eBook: A User’s Guide to Finding More Qualified Prospects


Now more than ever, we know that institutions are in need of affordable, effective ways to generate high-quality prospects. Read our new eBook,
A User’s Guide to Finding More Qualified Prospects, and learn how to combine analytical rigor, strategic planning and creative communications to attract qualified inquiries, as well as how to re-engage previous inquiries who haven’t yet enrolled. In the eBook, we also explore various campaign approaches, including direct mail, SEO, PPC and display advertising, as well as ways to measure the effectiveness of each through attribution.

This is the first in a series of eBooks highlighting trends and strategies for schools to more effectively find, enroll, retain and teach their students, and as a result, optimize the cost of graduation for both the institution and the students that they serve.

Download the eBook now.

Check back soon for our second eBook in the series, A User’s Guide to Enrolling and Retaining a Greater Number of Students.