How Does Relevancy Boost Results? Helix Keynote Explores Winning Enrollment Marketing Strategies with Kansas Educators

Today kicks off the Kansas Independent College Association (KICA) Conference, and educators are in for full day of noteworthy and motivating speeches and sessions. As KICA points out, public, media, and legislative audiences are demanding more and more information on college inputs and outcomes. It’s never been more important that these institutions not only develop game winning enrollment marketing strategies that can help them grow, but that they have the data to prove their worth.

We are honored to have our own Seth Odell lead the lunchtime keynote address. Seth’s “One University, One Voice: The Power of Unified Marketing” will discuss the importance of on-campus, online, advancement, alumni, and athletic brands working together. He will showcase real-world examples of brand direct marketing approaches to create relevancy and action in the minds of all of an institution’s audiences.

Seth doesn’t take a seat there. He takes the stage again on the afternoon agenda leading the session “How to Build an Integrated Marketing Plan That Actually Works.” Seth’s frontline experience at UCLA and SNHU will fuel the content as he explores integrated marketing from start to finish. He’ll look at maximizing channel allocation, designing messaging hierarchy, and applying neuro-marketing, including how each works, what it means to students, and the data that drives performance and future strategy.

As attendees gather for this insightful event on the Ottawa University campus, we are thrilled to not only be a part of but to help shape these important conversations.

Danielle Caldwell

Danielle Caldwell is the Content Marketing Manager at Helix Education. Prior to her work with Helix, Danielle served as a full-time faculty member with Westminster College’s Master of Strategic Communication program in Salt Lake City. Danielle brings nearly a decade of experience in research, communication, and higher education, and she currently still teaches graduate courses in organizational communication and research methods as an adjunct professor at Westminster College.