Helix Education’s New Guide Explores the Power of Data and Coaching to Help Solve Higher Education’s Retention Crisis Predictive Technologies Coupled With Proactive Interventions Make All the Difference

Growth in higher education is traditionally measured by enrollment increases, yet data shows that effective retention strategies are equally important for maximizing an institution’s enrollment growth. In Helix Education’s new guide, institutions gain insight into predictive retention technologies and proactive student success coaching interventions to help them graduate each student they worked so hard to enroll.

“Predictive student retention models are critical to protecting a student’s future and an institution’s growth and sustainability,” said Dr. Ed Schrader, President at Brenau University. “Outreach needs to be proactive beginning at enrollment, and it must leverage big and small data in combination with coaching to make the biggest impact possible and optimize the cost of graduation.”

Predictive Student Retention: The Power of Data + Coaching explores relevant big and small data analytics that, together, provide insight into a student’s likelihood of success. Yet data alone is not enough. As the guide highlights, data serves as the trigger that empowers coaches, faculty and advisors to reach out with support, establish a connection, and ultimately, make the difference.

“Not retaining students is both an academic and financial failure – students miss out on career and life advancement, not to mention the average institution loses just shy of $10 million in revenue due to student attrition annually,” said Sarah Horn, Vice President of Retention Services at Helix Education. “Most students enroll to graduate, yet limited educational resources can hinder an institution’s ability to effectively reach out to students in a timely manner, and merely throwing technology at the issue isn’t enough to thwart the retention crisis in higher education.”

Helix Education’s newly released Retention-as-a-Service combines predictive data analytics aggregated in the Helix Retain CRM, in collaboration with its proprietary RISE student success coaching model, all through the industry’s first and only risk-free, performance-based retention solution.

About Helix Education

Educators today are challenged to achieve multi-layer visibility, actionable analytics and measurable results, yet the legacy partnership approach that spans the industry simply can’t support these outcomes. Helix Education gives educators an opportunity to break away, disrupting the traditional landscape with innovative solutions, minds and models. Helix Education’s marketing services, enterprise services and integrated technologies aggregate data across the education lifecycle, empowering institutions to find, enroll, retain and teach students, ultimately optimizing the cost of graduation. Its partnership framework bridges four transformative decades, with over 250 institutions, fostering trust and transparency through a solid understanding of institutional challenges, a reliance on conclusive business intelligence, and a commitment to collaboration. For more information, please visit www.helixeducation.com.


Kara Snyder

As the Director of Corporate Marketing, Kara brings nearly a decade of education marketing insights and experience to Helix Education. Before joining Helix, she worked in enrollment and affiliate marketing, undergraduate and graduate admissions, and student affairs. Kara earned her bachelor’s degree from Temple University.