Rediscovering the Social Contract of Successful Universities

powered by Sounder   Since its origins, the university has persisted, not because it has stayed the same but because it has been remarkably flexible.  Dr. Emily Levine, Associate Professor of Education and (by courtesy) History at Stanford University joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about her new book, Allies and Rivals: German-American […]

The Department of Education cancels $500 million in student loans from ITT Tech

The Department of Education has canceled $500 million in student loans from ITT Tech. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, with many veterans having complained about how ITT Tech stole their GI Bill funds by misleading students about their job prospects and issuing credits students found incredibly difficult to transfer to other institutions upon the institution’s […]

Should higher ed focus on teaching durable skills?

Should our institutions focus on teaching durable skills vs. technical skills with fast-approaching expiration dates? Reported by eCampusNews, while more and more institutions are partnering with or integrating bootcamps or similar technical programs within their existing degree programs, it’s the collaboration, communication, and broader people skills HR managers claim our new grads are missing out […]

The False Hope Created by Test-Optional Admissions Policies

powered by Sounder   Dr. Jerry Lucido, Professor and Executive Director at the Center for Enrollment Research Policy and Practice at the University of Southern California joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the potential false hope created by this year’s mass move to test-optional admissions policies. How Test-Optional Admissions Affected this Year’s […]