The Enrollment Growth Playbook

From determining growth opportunities to designing your marketing strategy, streamlining enrollment operations, solidifying your retention approach, and leveraging technology and data intelligence—the Enrollment Growth Playbook is your institution’s step-by-step roadmap to adult student enrollment success. Download here:

Predictive Student Retention: The Power of Data + Coaching

Retention statistics across higher education are alarming. But limited institutional resources dedicated to student retention can make it hard to effectively scale successful intervention strategies. And merely throwing technology at the issue isn’t enough to make a critical difference. It’s time for our industry do better. In our new quick guide, Predictive Student Retention: The Power of […]

Which Higher Ed Marketing Approach is Right for Your Institution?

As the higher education market becomes more competitive and strategic enrollment marketing becomes more complex, what marketing approach should your institution utilize to maximize enrollment growth while minimizing marketing spend? Our free quick guide compares and contrasts three popular marketing approaches to help you choose the right model for your institution. Download the quick guide […]

Navigating the OPM Landscape: Partnership Strategies for Sustainable Program Growth

More and more institutions are choosing Outsourced Program Management (OPM) partners to help launch and grow new programs. But not all Outsourced Program Management partnerships are created equal. There are critical revenue-share, contract and data-transparency red flags to be aware of when evaluating potential partners. HINT: You don’t need to give up the majority share […]

eBook: A User’s Guide to Competency-Based Education

Using technology to improve access to educational opportunities isn’t a new concept, especially as we’ve continued to witness growth trends in online learning over the last decade. But innovative new uses of technology in online learning are accelerating as colleges and universities look to: Customize the experience Improve quality Reduce costs Drive tangible learning outcomes […]

eBook: A User’s Guide to Student Enrollment and Retention

As anxious as a student might seem to engage in his or her courses, sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Students drop out before each term’s start date, or even well into a program, for a variety of reasons. While some are beyond the control of the institution, there are some things schools can do to […]

eBook: A User’s Guide to Finding More Qualified Prospects

Now more than ever, we know that institutions are in need of affordable, effective ways to generate high-quality prospects. Read our new eBook, A User’s Guide to Finding More Qualified Prospects, and learn how to combine analytical rigor, strategic planning and creative communications to attract qualified inquiries, as well as how to re-engage previous inquiries […]