Denison University Reverse-Engineers Mentorship as Central to the Student Experience

With studies showing how much students value on-campus mentors, and how often they don’t have one, Denison University decided to build a system that encouraged these relationships. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Denison University freshman are paired with a professor at the very beginning of their college experience as part of a one-credit […]

Providing Online Faculty with Technical Support

While providing technical support for online students is essential, online faculty new to the modality often need a great deal of help as well. Reported by EdSurge, creating technical support systems for faculty new to online education is essential. From establishing communication lines with instructional designers, to facilitating online pedagogy training sessions and ongoing support, […]

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) at the University of Memphis

Student success in learning and retention is governed by four easily observable emotions. Intuitive faculty can spot these emotions by working one-on-one with a student. Unfortunately, individual attention by a human can’t scale to an entire classroom, much less a large virtual one. Fortunately, scaling up is something that computers using AI and machine learning […]

NYU’s Medical School Move to Free Tuition Impacted Underrepresented Groups Most

Did NYU’s medical school move to free tuition last fall impact enrollment? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the answer is a big whopping yes, with applications increased by 47%, including a 102% increase from underrepresented groups. The takeaway? Future debt fears are very real scare factors for students – especially for low-income students and families. […]

Nudging Students into Better Study Habits

How can we nudge students into better study habits? Reported by EAB, Colorado State University’s Anne Cleary teaches an undergraduate course called “The Science of Learning” to help students understand data-driven strategies to optimize knowledge retention. These strategies include how spacing out study sessions is more effective than cramming, and that testing yourself on the […]