New Datamark Research Helps Institutions Understand the Student Decision-to-Enroll Process Company Release Enrollment Data and Marketing Best Practices at APSCU Annual Conference

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is showcasing a new research study and a best practices guide at the 2012 APSCU Annual Convention. “Examining the Student Decision-to-Enroll Process” and “25 Direct Marketing Tips” will be available in the company’s booth, #343.

Datamark’s Research & Analytics team has published new primary research that helps institutions understand the prospect’s decision making process, from the initial idea to further his/her education, through research, selection, application and enrollment. “Examining the Student Decision-to-Enroll Process” gives schools deeper insight into prospective students’ thoughts and priorities, from the time it takes to start the enrollment process, to the factors they weigh the most, to the reasons they ultimately do or do not enroll.

“One interesting data point that came out of our study was the fact that 62 percent of people who don’t enroll said they still intend to go back at some point to further their education,” said Paul Reddy, president of Datamark. “Our research will help schools understand the factors that motivate students to enroll so they can put the processes in place to engage prospective students now and later.”

Additionally, “25 Direct Marketing Tips” discusses what works and what doesn’t based on Datamark’s 25 year history in enrollment marketing. Datamark shares successful strategies to reach and engage prospective students, from lead generation and management processes to interactive direct mail, mobile campaigns and remarketing.

To receive a copy of Datamark’s “Examining the Student Decision-to-Enroll Process” and “25 Direct Marketing Tips,” please contact Scott Jager at

The 2012 APSCU Annual Convention takes place June 20th-22nd in Las Vegas. Datamark is also leading two panel sessions at the event: Inclined but Inactive? Marketing Strategies to Win Over Past Prospects and Customer Life Cycle Management: A Simple Framework to Drive Stronger Financial Performance.

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