Datamark’s New Lead Confidence Toolkit Helps Institutions Reach Higher Quality Leads and Meet Compliance Standards

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has bundled its sophisticated lead quality and compliance solutions into its new Lead Confidence Toolkit, giving institutions a more complete and cost effective way to safeguard online leads. Datamark’s Lead Confidence Toolkit, the most comprehensive lead quality solution of its kind, is designed to improve conversion rates for qualified prospective students and protect schools from regulatory risk.

“We see a lot of schools spending time and money on interactive inquiries that have no intention of ever becoming students,” said Tom Dearden, CEO of Datamark. “We act as an unbiased third party to help our customer institutions replace those kinds of leads with higher-quality, high-intent leads that meet their needs and standards.”

Dearden continued, “The result allows schools to free up marketing budgets for higher converting sources while balancing their lead volume and conversion and increasing ROI.”

Datamark believes in the power of partnering with best-in-class companies to provide leading digital media solutions to its clients. The Toolkit solution includes LeadBin, the company’s lead management tool that scrubs leads on nearly 40 different parameters; Lead Audit, a solution powered by LeadiD to track the history of a lead so schools know how and where it was generated; Lead Verification, powered by Neustar®, which eliminates leads that do not provide valid contact information; and Lead Scoring, which determines how closely inquiries align with the school’s ideal student base.

Additionally, Datamark’s Lead Confidence Toolkit incorporates strict compliance monitoring and management. Datamark has partnered with PerformMatch™ to provide real-time technology that crawls the Internet to detect potential regulatory violations, and then Datamark’s Compliance Team works directly with lead vendors to resolve any issues.

Datamark’s bundled solution helps schools improve the quality of their CPL media buys and gives them peace of mind that they are spending their media mix budget appropriately. For more information on how Lead Confidence Toolkit can produce the highest quality interactive media mix and meet compliance standards, please read Introducing Our New Lead Confidence Toolkit.

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