The Longevity of Print Marketing in an Increasingly Mobile World

“In college marketing, print appears to be forever.” This statement was recently published in an article in Direct Marketing News, “Traditional Marketing Gets Charged Up.” The article also featured Datamark and our own Rick Bentz talking about trends in higher education enrollment marketing. To summarize, the marketing landscape isn’t necessarily changing, but more so it […]

Part Two of Three: Top Three Happenings from the World of CPL and Traditional Media that May Impact Your Business

Part Two of Three: Mobile device marketing In this second part of our three-part CPL and traditional media series, we focus on emerging trend of marketing being optimized for mobile devices. Education seekers have adopted a 3-screen approach: 44% use a cellular and / or tablet device in their search.  (Note:  97% still use a […]

8 Advanced Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile search and text messaging are the foundation for building an effective, database driven mobile program. But how you build up from there is as wide-open as the new mobile medium itself. The trick is to figure out what works best for your school when there are no completely proven best practices to pull from […]

3 Tips to Get Visitors On The Go

What do mobile users experience when searching for and visiting your school on their handheld devices?  Do they find your web site easily or at all?  Once there, is your site format and content comprehensible? To connect with mobile visitors, you have to pay closer attention to their environment and optimize your web assets.  Here […]

Develop a Text Messaging Contact Strategy

Here’s a jaw-dropper: 60% of people, under age 30, read their text messages within a minute of receiving them. And these same people can take up to four days to listen to their voicemail, according to Compliance Point. So what does this mean for schools?  As even more potential applicants rely on texts for primary […]

Start a New Conversation with Students

The mobile revolution is here. Schools that begin now to use mobile marketing’s unique capabilities to meet their highly connected students and prospects where they are—on their devices—will be able to start new types of interactive conversations with them.  You’ll be able to create richer, more individualized dialogs than ever before. By offering new mobile […]

Economic Recovery Brings Challenges to Education Marketers

Since 1990, the United States has experienced three major recessions, and during each of these tumultuous periods, higher education marketers have found a unique silver lining – student inquiries have sprouted easily and school enrollments have grown. As economic recovery has turned the corner and unemployed prospects have found new job opportunities, the bounty of […]