Embodied Instruction Research at University of California, Santa Barbara

powered by Sounder What’s the best way to support student learning and instructional development to produce meaningful learning? It’s a question a lot of us are taking more seriously than ever after the events of 2020. Dr. Andrew Stull, Associate Project Scientist at University of California, Santa Barbara, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to […]

Preventing a Student Retention Crisis This Fall

Administrators and professors have worked hard to help students continue their education this fall, but can we keep students engaged when they’re learning in online classrooms? Dr. Rebecca Glazier, Associate Professor at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, joined the  Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about being prepared for a potential student retention crisis […]

Empowering Student-to-Student Support with Q&A Communities

Amid the scramble to move in-class instruction online, we may be overlooking a critical issue — how to replicate student-to-student support online.  Katy Kappler, Co-Founder and CEO of InScribe, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the power of student-to-student engagement and how institutions can think about facilitating it this fall. Why Online […]

The National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL’s) Online Learning Certificate

How many of our institutions need to get certified in online learning right now? Chris Edwards, Senior Vice President of University Partnerships at MindEdge Learning, joins Dr. Cherron Hoppes, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education, to talk about the National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL) and why it’s an important organization to […]

Student + Parent Expectation Management

In the latest installment of the Helix Education webinar series on COVID-19: The Roadmap to Fall 2020, Kari Kovar, Chief Operating Officer at Helix Education breaks down the four essentials of expectation management to ensure an effective 2-way communication loop as you transition to quality online education this fall. Intentional Communication Our standard protocols aren’t […]

Bringing Student Affairs Online

Right now, institutions are feverishly trying to transition from the remote emergency teaching of this spring to high-quality online education that’s ready for fall. Our student affairs departments need to be similarly scrambling to do the same on the student support side. Dr. Brian Bourke, Associate Professor of Postsecondary Education Administration at Murray State University, […]

Employee Upskilling Initiatives at Google

Americans need digital skills to get ahead. To provide those skills, Google launched Grow with Google in 2017, and so far the program has trained more than three million Americans on digital skills. Through a network of 5,000-plus partner organizations, including schools, nonprofits, and local libraries, more people are getting the skills, connections, and opportunities […]

Workforce Development Strategies at Lumina Foundation

What if employers stopped hunting for unicorns and started developing the employees they already have? And what if higher education institutions could help them do that in a way employers would respond to positively?  Haley Glover, Strategy Director at Lumina Foundation, joined the Enrollment Growth University  podcast to talk about how higher education can be […]

Quantum Computing Will Personalize Higher Education

In a previous episode of the Enrollment Growth University podcast, we talked through a high-level understanding of quantum computing and how it’s already touching higher ed. We also looked at some next-steps advice for preparing our campuses for a quantum computing world.  Now, Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor of Online Learning at the University of […]

Miami Dade College Launches Stackable Credentials Partnership with Adobe

The concept of bringing industry credentials into traditional degree programs is quickly spreading throughout higher education. Tommy Demos, Assistant Professor of Film, TV & Digital Production, and Eric Cornish, Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts Design at Miami Dade College, joined the podcast to talk about their stackable credentials partnership with Adobe. Stackable Design Credentials Partnership […]

Quantum Computing at the University of Illinois Springfield

Quantum computing was once the sole purview of science fiction writers. Today, however, it’s fast becoming a reality that higher education can get on board with. Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor of Online Learning at the University of Illinois Springfield and Founding Director of the National Council for Online Education, joined the Enrollment Growth University […]

Influencer Marketing at Illinois State University

Influencer marketing has become such a high-value marketing channel in the retail and e-commerce spaces. So why is it so underutilized in higher education? Megan Rolfs, Director of Marketing and Communications, Division of Student Affairs at Illinois State University, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about #YourRedbirdLife and the potential incredible role of […]

Upgrading Online Student Services at Florida Atlantic University

All kinds of students enroll in distance education programs. Gone are the days when internet-based education catering only to self-directed, skillful learners. Today’s online student may care for an aging parent, work, parent children, and manage relationships while going to school. He or she may be at economic risk, a first-generation student, or academically unprepared. […]

Micro-Internships at Governors State University

The power of corporate partnerships remains undervalued and under-executed across higher education. But micro-internships can form a viable bridge for students to cross from academia to employment. To learn more about that, we explored an innovative program at Governors State University, a majority-minority public university of about 5,000 students located in the suburbs of Chicago. […]

Discover Financial Employs Northern Illinois University Students On-Campus

Students are increasingly cognizant of the need to find a bridge between academia and the corporate world. They want to know when and how their on-campus experience will translate into a viable career. To answer that, one school, Northern Illinois University, created the Code Orange Initiative, a unique, hands-on, and engaging learning experience, in partnership […]

Granting 4-Year Aid Packages at Trinity College of Hartford, Connecticut

What are the benefits of offering students a four-year aid package at the point of admittance? Michael Light, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment at Trinity College of Hartford, Connecticut, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the benefits of offering students a 4-year aid package at the point of admittance – especially for […]

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) at the University of Memphis

Student success in learning and retention is governed by four easily observable emotions. Intuitive faculty can spot these emotions by working one-on-one with a student. Unfortunately, individual attention by a human can’t scale to an entire classroom, much less a large virtual one. Fortunately, scaling up is something that computers using AI and machine learning […]

One-Stop Student Experience Management at St. Catherine University

Students today have higher expectations than ever. They’re scrutinizing the ROI from their college experience, demanding more efficient services, and expecting a seamless education. Decentralized models of student experience management may be traditional but they don’t work well in this environment. Drew Melendres, Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs and Athletics at […]

MIT Offers Digital Diplomas in the Blockchain

Blockchain is a buzzword, but it’s also the future. And it’s helping the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s registrar combat fraud while improving the student experience. Mary Callahan, Senior Associate Dean and Registrar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the fraud prevention and student empowerment benefits of offering […]

Online Course Sharing at Schreiner University

Small colleges struggle to offer the courses students want and need to take – due to limited resources. This problem can result in low enrollment, poor retention, and dissatisfied students. Some schools are solving their course availability issues through collaboration. Dr. Diana Comuzzie, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Schreiner University, joined the […]

Helix Education Brings Home More Bling at 33rd Educational Advertising Awards

Helix’s award-winning in-house creative team brought home more bling for our partners, winning Silver and Merit prizes at the 33rd Annual Educational Advertising Awards. Congratulations to (L to R) David “Sparky” Mortimer, Chris Winkler, Peter Anglea, Hayley Westwood, and Brennan Wall. Silver: Huston-Tillotson University :30 TV Commercial Merit: National Louis University Search Site

The Missing Link: How Success Coaching Can Solve Higher Education’s Retention Crisis

Colleges and universities are facing the ever-demanding challenges of student retention and empowering students to succeed and graduate. In fact, as many as 1-in-3, first-year students won’t return back after freshman year. Even more alarming is the fact that only 59% of full-time students will graduate from a 4-year institution. We often over-attribute these alarming […]