How Can Business Schools Use Data Intelligence to Prepare Adult Students for Career Success? Get the Answer from Helix at the ACBSP Conference!

What is ACBSP? The upcoming ACBSP Conference will take a hard look at ways colleges and universities can: transform the education experience provide the greatest value to students stay current on employer and marketplace trends boost student career preparedness What is Helix Doing at ACBSP? Helix Education will be on site talking to educators about […]

Helix Webinar Tackles Three Key Questions that are Paramount to Developing an Enterprise Enrollment Growth Strategy A Closer Look at How Institutions Can Assess Their Position in the Non-Traditional Student Market and How They Can Accomplish Their Enrollment Goals

Education supply is up while demand seems to be waning, yet plenty of institutions are growing non-traditional student enrollments despite the hyper-competitive market. So what is it that these schools are doing differently? In Helix Education’s upcoming webinar on June 1st, educators will explore what it takes to develop an effective enrollment growth strategy that […]

Helix Education Explores Game-Changing Enrollment Growth Strategies in New Playbook Industry Conversations, Considerations and Research Shape Helix Education's Expanded, Step-by-Step Guide to Adult Enrollment Success

The first volume of Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth Playbook sparked thoughtful and critical conversations at institutions around the country, and was lauded as ‘a powerhouse of knowledge’ and ‘must read’. Today, Helix is proud to share the next evolution of its thinking with the release of its expanded playbook. The newest version brings to light […]

Helix Webinar Features More than Three Decades of Insights and Best Practices on Enrolling and Supporting Non-Traditional Students Webinar to Focus on Understanding and Connecting with Non-Traditional Students in Order to Drive More Meaningful Inquiries and Sustainable Starts

The rise of non-traditional students is real, and to compete for these students institutions need to deliver the right message to the right student on the right channel at the right time at the right price. With more than three decades of experience enrolling and supporting non-traditional students, Helix Education’s May 16th webinar will deliver […]

Helix Education and Inside Higher Ed Release Findings from Enrollment Growth Predictions Research College and University Presidents Weigh in on Business, Financial, and Political Issues; Findings Reveal Continued Concern for Meeting Enrollment Targets

The results are in from the 2017 Survey of College and University Presidents, and the study concluded that more than eight in ten presidents are concerned about having enough institutional aid to enroll future graduates, as well as enrolling their college’s target number of undergraduates. These findings are among the many enrollment growth related insights […]

The State of Higher Ed Data-Driven Decision Making Gets the Spotlight in Helix Education’s Latest Webinar Presentation to Explore Ways to Leverage Technology and Data Intelligence to Make Better Enrollment, Marketing, and Retention Decisions

Collecting data intelligence is an integral strategy for most higher ed decision makers, but how that data is used within the institution is often times another story. Helix Education’s upcoming enrollment growth webinar will address the state of data-driven decision making in higher education, including tactics and technologies to apply data in ways that can […]

Helix welcomes new VP of Product Management, Matt McKillen

From high-stakes software implementations with colleges and universities to global product launches, Matt McKillen’s EdTech experience runs deep. As Helix Education’s new Vice President of Product Management, Matt is playing a key role in positioning the company’s enrollment growth solutions in the market. He is managing the entire product lifecycle, from vision and concept to […]

Join us February 7th for: Growing in Today’s Higher Ed Landscape

Grow enrollments. Grow programs. Serve students. Thrive. These are the things higher ed institutions are charged with, all within the new realities in today’s economic landscape. A landscape marked by changing student demographics, changing instructional modalities, and a changing business. That’s why Helix Education developed the Enrollment Growth University Webinar series—to provide a step-by-step roadmap to adult student enrollment […]

Helix Education Releases Step-by-Step Guide to Adult Enrollment Success Helix’s Enrollment Growth Playbook Marks the Largest Collection of Adult Enrollment Growth Strategies Ever Released

There’s no doubt that institutions looking to grow in today’s competitive higher education market face significant challenges. Adult learners have taken their place as the new traditional students, bringing to the classroom a very different set of needs. Technology is changing at break-neck speed. College dropout rates are hovering near 50%. In an environment marked […]

Helix Showcases High-Touch, Faculty Focused Online Course Design Model at OLC Innovate Academic and Instructional Design Experts from Helix Education and Thomas More College Present Strategies to Put Faculty at the Center of the Course Development Process

As higher education institutions look to embrace innovations in online learning, questions continue to surface about how they can best support and empower faculty to become comfortable and confident in the online course design process. At this week’s OLC Accelerate Conference, academic and instructional thought leaders from Helix Education and Thomas More College (TMC) will […]

Helix Education and Brenau University Present “Meet the Institutions and Post Traditional Students of Tomorrow” at AAACE Thought Leaders Explore Shift in Learner Demographics and How Institutions Will Have to Adapt Their Marketing, Enrollment, and Retention Strategies as a Result

It is predicted that nearly 10 million adult learners will enroll in higher education by 2022, a number which marks a significant shift in learner demographics that promises to impact institutional technologies and processes across the student lifecycle. In “Meet the Institutions and Post Traditional Students of Tomorrow” at this week’s AAACE Conference, leaders from […]

Why Enrollment Marketing is Not Just About Getting a Student in the Door Learn More at the AACRAO SEM Conference

When AACRAO launched the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference more than 25 years ago, enrollment marketing was a much different animal. As AACRAO notes, enrollment management has evolved from simply ramping up recruitment and marketing, to coordinating campus-wide efforts to ensure student success, from initial contact until graduation. Enrollment management is no longer about getting […]

National Symposium on Student Retention Features Helix’s “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit” Session Helix Showcases Data-Driven Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Maximize Enrollment Growth

In response to the nationwide college dropout epidemic, Helix Education’s VP of Retention Services Sarah Horn will provide key insights into the retention of students at the National Symposium on Student Retention. Her session, “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit: Using Data to Complete the Other Half of Your Enrollment Growth Story,” will build the […]

Helix Explores Power of Data-Driven Relationships in Eduventures Summit Session EdTech Experts to Discuss the Importance of Data as the Foundation for Building Personalized Connections with Students, Improving Outcomes and Enrollment Growth

Many institutions today are looking to data to integrate and scale their marketing, enrollment, and retention activities, yet data alone is only half of the equation. Leaders from Helix Education will be speaking at the upcoming Eduventures Summit in Boston, exploring trends in data usage and powerful ways it can support personalized relationship building to increase […]

New study reveals major opportunity for data-driven decision making about program development, marketing, enrollment, and retention services

According to new research published last week by Helix Education and UPCEA, 83% of higher education professionals have no knowledge of the cost-per-inquiry of their most effective marketing channel for undergraduate inquiry, and more than half made the same indication for graduate inquiry. Additionally, less than half of higher education professionals go through a formalized […]

What Does the Roadmap to Change in Today’s Higher Education Institution Look Like?

Traditionally, student lifecycle functions have lived in silos across an institution’s organizational structure. Yet, we are starting to see some overlap. There is an increasing need for administrators, program leaders, faculty and others to work more collaboratively to reinforce both the program growth goals of the institution and the teaching and learning objectives of staff […]

Helix’s Seth Odell is Joined by Abilene Christian University ‘s Jay Goin to Lead One University, One Voice at UPCEA South

The competitiveness of the higher education industry has led many institutions to pursue a new brand strategy as a means to break through the noise and increase enrollments. Yet, can branding truly solve an enrollment problem? In an insightful breakout session at the UPCEA South Annual Conference, Helix Education’s Seth Odell and Abilene Christian University’s […]

Helix Education and Golden Gate University Address the Monumental Shift in Learner Demographics at UPCEA West

The post-traditional learner population is booming and bringing substantially different demographics and demands to higher ed institutions. With 8.7 million adult learners enrolled in higher education today, and a projected 10 million by 2022 (as forecasted by Eduventures), institutions are challenged to offer the most relevant programs, deliver them in the most flexible way, and […]

Colleges and Universities Partnering with Helix Education Achieve 40 Percent Greater Applicant-to-Start Conversion Rate Targeting right-fit students and leveraging Helix’s proprietary student lifecycle technology throughout the enrollment funnel drive these impressive results

According to new data, Helix Education has found that its OPM model, used to attract and enroll post-traditional students, empowers colleges and universities to achieve a 40 percent greater application-to-start rate than the Eduventures-reported industry average of 16.7 percent. These impressive results are testament to Helix Education’s focus on outreach to those students who are […]

Helix Education Leads “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit” at Campus Technology 2016

Institutions Learn How to Apply Retention Data to Recruit the Most Ideal Prospective Students Enrollment growth metrics become much more powerful when the students enrolling are also being retained through graduation. Yet, often times colleges and universities find that their recruitment and retention efforts are operating independently. In an insightful session at this week’s Campus […]

How Does Relevancy Boost Results? Helix Keynote Explores Winning Enrollment Marketing Strategies with Kansas Educators

Today kicks off the Kansas Independent College Association (KICA) Conference, and educators are in for full day of noteworthy and motivating speeches and sessions. As KICA points out, public, media, and legislative audiences are demanding more and more information on college inputs and outcomes. It’s never been more important that these institutions not only develop […]

Helix Education earns exclusive “Google Premier Partner” status

As a newly-deemed Google Premier Partner, Helix now holds a distinct advantage in higher education enrollment marketing. With roughly 30 years of experience driving enrollment growth, Helix Education joins an exclusive group of partner companies granted unprecedented recognition of performance, certification, and quality of work. While Helix has long enjoyed a Certified Partner relationship with […]

Brenau University Projects Five Percent Lift in Student Retention with Predictive Data + Coaching Model Institution’s Partnership with Helix Education Leverages Predictive Retention Technology and Success Coaches to Help Graduate More Students at Spring Commencement

Salt Lake City, UT – May 18, 2016 – As the retention crisis continues in higher education, Brenau University is maximizing persistence by equipping enrollment and success coaches with the data insights and actionable intelligence they need to provide personalized and effective student support. This data-driven approach to student retention is enabling Brenau University to […]

New Data Shows Colleges and Universities Grow Enrollments 8x Faster than Industry Average Using Helix Education’s OPM Model 92.5 Percent New Enrollment Growth Realized by Newest OPM Partners

Salt Lake City, UT – April 27, 2016 – Helix Education’s Outsourced Program Management (OPM) model is helping institutions achieve enrollment growth 8x faster than the industry average, according to new data released today by the company. In fact, the company’s newest partners grew new enrollments by 92.5 percent on average for the 2014-2015 academic […]

Helix Education and UPCEA to Release Post-Traditional Program Growth Benchmarks at UPCEA Annual Conference Collaborative Research Creates Dialogue to Foster Data-Driven Culture in Higher Ed

Salt Lake City, UT – April 7, 2016 – Post-traditional enrollments now make up almost 85% of all undergraduate students, causing colleges and universities to take a hard look at the programs they offer and the way they market and manage them so that they can meet the needs of this growing population. Helix Education […]

Helix Education to Take the Stage in Two Sessions at ACE Annual Meeting, Raising Questions and Ideas About the Future of Recruitment and Retention Session Content and Collaboration Spur Tactics to Recruit and Retain Post-Traditional Students

Salt Lake City, UT – March 8, 2016 – The American Council on Education’s (ACE) 98th Annual Meeting gets underway in San Francisco this week, and Helix Education has been selected to lead two Focus Zone sessions aimed at helping colleges and universities apply data and technology to recruit and retain the quickly growing post-traditional […]

Helix Education Joins Esteemed Line-Up at Eduventures Summit to Present the Power of Integrated Marketing in “One University, One Voice” Session Explores How Brand-Direct and Cross-Channel Marketing Work Together to Create Relevancy for Students and Build Equity in the Competitive Higher Ed Market

Integrated advertising is changing the way institutions market themselves. Consistent, cross-channel campaigns do more than just build a brand, but rather grow a business. In its “One University, One Voice: How Integrated Marketing is Shaping the Future of Higher Ed” session at the Eduventures Summit, Helix Education will explore the rise of brand strategy and […]

Helix Education and Brenau University Co-Present Marketing and Retention Strategies at UPCEA’s Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar Session Explores Impact of Marketing on Enrollment and Student Retention

Marketing isn’t just something institutions should rely on to get prospective students in the door. Rather, it plays a critical role in improving student retention as well. In a breakout session at UPCEA’s 24th Annual Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar, leaders from Brenau University and Helix Education will help educators leverage strategic marketing initiatives along […]

Helix Education’s New Guide Explores the Power of Data and Coaching to Help Solve Higher Education’s Retention Crisis Predictive Technologies Coupled With Proactive Interventions Make All the Difference

Growth in higher education is traditionally measured by enrollment increases, yet data shows that effective retention strategies are equally important for maximizing an institution’s enrollment growth. In Helix Education’s new guide, institutions gain insight into predictive retention technologies and proactive student success coaching interventions to help them graduate each student they worked so hard to […]

Helix Education Recognized as One of the Top Three Agencies in the World, Earning Gold in Google’s Agency Challenge for Mobile Search Company's Mobile Strategy Delivers an Interactive Digital Presence that Lowers Costs and Improves Results

Helix Education was recognized as one of the top three agencies in the world for Google’s Agency Challenge, earning Gold in the Mobile category. As mobile becomes an integral part of everyday life for students, Helix Education’s world class digital marketing campaigns put institutions in front of prospective students, connecting with prospects exactly where and […]

Helix Education Combines Proven Retention Technology with Student Success Coaching in New Retention-as-a-Service Solution Helix Drives Improved Retention with the Only Risk-Free, Performance-Based Retention Solution in Higher Education

Helix Education is helping institutions solve their retention challenges with its new Retention-as-a-Service solution. Understanding that retention can’t be solved with just data or just people, the company is combining its data-driven Helix Retain CRM technology with its proven, one-on-one student success coaches. And, it does so in the most affordable and flexible way possible. […]

Helix Education Publishes Guide to Help Institutions Choose the Right Enrollment Marketing Approach Helix Compares and Contrasts Best-in-Breed, In-House, and Integrated Agency of Record Models

Maximizing enrollment growth while minimizing spend has higher education marketing teams in a quandary. Competition for students is fierce, yet budgets are tight. Helix Education has published a new guide to help institutions compare and contrast three popular marketing approaches so they can choose the model that will best help them meet their enrollment and […]

Helix Education Builds Creative and Direct Response Marketing Powerhouse with Leaders from Southern New Hampshire University, Academic Partnerships and McCann Erickson Recognized Higher Ed Marketing Veterans Bring Data Know-How and Industry Expertise to Helix Education's Integrated Agency of Record

Helix Education has hired an impressive line-up of veteran marketers to lead its integrated agency of record (AOR). New Vice President of Creative and Marketing Strategy Seth Odell, an award winning creative talent, hails from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), where his nationally recognized work was critical in supporting the institution’s record-breaking growth strategy. Pete […]

Helix Education Introduces Integrated Agency of Record Model Exclusive to Higher Education Data-Driven Direct Response Marketing and Brand Strategy Expertise Help Institutions Differentiate Themselves and Drive Enrollment Growth

As a truly integrated agency of record (AOR) exclusively focused on higher education, Helix Education is helping more institutions strengthen brand identity and achieve enrollment growth through its uniquely data-driven marketing approach. By delivering direct response marketing campaigns with fully closed-loop creative attribution, this data feedback creates campaigns, messages and marketing channel mixes that get […]

Helix Education’s New eBook Helps Institutions Select the Right Outsourced Program Management Partner eBook Provides Comprehensive Scorecard for Institutions to Evaluate Potential Partners

Understanding the Outsourced Program Management (OPM) landscape and finding a partner that can effectively scale and grow an institution’s programs is no small feat. Helix Education’s new eBook, which can be downloaded from its website for free, outlines key Outsourced Program Management considerations to help institutions put the right model in place, enhancing an institution’s […]

Helix Education’s OPM Model Enables Institutions to Become Operationally Independent Helix Enable Solves Institutions’ Frustrations with Legacy Models at Half the Tuition Revenue Share

With the launch of Helix Enable, a revolutionary Outsourced Program Management (OPM) model, Helix Education is disrupting the legacy models and partnership approaches that are failing higher education today. Helix Enable provides colleges and universities the expertise, operational resources and technology to grow and scale their enrollments across all program modalities – online, on-campus, hybrid, […]

Helix Education’s Bold Technologies and Services Empower Institutions to Optimize the Cost of Graduation Institutions Recognize Strength of Company's Data Management and Partnership Focus
to Support the Demands of Post-Traditional Students

Helix Education is revolutionizing the way institutions find, enroll and retain today’s post-traditional students, delivering innovative solutions coupled with disruptive business models that empower institutions to optimize the cost of graduation. Over the next several months, the company will launch its technologies, services and data aggregation capabilities that not only provide unprecedented ways to manage […]

Helix Education Joins Panel of Academic Experts at EDUCAUSE Connect Session Explores Role of Competency-Based Education and Real World Design and Delivery Considerations

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has been invited to present on the impact of Competency-Based Education (CBE) during the upcoming EDUCAUSE Connect conference. The event provides a highly interactive and collaborative environment for educators to share ideas and strategies that have real potential to move the education […]

Academic Leaders From Helix Education Selected to Present on Emerging Learning Models at OLC Company Helps Educators Understand and Plan for Personalized Learning, Adaptive Learning and Competency-Based Education

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has been invited to lead two sessions at OLC’s Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium, which kicks off April 22nd in Dallas. Based on years of working inside the walls of academia and supporting students, Helix Education’s team will share experiences […]

Helix Education Webinar Explores Impact of Marketing on Improving Student Retention Data Collected During Enrollment Can Help Students Progress Toward Graduation

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, is leading an upcoming webinar focused on the reciprocal roles of marketing and retention. Strategically working together, marketing and retention help institutions ensure that the right students are enrolling and progressing toward graduation. Registration is open for the webinar, which takes place on […]

Helix Education LeadsCon Presentation Addresses Lead Quality Amid Tight Budgets and Strict Regulations Company Delivers 50 Millionth Lead Through Proprietary Lead Management System, Helix Find

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has been invited to present in a panel discussion at the LeadsCon Buyer’s Summit, which is part of LeadsCon Las Vegas, one of the highest profile lead gen and performance marketing events. The session will discuss the emergence of new marketing practices […]

Helix Education’s Compliance Monitoring Solution Helps Schools Maintain Violation Rates Below One Percent Proactive Approach Mitigates Regulatory Risk

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has released its latest compliance monitoring metrics, reporting that all of its CPL clients have maintained a violation rate of less than one percent. Helix Education’s CPL media management facilitates strict, ongoing audits of websites and call centers, helping institutions minimize violations […]

New White Paper Explores Evolving Student Retention Measurement Standards Helix Education's Chief Academic Officer Reinforces Need to Assess Student Behavior and Educational Environments in Light of Growing Post-Traditional Student Population

A new white paper published by Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, explores the way higher education has traditionally measured student retention and graduation rates, and the implication it is having on practice and policy. The white paper was written by the company’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Cherron […]

Helix Education to Present Competency-Based Education Session at ACICS Institutions Have the Opportunity to Explore Role of Data as an Integral Part of CBE

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, is presenting its insight and expertise on Competency-Based Education (CBE) at this year’s Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools‘ (ACICS) Annual Conference, which kicks off today in New Orleans. The session will cover considerations when implementing a CBE program, as well […]

Helix Education Selected to Present Competency-Based Education Strategies at OLC International Conference Company Releases White Paper on Education Models and Instructional Methods Shaping the Future of Higher Education

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has been chosen to lead the breakout session “The Five Things You Should Know About Competency-Based Education” at the 20th Annual OLC International Conference. The session will explore competency-based education as an educational model, as well as key considerations around integration, instructional […]

University Administrator Cherron Hoppes Joins Helix Education as Chief Academic Officer and T.J. Crowson Joins as General Counsel Company Continues to Build Impressive Roster of Education Industry Experts

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has hired university administrator and faculty member Cherron Hoppes as Chief Academic Officer and Vice President. Hoppes has served at both public and private institutions, most recently as Dean of Undergraduate Programs for the Ageno School of Business at Golden Gate University. […]

Helix Education Debuts Helix Retain Technology, Facilitating Flexible, Targeted Intervention Strategies Robust CRM Platform Helps Schools Connect Early and Often with Students and Keep them Moving Toward Graduation

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, is debuting Helix Retain at this year’s EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, which kicks off today in Orlando. Built on the Microsoft® Dynamics CRM platform, Helix Retain provides a scalable and highly flexible solution that addresses retention challenges specific to each school and student, […]

Helix Education Hires Marketing and Media Strategist Brett Tippetts As Vice President of Client Services, Tippets Will Help Institutions Find and Engage High Quality Prospective Students

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, hired Brett Tippetts as Vice President of Client Services. Tippetts is an experienced marketing and media strategist who will help the company’s clients continue to implement results-driven enrollment marketing campaigns. “Schools’ enrollment marketing programs are under the microscope today, and it’s imperative […]

Helix Education Rolls Out New Compliance Management Services for All Clients More Consistent, Proactive Monitoring Helps Schools Gain Greater Visibility into Inquiry Quality

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has enhanced its compliance management services, now automatically performing deeper monitoring and even more frequent audits on behalf of all of its CPL clients. This increased visibility into the online inquiry generation process will help schools understand exactly where infractions might occur […]

Helix Education Leads Competency-Based Education Session at PAPSA Conference Company Publishes New Article on Key Questions to Ask When Preparing for CBE

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has been selected to present at the upcoming Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators (PAPSA) Annual Conference. The Helix Education team will lead a how-to discussion focused on the transition to competency-based education (CBE), exploring learning models, integration strategies, instructional design, course […]

Helix Education Publishes Three-Part eBook Series, Helping Educators Find, Enroll, Retain and Teach Students User's Guides Highlight Strategies to Personalize the Entire Education Experience

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has published its complete eBook series, which is designed to help colleges and universities navigate the student life cycle. Each eBook explores strategies to proactively support students throughout the entire educational experience, from the first time they inquire about a program until […]

Helix Education to Share Insight on Enrollment, Big Data and Competency-Based Education in Three APSCU Sessions Sessions Designed to Help Schools More Effectively Find, Enroll, Retain and Teach Students

Leaders from Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, will be speaking at the APSCU Annual Convention, sharing insight and expertise on three significant trends in higher education today: maximizing enrollment, leveraging big data and creating competency-based education programs. The Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas is home to this […]

Leaders from DeVry and Western Governors University Join Helix Education Steve Pappageorge and Tom Caswell Bring Expertise in Competency-Based Education

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has hired seasoned education leaders Steve Pappageorge as Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President, and Tom Caswell as Director of Instructional Design. Pappageorge most recently served as Dean of the College of Continuing Education, New Programs and Outreach at DeVry University, […]

Helix Education Publishes The First in a Series of Student Life Cycle eBooks User's Guides to Help Schools More Effectively Find, Enroll, Retain and Teach Students

Helix Education, a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has published the first in its eBooks series. The series highlights trends and strategies for schools to more effectively find, enroll, retain and teach students, and as a result, optimize the cost of graduation for both the institution and the students that […]

Helix Education Webinar Explores Powerful Impact of Paid Search on Driving Student Inquiries Attendees to Receive Complimentary Diagnostic Review of Current PPC Search Campaigns

Helix Education (previously Datamark), a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, is leading a webinar designed to help institutions leverage paid search to the fullest as part of an integrated marketing plan, including considerations they should be mindful of so they don’t overspend. The Four Things You Need to Know About […]

Pitney Bowes Presort Services Names Helix Education Client of the Year Award Recognizes Quality and Innovation of Company's Direct Mail Approach

Helix Education (previously Datamark), a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has earned the prestigious 2013 Client of the Year award from Pitney Bowes Presort Services – Corona. Last year alone, Helix Education relied on Pitney Bowes’ scalable, flexible mailing system to securely and effectively process tens of millions of direct […]

Education Technology Veterans Join Helix Education Expanded Executive Team Brings Decades of Experience from the Forefront of Higher Education

Helix Education (previously Datamark), a world class provider of student life cycle technologies and services, has expanded its executive committee to include thought leaders and education technology experts who have decades of experience working for and with colleges and universities. The executive committee will oversee the further development, implementation and support of the company’s solutions, […]

Datamark Changes Name to Helix Education Company Advances Technology and Big Data Solutions Across the Student Lifecycle

Datamark, a longtime leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, today announced that it has changed its name to Helix Education, reflecting its growth and expansion across the student life cycle. The company has broadened its technology and service solutions, which are underpinned by big data, to help schools find, enroll, retain and teach students. “As Helix […]

New White Paper Examines Powerful Role of Search Marketing Education Marketers Conclude Search is One of the Highest Quality Inquiry Sources

Helix Education, formerly Datamark, the leader in data-driven driven enrollment marketing, has published its newest white paper, which highlights the massive opportunities presented by search marketing, along with expert advice for institutions exploring and using this channel.  Readers will gain insight into the ways they can maximize the impact of paid search as part of […]

New Attribution Analytics Provide Greater Visibility into Marketing Channel Effectiveness Solution Helps Schools Better Understand Media Mix and Target Marketing Budgets

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has launched its new attribution solution, which is designed to help colleges and universities measure the impact of their marketing campaigns and optimize media buys so they can increase enrollments. Datamark’s attribution technology tracks and attributes results at every touch point along the inquiry funnel so that schools […]

Datamark Acquires Technology Assets and Support Infrastructure from Altius Education Tom Dearden Appointed Chairman; Matthew Schnittman to Join as President and CEO

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, today announced it has acquired the technology assets of Altius Education, including its competency-based online learning platform, Helix, as well as its enrollment management and student retention platforms. An investment group led by Oakleigh Thorne, current Chairman of the Board of Datamark and former CEO of eCollege, financed […]

Datamark Enhances Lead Confidence Toolkit to Help Schools Prepare for the FCC’s Upcoming TCPA Regulations New Functionality Helps Schools Streamline Compliance Processes and Policies

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has enhanced its Lead Confidence Toolkit for managing lead quality and compliance risk.  Through new monitoring, transcription, data capture and confirmation functionality, schools now have greater visibility into how and where CPL leads are generated and can better monitor compliance with the upcoming Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) […]

Datamark Webinar Features Research on a Student’s Decision-to-Enroll Webinar Examines Key Considerations and Motivating Factors that Lead to Enrollment

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is hosting a free webinar where it will explore the thought processes and priorities of prospective students as they progress through the enrollment life cycle.  Datamark’s Joel Borgmeier, Vice President of Business Intelligence, will provide an in-depth review of the decision-to-enroll process, helping institutions understand and support each […]

Today’s Campus and Datamark Host Webinar Showcasing Effectiveness of On-Demand Printing and Mailing Participants Learn New Ways to Streamline and Customize Marketing Materials

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has teamed up with Today’s Campus to present a webinar for educators who are looking for a more convenient and cost effective way to print small run, customizable marketing materials. The webinar, which takes place on Thursday, August 29th at 11:00 a.m. MDT, is free and registration is […]

Datamark Invited to Present at LeadsCon East 2013

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, will present the session “Four Ways to Unlock Your School’s Growth Potential” at the upcoming LeadsCon East 2013 Buyer’s Summit.  The Buyer’s Summit is an invitation only event, designed to connect industry experts and end users as they explore new and better ways to reach and engage prospects. […]

Datamark Helps Schools Increase Website Traffic Through New SEO, PPC and Display Advertising Strategies Company Delivers Smarter Way to Navigate Digital Enrollment Marketing Opportunities

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has expanded its digital media solution with added Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Search (PPC) and Display Advertising strategies that enable schools to drive more qualified inquiries to their website and engage high-interest prospective students.  Colleges and universities can achieve greater online visibility, as well as create and […]

Datamark to Present Research on Students’ Motivation to Enroll at 2013 APSCU Annual Convention Company Also Selected to Lead Session on Improving Marketing Productivity with Less Money

The 2013 APSCU Annual Convention is the largest of its kind in the private sector school space, drawing more than 1500 attendees. Datamark will be exhibiting in booth #921 and is excited to announce two joint presentations: “What Motivates Prospective Students? Examining the Decision-to-Enroll Process” with Kaplan University and “New Technologies and Tips to Help Enrollment Marketers Be More Efficient with Less Money” with Leads360 and C3 Metrics.

Datamark and Neustar Team Up to Lead Session at 2013 Interactive Insights Summit Attendees Learn How to Increase Engagement both Online and Offline with Segmentation

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is collaborating with Neustar, the trusted real-time information services and marketing analytics provider for higher education institutions, at this year’s Interactive Insights Summit. Executives from both companies will lead a dialog with college and university leaders, helping them transform data into actionable content so they can segment audiences, market […]

Datamark’s New Lead Confidence Toolkit Helps Institutions Reach Higher Quality Leads and Meet Compliance Standards

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has bundled its sophisticated lead quality and compliance solutions into its new Lead Confidence Toolkit, giving institutions a more complete and cost effective way to safeguard online leads. Datamark’s Lead Confidence Toolkit, the most comprehensive lead quality solution of its kind, is designed to improve conversion rates for […]

Inquiry Nurturing Programs Can Help Colleges and Universities Drive Higher Enrollments at a Lower Cost

Datamark, Leads360 ,and Neustar® (formerly TARGUSinfo) have teamed up to publish a collaborative white paper on the benefits of inquiry nurturing programs for higher education. The white paper outlines the right tools, channels and messaging for schools to reengage existing student prospects and help them progress through the enrollment process. “We have found that a lot of colleges and […]

New Datamark Research Helps Institutions Understand the Student Decision-to-Enroll Process Company Release Enrollment Data and Marketing Best Practices at APSCU Annual Conference

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is showcasing a new research study and a best practices guide at the 2012 APSCU Annual Convention. “Examining the Student Decision-to-Enroll Process” and “25 Direct Marketing Tips” will be available in the company’s booth, #343. Datamark’s Research & Analytics team has published new primary research that helps institutions understand […]

Datamark to Lead Two Sessions at 2012 APSCU Annual Convention

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has been selected to present two sessions at this year’s APSCU Annual Convention, which takes place June 20th-22nd in Las Vegas. Datamark will be moderating two interactive panels that will address strategies to reach, enroll and engage students. “Given the dramatic changes we have seen recently in the higher […]

Datamark’s Call Catalyst Turns Uncontacted Leads into Enrollments

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has launched Call Catalyst, which drives starts from leads that schools have already paid for but not contacted, turning them into high-converting inbound calls. Call Catalyst delivers consistent communications to prospective students and maximizes lead conversion. “In many cases, up to 60 percent of a school’s existing leads […]

UPCEA Schools Learn How to Develop Integrated Marketing Plans

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is presenting at the upcoming UPCEA Annual Conference where attendees will learn first-hand how to deliver a truly integrated marketing plan that engages adult learners. By better understanding student preferences and behaviors, schools can implement a marketing strategy that cost-effectively reaches and supports more students. “As professional and continuing education […]

Colleges Generate More Applications and Enrollments Through Datamark’s Ed4Life

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is generating tremendous traction with its Ed4Life program specific marketing campaigns, which it will be showcasing at this week’s LeadsCon event. Ed4Life launched last summer and has delivered increased response rates, as well as more applications and conversions for colleges and universities by helping them reach prospective students earlier in the decision making process. […]