Helix Webinar Tackles Three Key Questions that are Paramount to Developing an Enterprise Enrollment Growth Strategy A Closer Look at How Institutions Can Assess Their Position in the Non-Traditional Student Market and How They Can Accomplish Their Enrollment Goals

Education supply is up while demand seems to be waning, yet plenty of institutions are growing non-traditional student enrollments despite the hyper-competitive market. So what is it that these schools are doing differently? In Helix Education’s upcoming webinar on June 1st, educators will explore what it takes to develop an effective enrollment growth strategy that meets the needs of both their institution and the adult learners they serve.

What Will be Covered?

Helix leaders will help institutions answer three essential questions that serve as the foundation for an enterprise enrollment growth strategy that works:

  1. Do we have the fit factor? Does expansion into adult markets fit our institution?
  2. What about our viability?  Given our internal operational capacity and external market trends, can we do this?
  3. How do we introduce the right kind of change? How can we adapt in order to drive success for adult students?

“The growth among non-traditional students has created a tremendous opportunity for colleges and universities to expand offerings and increase enrollments, yet developing a long term strategy to grow at scale can be challenging,” said Matthew Schnittman, President and CEO of Helix Education. “The institutions that are achieving adult enrollment success have carved out their unique position within a sea of programs. They understand how to differentiate themselves, how to deliver the right kind of student support, and how to create programs that enhance their institutional missions.”

How Can Institutions Register?

Registration for the event is open here. “How to Launch an Enrollment Growth Strategy” is the fifth and final webinar in Helix Education’s enrollment growth series. Experts from across the company will weigh in and tie together key findings and ideas from each of the previous webinars, looking at how all of the take-aways work together to create an effective enrollment growth strategy.

The Helix Enrollment Growth Playbook

The webinar aligns with Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth Playbook, which serves as a how-to guide for institutions to launch, market and grow online and on-campus programs. Helix recently published an expanded version of the playbook to provide even deeper insights and ideas to achieve scalable growth. Download the playbook here for free.

Danielle Bonner

As Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, Danielle brings a decade of experience in strategic execution, reporting, and analysis of various business initiatives. Before joining Helix, she worked in conference and tradeshow management, business development leadership, and small business management.