Colleges Generate More Applications and Enrollments Through Datamark’s Ed4Life

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is generating tremendous traction with its Ed4Life program specific marketing campaigns, which it will be showcasing at this week’s LeadsCon event. Ed4Life launched last summer and has delivered increased response rates, as well as more applications and conversions for colleges and universities by helping them reach prospective students earlier in the decision making process.

“We have found that non-branded campaigns are equally, and in some cases, more effective – they encourage prospective students who are in the initial stages of the process to explore their options, which opens the door to a whole new subset of high-intent, qualified leads,” said Paul Reddy, president of Datamark. “By contacting these prospects early on, the campaign can often be the catalyst for the student’s interest, not to mention there are likely few, if any, competing schools on their radar yet.”

Many Ed4Life direct mail campaigns have doubled the number of prospects and applications schools typically see with their own branded direct mail efforts. Ed4Life response rates are often around seven percent, meaning a school’s reps will talk to more interested prospects. Application rates for mature campaigns have climbed as high as twelve percent.

Non-branded campaigns focus on the program of interest instead of the specific school. Datamark customizes these campaigns for client institutions based on demographic and geographic targeting, including the military. The direct mail approach means schools become less reliant on lower quality interactive leads that often don’t materialize. Additionally, because of the level of transparency, institutions can easily track each lead and message from start to finish, which helps them mitigate regulatory risk and protect the integrity of their brands.

Reddy continued, “Non-branded direct mail campaigns are an ideal complement to a school’s traditional lead generation. The combination of branded and non-branded campaigns can help fill the admissions funnel while also reaching more prospective students who are in the browsing, yet influential stage.”

Ed4Life campaigns currently target Allied Health, Criminal Justice, Business and IT programs.

Shalom Pennington

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