eBook: A User’s Guide to Competency-Based Education

Teach eBookUsing technology to improve access to educational opportunities isn’t a new concept, especially as we’ve continued to witness growth trends in online learning over the last decade. But innovative new uses of technology in online learning are accelerating as colleges and universities look to:

  • Customize the experience
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce costs
  • Drive tangible learning outcomes

Online learning technology that adjusts to meet students’ needs and facilitates a quicker path to graduation is exactly what today’s students crave, and what institutions need to deliver in order to meet those expectations. Competency-based education is being recognized for its ability to offer just that. In this eBook, we explore the impact of offering competency-based education including the benefits, risks, considerations and more.

A User’s Guide to Competency-Based Education is the third an final in a series of eBooks highlighting trends and strategies for schools to more effectively find, enroll, retain and teach their students, and as a result, optimize the cost of graduation for both the institution and the students that they serve.

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