Helix Education and Golden Gate University Address the Monumental Shift in Learner Demographics at UPCEA West

The post-traditional learner population is booming and bringing substantially different demographics and demands to higher ed institutions. With 8.7 million adult learners enrolled in higher education today, and a projected 10 million by 2022 (as forecasted by Eduventures), institutions are challenged to offer the most relevant programs, deliver them in the most flexible way, and manage them efficiently and effectively.

This week, leaders from Golden Gate University and Helix Education will be sharing their insight on this monumental surge of post-traditional learners in higher ed at UPCEA West.  As colleges and universities try to keep pace with the students of tomorrow, they are relying on evolving technologies, data analytic processes, and outsource program management strategies.

Specifically, session attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the importance of and trends surrounding differentiation, program strength and value/cost ratio, personalization, an enterprise OPM approach, flexible partnerships, and cost savings.

The UPCEA West conference kicks off in Albuquerque, NM on September 28th. Helix’s CAO, Cherron Hoppes and Golden Gate’s Assistant Professor and Chair of the Undergraduate Experience, Jelena Kelleher, are teaming up to present “Meet the Post Traditional Learners & Institutions of Tomorrow” on Thursday, September 29th at 11:30am.


Danielle Caldwell

Danielle Caldwell is the Content Marketing Manager at Helix Education. Prior to her work with Helix, Danielle served as a full-time faculty member with Westminster College’s Master of Strategic Communication program in Salt Lake City. Danielle brings nearly a decade of experience in research, communication, and higher education, and she currently still teaches graduate courses in organizational communication and research methods as an adjunct professor at Westminster College.