What can we learn from other countries’ “free college” initiatives?

What can we learn from other countries’ “free college” initiatives? Reported by Education Dive, a new study from the American Enterprise Institute suggests some potential unintended consequences of free college. Specifically in these international use cases, you find a high correlation between an increase in federal subsidies and lower admission rates. This is partially because […]

Apprenticeship Expansion at Florida International University

The Department of Labor wants to expand apprenticeship programs between higher education institutions and key industries. So much, in fact, that it invested $183 million in grant funding to do so.  Dr. Elizabeth M. Béjar, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Florida International University, and Dr. Bridgette Cram, Assistant Vice President for […]

Are nutrition benefits a college completion strategy?

Are nutrition benefits a college completion strategy? Reported by Education Dive, The College Student Hunger Act of 2019 is a legislative attempt to expand the existing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as SNAP. With a growing food insecurity problem across college campuses, and with more and more nontraditional students trying to balance the finances […]

Carnegie Mellon University Prepares for the Self-Driving Future

When many in higher education think about self-driving car technology, we’re tempted to jump straight to robotics, but autonomous car manufacturers are also going to be looking for generalists who understand the bigger picture of autonomous vehicle design and manufacturing.   How can universities help prepare students to work in the autonomous vehicle industry? Dr. John […]

Southwest Airlines is Building University Pipelines

Southwest Airlines is building university pipelines. Reported by Education Dive, with the aviation industry experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, more and more airlines are working directly with universities to create customized academic pathways and apprenticeship programs. Southwest Airlines is the most recent, partnering with Arizona State University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of Nebraska […]

Competency-Based Assessed Students Are Graduating 59% Faster

Students in competency-based assessment bachelor’s degree programs at Capella University are graduating 59% faster. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the promise of competency-based education is that freed from the credit hour, students would be able to progress through the curriculum as fast as their mastery allowed, saving time and tuition dollars. This experiment at Capella […]