National Symposium on Student Retention Features Helix’s “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit” Session Helix Showcases Data-Driven Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Maximize Enrollment Growth

In response to the nationwide college dropout epidemic, Helix Education’s VP of Retention Services Sarah Horn will provide key insights into the retention of students at the National Symposium on Student Retention. Her session, “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit: Using Data to Complete the Other Half of Your Enrollment Growth Story,” will build the case for utilizing data analytics to attract right-fit students and ultimately retain and graduate those same students.

Horn, who has more than a decade in higher education operations, will share her experiences implementing relevant, practical retention strategies that drive results. She will review the data and processes that can align admissions requirements with retention analytics, helping institutions create a higher propensity for matching students and programs, as well as retaining more of the students with whom they worked so hard to recruit. Session attendees will learn about data modeling to pinpoint success factors and discover at-risk correlations; the importance of data visibility across all of the teams who are responsible for finding, enrolling and retaining students; and the value of retention technology (data analytics) combined with success coaching to personalize outreach.

“The good news is that institutions are embracing opportunities to use data to drive better results across the student lifecycle. However, we still see many institutions whose enrollment and retention functions operate in separate silos, making it difficult to leverage key data points across both divisions,” said Horn. “As an industry, we need to reprioritize retention as an enrollment growth issue. By using success metrics to identify prospects who are likely to be retained, and by applying insights collected throughout the enrollment process to coach and engage students, institutions can not only deliver a more supportive education experience, but they can maximize enrollment growth.”

The symposium, which is hosted by the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange at the University of Oklahoma, provides an intimate, content-focused environment that enhances the potential for networking and encourages collaboration, facilitating important conversations around student success. Helix Education is a sponsor and exhibitor at the event, which takes place October, 31st through November 3rd. Horn’s presentation is scheduled for November 1st at 1:45 p.m.

Danielle Caldwell

Danielle Caldwell is the Content Marketing Manager at Helix Education. Prior to her work with Helix, Danielle served as a full-time faculty member with Westminster College’s Master of Strategic Communication program in Salt Lake City. Danielle brings nearly a decade of experience in research, communication, and higher education, and she currently still teaches graduate courses in organizational communication and research methods as an adjunct professor at Westminster College.