Helix Education’s OPM Model Enables Institutions to Become Operationally Independent Helix Enable Solves Institutions’ Frustrations with Legacy Models at Half the Tuition Revenue Share

With the launch of Helix Enable, a revolutionary Outsourced Program Management (OPM) model, Helix Education is disrupting the legacy models and partnership approaches that are failing higher education today. Helix Enable provides colleges and universities the expertise, operational resources and technology to grow and scale their enrollments across all program modalities – online, on-campus, hybrid, and CBE – combined with the unique flexibility to take operational services back in-house when the institution is ready, reducing their fees even more so.

“OPM providers can add tremendous value to institutions, but one of the biggest pitfalls is their black box approach. Administrators often feel left in the dark when it comes to truly understanding what their OPM partners are doing for them, where the money is being spent, and where they can be empowered to do things themselves,” said Matthew Schnittman, President and CEO of Helix Education. “These legacy OPM models force colleges and universities into punitive outsourcing relationships, which they are locked into for a decade. We heard this pain from numerous institutions, which led us to develop Helix Enable, helping institutions protect more of their hard-earned tuition dollars while putting them in the driver seat. So much so, that we won’t just help institutions grow, we’ll help them outgrow us.”

Truly disrupting the legacy OPM models, institutions that work with Helix own all their created intellectual property and work product, including program curriculum. Additionally, the train-the-institution approach gives colleges and universities access to the assets, technology and resources needed to ultimately run a program in-house if they choose, reducing tuition revenue share even further. What’s more, Helix acts as a seamless extension of its partners’ team, employing support staff directly on-campus to fully understand the institutional brand, values and DNA.

“Helix Education’s approach to enterprise services provides us with far deeper program insight, powerful integrated marketing, tremendous financial flexibility, extensive support, and a real sense of ownership,” said David Armstrong, President of Thomas More College. “We fully trust Helix’s capabilities and respect the level of transparency and commitment to collaboration that they offer us as their partner.”

Helix Enable leverages the technological power of its comprehensive Student Lifecycle Management platforms – Find, Enroll, Retain and Acuity – applying actionable data analytics and personalized coaching to increase student success and completion rates, ultimately optimizing the cost of graduation. The company’s data-driven solutions coupled with its four-decade long focus on post-traditional students makes it uniquely qualified to connect institutions with the right prospective students, nurture them through enrollment, and engage and motivate them to graduation.

Schnittman noted, “Because we believe institutions deserve full transparency from their providers, our partners will see every number and test result. They will know what worked and what didn’t. We will even teach them exactly how to take these program management capabilities in-house with our technologies should they choose to do so. We take this opportunity to be a trusted partner very seriously, and are thrilled to provide a new pathway to OPM with the hope of changing higher education for the better.”

About Helix Education

Educators today are challenged to achieve multi-layer visibility, actionable analytics and measurable results, yet the legacy partnership approach that spans the industry simply can’t support these outcomes. Helix Education gives educators an opportunity to break away, disrupting the traditional landscape with innovative solutions, minds and models. Helix Education’s marketing services, enterprise services and integrated technologies aggregate data across the education lifecycle, empowering institutions to find, enroll, retain and teach students, ultimately optimizing the cost of graduation. Its partnership framework bridges four transformative decades, with over 250 institutions, fostering trust and transparency through a solid understanding of institutional challenges, a reliance on conclusive business intelligence, and a commitment to collaboration. For more information, please visit www.helixeducation.com.

Kara Snyder

As the Director of Corporate Marketing, Kara brings nearly a decade of education marketing insights and experience to Helix Education. Before joining Helix, she worked in enrollment and affiliate marketing, undergraduate and graduate admissions, and student affairs. Kara earned her bachelor’s degree from Temple University.