New Data Shows Colleges and Universities Grow Enrollments 8x Faster than Industry Average Using Helix Education’s OPM Model 92.5 Percent New Enrollment Growth Realized by Newest OPM Partners

Salt Lake City, UT – April 27, 2016 – Helix Education’s Outsourced Program Management (OPM) model is helping institutions achieve enrollment growth 8x faster than the industry average, according to new data released today by the company. In fact, the company’s newest partners grew new enrollments by 92.5 percent on average for the 2014-2015 academic year. Led by the most experienced OPM leadership in the industry, Helix Education aggregates data across the student lifecycle to continuously optimize marketing spend, enrollment operations and retention strategies, maximizing long-term enrollment growth.

“In Helix Education, we have a data-driven partner that allows us to improve outcomes for all of our prospective and current students,” said Dr. Ed Schrader, President of Brenau University. “By capturing and analyzing data from across the student lifecycle, Helix is able to identify our best-fit students’ journey and then optimize channel marketing decisions, engage each student personally and retain them more successfully. It’s a sustainable enrollment growth model that works.”

“Helix Education leverages data to find the most qualified students for our programs, guide them through the admissions process and keep them motivated to persist from the point of inquiry through graduation,” said David Armstrong, J.D., President of Thomas More College. “It’s Helix’s focus on quality enrollments and ongoing support that facilitates a meaningful, student-centric experience and fuels our truly scalable enrollment growth.”

Institutions that partner with Helix Education are in a unique position to thrive, overcoming the minimal enrollment growth rates across higher education, which hover between zero and one percent according to Eduventures data analysis. Helix Education’s proprietary technologies harness powerful data insights that connect students and institutions, match students with programs, and support them in more personalized ways through graduation, enabling institutions to grow at an accelerated rate.

“Increased competition, market complexity and financial strain have left many institutions fighting to survive,” said Matthew Schnittman, President and CEO of Helix Education. “As pressures to grow enrollments continue to surface, helping our partners achieve lasting growth during such a critical time is one of our top priorities. Our OPM model, Helix Enable, not only stimulates enrollments now, but also nurtures and engages students throughout the educational experience. The result is not just survival, but success.”

About Helix Education

Helix Education provides colleges and universities a comprehensive suite of technology and services to power data-driven enrollment growth 8x faster than the industry average. The company’s three solutions — Outsourced Program Management, Enrollment Marketing and Retention Services —  have successfully helped institutions find, enroll, retain, teach and graduate post-traditional learners for more than 30 years. Its enrollment growth solutions are powered by a proprietary technology ecosystem that aggregates data across the student lifecycle to better understand an institution’s best-fit students’ journey, and implements actionable intelligence to improve outcomes for students and institutions alike. For more information, visit

Kara Snyder

As the Director of Corporate Marketing, Kara brings nearly a decade of education marketing insights and experience to Helix Education. Before joining Helix, she worked in enrollment and affiliate marketing, undergraduate and graduate admissions, and student affairs. Kara earned her bachelor’s degree from Temple University.