Helix Education and Brenau University Present “Meet the Institutions and Post Traditional Students of Tomorrow” at AAACE Thought Leaders Explore Shift in Learner Demographics and How Institutions Will Have to Adapt Their Marketing, Enrollment, and Retention Strategies as a Result

It is predicted that nearly 10 million adult learners will enroll in higher education by 2022, a number which marks a significant shift in learner demographics that promises to impact institutional technologies and processes across the student lifecycle. In “Meet the Institutions and Post Traditional Students of Tomorrow” at this week’s AAACE Conference, leaders from Helix Education and Brenau University will explore this new learner demographic—including an examination of their wants, needs, and lifestyles— and how institutions can deliver an experience that meets their needs and expectations.

“Now, more than ever, we are seeing institutions rethink their processes to keep pace with changing student demographics. The increasing number of adult students in higher education is having a bold impact on the programs institutions offer, the way they offer them, and the support they provide,” said Dr. Cherron Hoppes, Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education. As more adult learners enroll in degree programs, colleges and universities need to consider the motivations driving these students to enroll in higher ed, the preferred learning style of the adult learner, how they use technology, and what motivates them to succeed so that the institution’s marketing, enrollment, and retention strategies align.

Brenau University, which enrolls 2,000 adult learners across five campus locations and online, is teaming up with Helix Education to discuss post-traditional learner trends. Dr. Chrystal Toombs, who serves as Associate Provost for Adult and Graduate Studies at Brenau, is teaming up with Dr. Hoppes to lead a discussion on how these changing demographics are impacting programs, support and accreditation.

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) is holding its Annual Conference in Albuquerque, NM from November 8th-11th. Educators will collaborate on theory, research and information pertinent to the ever-changing field of post-traditional learning.

Danielle Caldwell

Danielle Caldwell is the Content Marketing Manager at Helix Education. Prior to her work with Helix, Danielle served as a full-time faculty member with Westminster College’s Master of Strategic Communication program in Salt Lake City. Danielle brings nearly a decade of experience in research, communication, and higher education, and she currently still teaches graduate courses in organizational communication and research methods as an adjunct professor at Westminster College.