regulation, dictating how, when and by what means schools can reach out to prospective students. A significant amount of time, money and resources have been redirected toward compliance. Those factors aside, there have been increasing shifts in demographics in terms of who is enrolling in college. It is an ever-changing target market, marked by a modern cultural make-up, technological advances and new expectations.

Enrollment marketing is anything but predictable right now. And while we can clearly identify a set of trends we expect to impact lead buying this year, stability isn’t one of them. That said, what are the drivers we expect to impact inquiry generation right now, and how can you apply them to your enrollment marketing efforts?

In this paper, we’ll discuss the ways in which quality, pricing, conversion and attribution are impacting your ability to successfully generate and convert inquiries, and ultimately, optimize the cost of graduation for your institution and the students that you serve.

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