How Pace University is intentional about enrolling underrepresented students

Pace University takes a hyper-intentional approach to enrolling underrepresented students. Reported by Education Dive, Pace’s ranking as the top college in the country for upward economic mobility comes from their intentionality in doing so. Removing application and enrollment barriers such as student and family income. Building a pipeline through high school visits to underrepresented communities. […]

Do we need PhDs in Learning Innovation?

Do we need PhDs in Learning Innovation? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, with exciting new innovations in learning science research and the rapid growth of online learning, the conversation about these digital innovations seems to mostly be happening digitally. Where historically, such massive thought around similar systemic change has largely happened in peer-reviewed journals, conference […]

The disconnect between higher ed leadership and digital learning

Is there a disconnect between higher ed leadership and digital learning? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a recent survey from the Campus Computing Project shows that only 40% of IT officials believe college leaders are “well informed” about digital learning and digital transformation. The takeaway? We’re unfortunately still in the early days of digital learning. […]

Boston College embraces Learning Experience Design (LXD)

Boston College is embracing Learning Experience Design (LXD). Reported by EdSurge, Boston College’s Carroll School of Management takes a different approach when determining course modality. They avoid the binary choice of online vs. on-ground. Instead, their faculty are working to build flexible, accessible and customizable hybrid courses for digital natives. This means animated videos, synchronous […]