Introducing Helix Education

From acquisition to transition to integration to implementation – that pretty much sums up our lives over the last several months. You’ll likely remember that last October, we acquired the technology assets and support infrastructure of Altius Education.  We did so with the intent of further developing its solutions and expanding our footprint along the […]

The Next Chapter of Datamark

Last week marked quite a major milestone in Datamark’s 26 year history serving the higher education market. We announced the acquisition of the technology assets and support infrastructure of Altius. While we didn’t purchase the entire company, we did buy its impressive technology, intellectual property and infrastructure. This includes Helix, a competency-based online learning platform, […]

Don’t Miss Our Free Print Store Webinar with Today’s Campus

Since launching The Print Store in January, more and more schools are logging on to our convenient, centralized online ordering solution. They are simplifying their small run printing and mailing projects online, on-demand. So now it is your chance to see what your colleagues at other schools are doing! They are creating efficiencies.  Because we […]

Live From Leads Con East – We are Kicking Off the Presentation Line-Up in the Education Track

For those of you who have never attended a LeadsCon event, we highly encourage you to consider it.  And for those of you who have, you know exactly how excited we are about the upcoming LeadsCon East in NYC next week, August 13th-15th. We have the privilege of speaking at this year’s LeadsCon East Buyer’s […]

The Longevity of Print Marketing in an Increasingly Mobile World

“In college marketing, print appears to be forever.” This statement was recently published in an article in Direct Marketing News, “Traditional Marketing Gets Charged Up.” The article also featured Datamark and our own Rick Bentz talking about trends in higher education enrollment marketing. To summarize, the marketing landscape isn’t necessarily changing, but more so it […]

Increasing Your Website Traffic with the Right Visitors

Often times increasing your website traffic can be accomplished by purchasing additional banner ads, adding new keywords to your site, and increasing your social media presence.  While these tactics may result in more eyeballs on your website, they don’t necessarily guarantee you will increase traffic with the rights kinds of visitors. Believe it or not, […]

A Mid-Year Update of Evolving Vendor Lead Channels: Part III

Our EduPortal partners are taking the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliance requirements very seriously, especially with the significant uptick of leads coming through mobile devices. Below is an example of a leading vendor’s efforts to remain compliant. Efforts from this particular vendor include both On Form disclaimer display and Display Confirmation delivery. The Express […]

APSCU 2013 Highlights

We’ve been back a little over a week now from another successful APSCU Annual Convention, which has been just enough time to digest the wealth of information, the candid conversations, and the increasingly positive tone on the exhibit floor. Let’s face it, with shrinking budgets and increased regulatory demands, APSCU schools have had their fair […]

APSCU Session: How to Be More Efficient with Less Money

Datamark had the privilege of leading two speaking sessions at the 2013 APSCU Annual Convention in Orlando. For those of you who missed our session or perhaps just want a recap, this is your chance. During our first session, Tips and Tricks to Help Enrollment Marketers be More Efficient with Less Money, we were joined […]

Career Education Review Features Datamark’s Collaborative Research

For some prospective students it simply takes time to make the decision to apply and enroll, and for others, a little bit of nurturing can go a long way. We teamed up with our colleagues, Martin Lind at Leads360 and Chris McArdle at Neustar, to dissect the extent to which inquiry nurturing programs exist at […]

When is a Past Inquiry Still Worth Pursuing?

Just because a prospective student doesn’t begin to move forward through the enrollment process at first, doesn’t mean that individual won’t at some point.  So, how do you continue to nurture that prospect to get to that point? We recently teamed up with our colleagues at Leads360 and Neustar® (formerly TARGUSinfo) to publish a joint […]

Part Three of Three: Top Three Happenings from the World of CPL and Traditional Media that May Impact Your Business

In this final part of our three-part CPL and traditional media series, we outline the importance of video. Videos are coming on the scene and are being used extensively during the evaluation process. Recent Google video usage studies suggest that there has been a significant uptick in use of higher education video assets on the […]

Where Will the Misrepresentation Rules Take us in 2012?

What a year it has been on the regulatory front in higher education. In an industry that has seen such tremendous growth over the years, now more than ever colleges and universities are tightening the reigns, setting different expectations, implementing new policies and navigating a whole new era of compliance. I recently had a chance […]

APSCU Misrepresentation Guidance: Datamark’s View

On October 11, APSCU published guidance for its membership on “The Misrepresentation Rule and Third-Party Vendors.” We congratulate APSCU on the publication of this very comprehensive treatment of a very complex topic, particularly its holistic review of the federal and state regulatory issues beyond “Substantial Misrepresentation” that education marketers must consider. We view the publication […]

Misrepresentation Regulations, Part II: What Implications Will We See?

As we previously discussed, the U.S. Department of Education’s misrepresentation rules open up colleges and universities to greater liability and accountability.  So what can we as education marketers expect when these rules go into effect? Based on our research, we predict the new regulations will cause: Demand for Greater Visibility – colleges will require audit-level […]

Misrepresentation Regulations, Part I: What Do They Mean?

The U.S. Department of Education’s misrepresentation regulations, which are slated to go into effect on July 1, 2011, create a significant risk when it comes to performance-based (CPL) Internet marketing. The rules bring a whole new meaning to what constitutes misrepresentation.  Specifically these amendments will: Expand the scope of misrepresentation to include “any statement that […]

More Educators Look to Post-Recession Marketing Strategies

 “In the crowded field of private colleges, only those that differentiate themselves with signature programs and unique marketing strategies can hope to thrive in a challenging economy, several panelists stressed here on Tuesday at the annual meeting of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.” – The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 1, 2011 […]

What Makes You Tick?

I have spent the last several months exploring the topic of behavioral marketing. As I have read, researched, and discussed the topic I have found some great quotes. I’d like to share one of them from Bill Bernbach: At the heart of an effective creative philosophy is the belief that nothing is so powerful as an […]

Strategic Recruitment for Both Business and Philanthropic Higher Education Models

In today’s economy with both greater demand for education and skyrocketing tuition rates coupled with a decline in fiscal support, students are wise to question and understand what they are getting for their investment of time and money.  This is making today’s admissions environment more competitive than ever as all schools are being asked to […]