Can states no longer afford their free college plans?

Can states no longer afford their free college plans? Reported by Education Dive, Oregon lawmakers have cut their state’s free college program funding by $3.6 million, revoking some already offered student grants. Similarly, New York is publicly considering a reduction of their free tuition scholarships to prioritize current recipients. The takeaway? Some dramatic budget priorities […]

Google invests in HBCUs

Reported by Education Dive, Google has launched a million dollar digital skills training initiative with 20 historically black colleges and universities. The semester-long digital training program is designed to help students, especially first-generation students, navigate the nuances of corporate America. The takeaway? This Grow with Google HBCU Career Readiness Program is part of Google’s recent […]

The community college enrollment boom prediction didn’t happen this fall

Remember that big community college enrollment boom many predicted for this fall? Reported by Education Dive, it didn’t happen. In fact, community college enrollment fell 7.5% year-over-year, the biggest decrease out of any institution type. The early prediction was based on the fact that, if students weren’t going to be able to have a “traditional” […]

Is COVID increasing the popularity of college consortiums?

Is COVID increasing the popularity of college consortiums? Reported by Education Dive, with colleges having been forced to migrate so quickly to online instruction, many colleges found consortium partnerships to be their best route. More than 70 institutions have joined the Council of Independent Colleges’ Online Course Sharing Consortium since the pandemic began. For many […]

Supplemental Enrollment Partnerships in Higher Education

Are two-year colleges a revenue threat? Or can we see them as retention partners for our four-year institutions?  Dr. Vivian Liu, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Columbia University’s Community College Research Center, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about supplemental enrollment partnerships in higher education. Are Two-Year Schools a Revenue Threat? Each kind of […]

What spring break?

What spring break? Reported by Education Dive, in order to limit the amount of student travel to and from campus, especially across state lines, many institutions are scrapping spring break, and instead plan on bringing students back to campus a week later for the spring term than usual. The takeaway? The correlation of college towns […]

Are fall finances affecting spring campus opening decisions?

Is the financial reality of fall affecting our spring campus decisions? Reported by Education Dive, some colleges have already begun to announce their spring plans, including the University of Connecticut and Pennsylvania State University, which are leaning heavily toward online and hybrid instruction. But with many institutions having much rougher fall enrollments and revenue, how […]

Assessing COVID’s impact on faculty-admin tensions

How has COVID affected faculty tensions with university administration across higher ed? Reported by Education Dive, strikes and “sickouts” at University of Michigan and University of Iowa highlight the exacerbation of existing faculty-admin tensions on our campuses, with many administrations pushing for on-campus in-person instruction, and many faculty fighting for more flexibility due to the […]

Rapid COVID testing alone isn’t good enough for our college campuses

Rapid COVID testing alone isn’t good enough for our college campuses. Reported by Education Dive, while The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had been hailed for its aggressive testing strategy to prevent the spread of coronavirus, in its first week back, the campus saw 700 new cases. The takeaway? Even twice-a-week mandated testing alone, which […]

Canceling Classes on Election Day?

Should colleges cancel classes on election day? Unlike many countries, the United States does not offer Election Day as a national holiday. And therefore, it can be difficult for many working adults to get to the voting booth while balancing work, family, and education. Reported by The Washington Post, students at many institutions, including American […]

6 Liberal Arts Colleges Team up for 1-Stop Admission Events

What if every single college didn’t try to do every single thing on their own? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Amherst, Bowdoin, Carleton, Pomona, Swarthmore, and Williams Colleges are teaming up for 1-stop admission events, offering joint virtual events, speaking about the benefits of liberal arts colleges to students, parents, and counselors. The takeaway? While […]

How Will the Black Lives Matter Movement Affect Curriculum This Fall?

Will the Black Lives Matter movement affect curriculum on campus this fall? Reported by Education Dive, the University of Pittsburgh is requiring first-year students to complete a course on anti-black racism. This one-credit course is designed to educate students about the Black experience in America. The takeaway? This course mandate is partially a response to […]

Should FAFSA completion be mandatory?

Should FAFSA completion be mandatory? Reported by Education Dive, Louisiana and Texas have moved toward policies requiring high school seniors to either complete or formally decline the FAFSA as part of the college admissions process, in hopes of ensuring more low-income students will qualify for Pell Grants and unlock their college affordability pathway. The takeaway? […]

Northeastern enforces social distancing by removing 11 students from campus, not returning tuition

How can institutions enforce social distancing? Reported by BuzzFeed News, Northeastern University is doing so through incredibly tough penalties for non-compliance, and has suspended 11 first-year students for the remainder of the semester after they were found together, a breach of the institution’s coronavirus policies. These students will not be eligible for a refund on […]

Preventing a Student Retention Crisis This Fall

Administrators and professors have worked hard to help students continue their education this fall, but can we keep students engaged when they’re learning in online classrooms? Dr. Rebecca Glazier, Associate Professor at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, joined the  Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about being prepared for a potential student retention crisis […]

Can we learn off other institution’s hybrid-learning curves?

Can we learn off other institutions’ hybrid-learning curves? Reported by Education Dive, as we seek to figure out technology solves for this next chapter and challenge of online learning across higher education, let’s make sure we understand what others have built and tested already. For example, Harvard University’s heavy-investment hybrid learning experiment includes many cameras […]

Increasing Student Engagement with Negotiated Curriculum at Florida Gulf Coast University

Is “negotiated curriculum” a great way to increase your student engagement this fall? Brenda Thomas, Director of the University Colloquium Program at Florida Gulf Coast University, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about negotiating course curriculum with our students and the incredible engagement power of getting student buy-in up-front. The Negotiated Curriculum Experiment […]

Google Career Certificates: a next-attempt at certificate-first education

Google is making their next attempt at certificate-first education. Reported by Inc, Google Career Certificates are 6-month skill programs Google themselves claim will count equivalent to a 4-year degree requirement for new employees they’re hiring, including project manager, data analyst, and UX designer. The takeaway? Google’s efforts echo a broader trend of helping students increase […]

Empowering Student-to-Student Support with Q&A Communities

Amid the scramble to move in-class instruction online, we may be overlooking a critical issue — how to replicate student-to-student support online.  Katy Kappler, Co-Founder and CEO of InScribe, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the power of student-to-student engagement and how institutions can think about facilitating it this fall. Why Online […]

Just kidding, we’re coming back online

Just kidding, we’re coming back online. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, hundreds of colleges with optimistic intentions of coming back with in-person instruction options to start the fall semester have recently reversed course and announced that fall will begin with online-only instruction. The takeaway? Often citing “new scientific evidence”, many of these institutions were likely […]

Another setback study for behavioral economics interventions improving online completion rates

We have another setback study for those waiting for behavioral economics interventions to improve higher ed’s online completion rates. Reported by EdSurge, researchers from MIT just completed what may be the largest research study regarding behavioral nudges and their impact on online student success, which included nearly 250,000 students. But while faculty interventions led to […]

Siena College did a test run of socially distanced fall learning options for us

Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Siena College did a test run of 3 socially distanced fall learning options for us, including a face-to-face collaborative classroom, a lecture course, and an outdoor seated collaborative class – all of which seated students 6 feet apart with some students attending via ZOOM as well. The primary learnings? Physically […]

Is active learning inherently at odds with social distancing?

Is active learning inherently at odds with social distancing? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a reversion to physically distanced classrooms may cause some faculty to revert back to the traditional lecture who may have been experimenting with active learning experiences. The takeaway? Will a physically distanced in-person classroom divided by plexiglass actually be harder to […]

The National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL’s) Online Learning Certificate

How many of our institutions need to get certified in online learning right now? Chris Edwards, Senior Vice President of University Partnerships at MindEdge Learning, joins Dr. Cherron Hoppes, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education, to talk about the National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL) and why it’s an important organization to […]

Open Design at Duke University

Online teaching doesn’t work. At least, that’s what the latest reports say.  But what we started doing in March was not online teaching. In fact, online education needs to be transformed in exactly the same way in-person brick and mortar education needs to be transformed, and it simply hasn’t happened yet. We cannot continue to […]

The international enrollment drop could cost higher ed $3B this fall

This fall’s international enrollment drop could cost higher ed $3B. Reported by Education Dive, a forecasting survey of 346 institutions from NAFSA suggests an estimated three billion dollar loss in international enrollment revenue this fall from coronavirus issues, travel restrictions, and exclusionary federal policies. The takeaway? Already in a recession, a $3 billion international enrollment […]

Our new online faculty need better online training

Our brand-new online faculty need better online training. Reported by EdSurge, helping our faculty dig into the last three decades of online teaching practice research may prove invaluable to creating better online-first pedagogical habits. The takeaway? There are courses, webinars, blogs, and research on best-practice online instruction. Even our own courses themselves, to give our […]

Reality check hits higher ed’s once optimistic fall plans

A reality check is hitting higher ed’s once optimistic fall plans. Reported by Education Dive, with confirmed coronavirus infections surging in the last few weeks, several colleges have publicly reversed their original plans to re-open campus this fall, including the University of Southern California and Loyola University Chicago. The takeaway? The benefits of making a […]

Decoding our online accessibility challenges

What online accessibility challenges do colleges still need to decode before fall? Reported by EdSurge, the two biggest challenges making sure students could transition to online learning this past spring were physical accessibility (making sure students had computers), and connection accessibility (making sure students had internet). That latter one is often the trickier challenge that […]

Campus Visits Return Via Car

Campus visits are returning, via car ride. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the University of Southern Indiana has launched a safe way to bring back their campus visits – offering car tours of campus, led by an admissions staffer in their own car. These 45-minute tours will take up to 5 cars, connected via ZOOM […]

Online Student Experience & Engagement – A Culture of Coaching

Many universities are offering tremendous student support, but most can extend this support further by transitioning from the foundations of coaching to a culture of coaching. That way, students can experience connection and support in every interaction with university faculty and staff members. Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix Education, shares proven […]

Do colleges have the financial reserves for creative tuition policies?

Do colleges have enough financial reserves for creative tuition policies this fall? Reported by EdSurge, while institutions are doing everything they can to retain the students who were originally planning on fall, they’re also thinking about other incentives they’ll likely need to offer to make their class. Tuition freezes and discounts? Financial aid increases? One […]

A COVID Gap Year

Will a COVID gap year end up being an all too common note on student’s resumes and transcripts moving forward? And if so, how can students make the most of their gap story? Through internship opportunities? Service work? Creative exploration? Getting some Gen Eds out of the way? The takeaway? For those individuals wanting to […]

Adult-serving institutions are being hit the hardest

Are adult-serving institutions being hit the hardest right now? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, federal coronavirus relief aid was distributed based on full-time equivalent (FTE) students instead of total student head count. That means that Amarillo College, serving 10,000 undergraduate students in the Texas panhandle received the same relief dollars as Brown University, […]

The hardest courses to teach online

What have the hardest courses to teach online been? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, many faculty have struggled with recreating the intimacy of the small discussion-based seminar online. The first instinct may be to try and recreate this intimacy through live ZOOM classes. But many pedagogical experts believe that asynchronous models may be […]

Dealing with summer learning loss

How can we deal with our students’ summer learning loss? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, despite our best efforts, many of our students may not have received the full education experience of our traditional courses this spring. And our rising freshman may have had a difficult last semester as well. So, are they […]

Student + Parent Expectation Management

In the latest installment of the Helix Education webinar series on COVID-19: The Roadmap to Fall 2020, Kari Kovar, Chief Operating Officer at Helix Education breaks down the four essentials of expectation management to ensure an effective 2-way communication loop as you transition to quality online education this fall. Intentional Communication Our standard protocols aren’t […]

The continued decline of international student enrollment

International student enrollment has already been declining. Will coronavirus kill it? Reported by Education Dive, new international student enrollment declined 10% between fall of 2015 and 2018, partially due to un-friendly immigration policies. Today, international enrollment makes up a little more than 5% of total higher ed enrollment, and a much higher revenue source given […]

Live Online vs. On-Demand Learning

Live online or on-demand learning? Reported by EdSurge, many teachers are “hedging” with the current advice of education experts. That students learn best differently, so how can we serve both through compromise? And therefore we’re often left with a weekly live online gathering we hope works for most parties, and the remainder done throughout the […]

The future of campus policing

What does the future of campus policing look like? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, with a nation in outrage over police brutality and anti-black racism, the focus on institutional relationships with campus and non-campus police is already coming into view, with protest calls for defunding and disbanding campus police departments altogether. With Minneapolis at the […]

Helix Education’s Online/Blended Course Quality Rubric

Cherron Hoppes Ed.D., Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education, and Emily Wood, Director of Instructional Design at Helix Education, created this webinar to discuss how presidents, provosts, and faculty can use Helix Education’s Online/Blended Course Quality Rubric to prioritize immediate needs in improving their institution’s online learning experience. The Circumstances Higher Ed […]

A boon for post-traditional institutions?

Will COVID-19 provide a boon to post-traditional student institutions? Reported by Education Dive, the colleges most prepared for this coronavirus reality have been the ones catering to the remote online learner the longest. Many institutions with the largest post-traditional student focus, with an avg. student age in their 30s, may very well find themselves top […]

MOOCs, Take Two?

MOOCs, take two? Reported by EdSurge, will the pandemic provide room for another MOOC moment? Could on-campus students who avoided online courses turn to MOOCs over their first-choice institution in the interim for the cost savings alone? Could incoming freshman who may have preferred a “gap” year, but with nowhere to travel to safe just […]

Are “free college” plans over?

Will states be able to afford their generous “free tuition” plans any longer? Reported by Education Dive, while free tuition policies have been gaining both popularity and policy across the country over the last several years, will states be able to afford them now? Coronavirus’ impact on tax revenues and therefore, state budgets, will likely […]

A subscription-based model for higher education

Should higher ed move to a subscription-based model? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the subscription-based model provides interesting win-win scenarios. A potentially steadier and more predictable cash flow forecasting for the institution. An incentive for the student to finish their credential quicker. Plus, an easier post-graduation option to make continuing education an expected next step […]

How should we evaluate our online teachers this spring?

How should we evaluate our online teachers this spring? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, with many faculty concerned they may be harshly critiqued for their well-intentioned and unplanned pedagogical scramble this spring, what are the different ways institutions should be thinking about performance assessment? In the article, Jody Greene suggests evaluating professors on […]

How do state affirmative action decisions influence higher ed enrollment?

How do state affirmative action decisions influence higher ed enrollment? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a new study published in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis shows the long term enrollment impacts of 19 public universities in states that banned affirmative action. The results? The underrepresentation gap between their share of underrepresented students compared to the […]

Bringing Student Affairs Online

Right now, institutions are feverishly trying to transition from the remote emergency teaching of this spring to high-quality online education that’s ready for fall. Our student affairs departments need to be similarly scrambling to do the same on the student support side. Dr. Brian Bourke, Associate Professor of Postsecondary Education Administration at Murray State University, […]

Is higher ed too big to fail?

Is higher ed too big to fail? Reported by Education Dive, dozens of educational organizations, consortiums and policy groups are pushing for broader higher education funding to ensure our institutions remain viable post COVID-19. With 0% interest rates and suspended payments on student loans already pushed through, will there be a broader set of funds […]

Is now AI’s time to shine?

Is now AI’s time to shine? Reported by Education Dive, with institutions feverishly trying to scramble and put together high-quality online education plans to save their enrollment if the COVID-19 pandemic keeps campuses closed come fall, is now the opportunity for AI to play hero? Through chatbots that handle instantaneous customer service? Through recruitment pool […]

Colleges said they wanted more lower-income students, but didn’t enroll them

Colleges said they wanted to enroll more lower-income students. But then they didn’t. Reported by Education Dive, in 2016 the American Talent Initiative (ATI) successfully signed 128 institutions on with a commitment to increase access for lower-income students. But despite a strong start, in the last two years, ATI members reported a net increase of […]

We need to talk about online cheating

We need to talk about online cheating. Reported by EdSurge, with new innovations in AI-written term papers, and a slew of new students learning online, our institutions are going to need to revisit our cheating policies and prevention strategies. For instance, some of the largest players in online education like Western Governors University utilize virtual […]

The Importance and Inequity of Internships

Are internships an equitable differentiation for students? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, while the Center for Research on College to Workforce Transitions cites the correlation between students who have internships on their resumes and their likelihood of getting hired, they also cite the inherent equity issue in this outcome. For instance, many internships […]

Do our new online faculty need triage help?

Do our new online faculty need triage help? Reported by EdSurge, the Instructional Design Emergency Response Network is a volunteer network of 300 instructional designers and counting, established and willing to help faculty currently scrambling to provide quality online educational experiences. The takeaway? Higher ed is such a generous community, and we need that generosity […]

What will higher ed look like this fall?

What will higher ed look like this fall? Reported by EdSurge, many university administrators are currently developing multiple game plans. Remote learning as it is today, with improved online practice. A rollout return with social distancing and testing implementations on campus. Or potentially offering both online and in-person modalities for students too concerned themselves to […]

Migrating Accessibility to the Online Classroom

How can we migrate accessibility to the online classroom? Reported by EdSurge, as educators begin thinking through potentially longer-term transitions to online education, it’s important to ensure you translate the accommodations you’ve already made in your academic classroom for students with learning disabilities online as well. The takeaway? Most learning management platforms have built-in accessibility […]

An ethical evaluation of higher ed’s endowment investments

What if we conducted an ethical evaluation of our institution’s endowment investments? Reported by Education Dive, Georgetown University announced they will divest from fossil fuel companies within a decade. For many institutions, their endowment investment is how they subsidize the majority of their operations. But do our institutions have an ethical responsibility for where we’re […]

Is yours a surveillance campus?

Is yours a surveillance campus? Reported by EdSurge, more than 40 colleges have made statements that they are not and won’t use facial recognition technology on their campuses. Whereas, many universities are actively utilizing facial recognition technology for meal payment, dorm security, and other privacy applications. The privacy concerns and hyper-surveillance potential of the modern […]

Prioritizing Student Convenience

What happens when our students value convenience more than anything else? Bob Ubell, Vice Dean Emeritus of Online Learning at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss what happens when our students value convenience more than anything else. What are the Motivations of our Online Students? “When […]

Are dual enrollment options available to the most underrepresented students?

Are dual enrollment options available to the most underrepresented students? Reported by Education Dive, dual enrollment options designed to improve college affordability are underrepresented by the very students these programs were most designed to serve, with a new report from Wheelhouse showing that only 27% of black students and 30% of Hispanic students taking advantage […]

Is the bachelor’s degree still higher ed’s primary credential?

Is the bachelor’s degree still higher ed’s primary credential? Reported by Education Dive, colleges are awarding slightly more certificates and associates degrees (1.95 million) per year as they are bachelor’s degrees (1.92 million). New certificate programs continue to be created for these new positions that require more than a bachelor’s degree but less than a […]

Designing the Future of Work and Employee Education at Amazon Web Services

Does the data show a disconnect between students, employers and educators? The future of work is shaping the future of learning, forcing education and industry to work together in fresh, creative ways.  Ken Eisner, Director of Worldwide Education Programs at Amazon Web Services, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss how cloud computing is […]

Using Gen Ed’s to solicit new majors

Can you use your Gen Ed’s to solicit new majors? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Andre Audette from Monmouth College uses their introductory American politics course to win over students still searching for their career path. For those students who are engaged, show interest, and perform well, Audette simply asks them if they’ve […]

What nudge communication helped make community college students 21% more likely to return?

What nudge communication helped make community college students more likely to return? Reported by Education Dive, a new research study from University of Florida showed that a one-course tuition waiver with clear return steps made students 21% more likely to return. The takeaway? It’s not just about communication volume and timing. It’s about the communication […]

If tuition is free, do our campuses become our difference?

If tuition is free, do our campuses become our difference? Reported by Education Dive, Georgetown College in Kentucky is experimenting with full-tuition scholarships for students from neighboring counties who enroll full-time and live on campus. While this is an enrollment growth initiative for a tuition-dependent institution currently struggling financially, is this also a potential model […]

Is your campus ready to go vegan?

Is your campus ready to go vegan? Reported by Education Dive, the University of North Texas and the University of California, San Diego both have all-vegan dining halls, designed through evolving student demand with a growing preference for plant-based eating. Other institutions have “Meatless Monday” programs, plant-based food trucks, and are increasingly shifting their menus […]

Employee Upskilling Initiatives at Google

Americans need digital skills to get ahead. To provide those skills, Google launched Grow with Google in 2017, and so far the program has trained more than three million Americans on digital skills. Through a network of 5,000-plus partner organizations, including schools, nonprofits, and local libraries, more people are getting the skills, connections, and opportunities […]

SNHU’s new transfer partnership with Pennsylvania community colleges

What happens when your state’s community college system makes an enormous transfer agreement with an out-of-state private institution? Reported by Education Dive, students from Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges will now be able to transfer up to 90 credits to Southern New Hampshire University and complete their degree for $288 per credit hour, a 10% discount […]

First-gen students feel greater sense of belonging at 2-year schools

Reported by Education Dive, a recent analysis of federal data showed that both first-generation and underrepresented minority students attending community colleges feel a greater sense of “belonging” than at 4-year colleges. The takeaway? A student’s sense of “belonging” is a feeling we can greatly impact. And if we are committed to student persistence and success, […]

Maximizing Online Student Engagement During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Faculty and school officials are currently scrambling to put together learning continuity plans during COVID-19 campus closures.  We invited Dr. Perry Samson, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at University of Michigan, to join the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about engaging your live, in-person classes online during campus closures due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). How the […]

Will COVID-19 move back decision day?

What will COVID-19 mean for upcoming enrollment decisions? With on-campus visit days canceling nationwide, some universities, including Oregon State University, have pushed back their decision day – typically May 1, back to June 1. The goal is to provide students with more time to decide, who now may not have access to high school guidance […]

The Dept. of Ed is ending their competency-based education experiments

While higher ed continues to explore new competency-based education models, the Department of Education is ending their experiments. Reported by Education Dive, the U.S. Department of Education is ending their experiment on June 30th, which allowed competency-based programs to receive federal aid. Institutions with direct-assessment approvals will be able to maintain these programs, and new […]

Workforce Development Strategies at Lumina Foundation

What if employers stopped hunting for unicorns and started developing the employees they already have? And what if higher education institutions could help them do that in a way employers would respond to positively?  Haley Glover, Strategy Director at Lumina Foundation, joined the Enrollment Growth University  podcast to talk about how higher education can be […]

Do humanities students need their own lab space?

Do humanities students need their own lab space? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, STEM labs on campuses serve a technology housing purpose, but also an essential community and collaboration purpose. That’s why Johns Hopkins University created their Classics Research Lab, to increase the opportunities for connection between students and scholars. The experiment has […]

Can we save the bachelor’s degree by adding to it?

Can we save the bachelor’s degree by adding to it? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, industry not-for-profit Workcred believes the bachelor’s degree should be reimagined, with the new 3-legged stool being the academic degree, work-based learning, and an industry-recognized credential. The takeaway? Embedding industry-credentials and certifications into our degree programs seems like the […]

What can eSports teach us about building community in online learning?

What can eSports teach us about building community in online learning? Reported by EdSurge, while eSports can be played anywhere, more and more universities are building eSports arenas. Why? There are technological and affordability considerations for sure. But there’s also an intentional desire to build a greater sense of community – to make these players […]

Are educational podcasts the next MOOCs?

Are educational podcasts the next MOOCs? Reported by EdSurge, there is a growing subculture of educational podcasts run by academics outside of their office university responsibilities, often from those who want a larger audience than their university classroom provides. These podcasts provide a fascinating platform to go off-curriculum, while digging deeper into their personal passions, […]

Student-Centric AI

Like nearly every other industry, higher ed is starting to feel the effects of AI. What do we need to know about the future of AI in higher education? J Scott Christianson, Assistant Teaching Professor at University of Missouri, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about why we should be both bullish and […]

McDonalds’ Archways to Opportunity Internal Education Services

How should enterprise organizations help their employees navigate upskilling opportunities and career advancement? Reported by PR Newswire, McDonalds’ new Archways to Careers app is designed to help employees identify potential career opportunities, and be mapped to a student coach to help support their educational plan. These paid educational offerings could include earning their GED, learning […]

Are colleges overly focused on a student’s first job vs. their career?

Are colleges overly incentivized on helping students get their first job versus preparing them for the rest of their careers? Reported by Education Dive, only 50% of employers are even listing “required majors” on Handshake, a career services platform specifically designed for new graduates. More and more of these employers are looking for skills, and […]

Are private non-profits holding strong?

Are private non-profits holding strong? Reported by Education Dive, while many have been predicting a deep consolidation of non-profit institutions, enrollment in this sector has remained roughly flat, growing slightly from 4.27 million students in 2017 to 4.28 million in 2018. The real enrollment crash has occurred with the for-profit institutions, having lost 36% of […]

Quantum Computing Will Personalize Higher Education

In a previous episode of the Enrollment Growth University podcast, we talked through a high-level understanding of quantum computing and how it’s already touching higher ed. We also looked at some next-steps advice for preparing our campuses for a quantum computing world.  Now, Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor of Online Learning at the University of […]

A virtual advising pilot didn’t improve college enrollment rates

A virtual advising pilot didn’t improve college enrollment rates. Reported by Education Dive, a new attempt at “nudging” behavior didn’t work as expected. A new study out of UCLA offered socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students free virtual advising to help with their transition from high school to college. While the students in the study reported […]

Why are companies paying for their employees to go back to college?

Why are companies paying for their employees to go back to college? Reported by Education Dive, it’s a recruitment and retention advantage for sure. But it’s also an investment in upskilling. For instance, Walmart charges their employees just $1 a day to earn degrees in business, supply-chain management, technology or healthcare. And it’s because that’s […]

Will Second Life environments make a comeback in online education?

Will Second Life-esque virtual campuses make a comeback in higher ed? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Stanford University has partnered with VirBELA to design a virtual campus where students from their certificate program can design their avatars, virtually wander campus using their keyboards, and chat with other student avatars in their vicinity. The takeaway? While […]

How will physical-dependent courses translate online?

How will physical-dependent courses translate online? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, NYU’s new master’s in integrated digital media is testing the waters, with faculty designing creative solutions for evaluating physical art projects traditionally designed in an on-campus lab. Through the student’s own documentation of the process using photos and videos, as well as live video […]

Putting a Value Tag on Colleges

Can we put a value tag on colleges? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce has released their first attempt, aptly titled, “A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges”. This study uses College Scorecard data to attempt to rank domestic institutions based on their ROI. But by […]

Miami Dade College Launches Stackable Credentials Partnership with Adobe

The concept of bringing industry credentials into traditional degree programs is quickly spreading throughout higher education. Tommy Demos, Assistant Professor of Film, TV & Digital Production, and Eric Cornish, Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts Design at Miami Dade College, joined the podcast to talk about their stackable credentials partnership with Adobe. Stackable Design Credentials Partnership […]

Will Coursera’s new bachelor’s completion degree be able to scale?

Will Coursera’s new bachelor’s completion degree be able to scale? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Coursera has partnered with the University of North Texas to launch a degree completion program, Coursera’s first bachelor’s degree program. Incoming students can transfer up to 84 credits earned elsewhere, but must earn at least 34 credits through UNT in […]

The student housing collapse is coming

The student housing collapse is coming. Reported by Education Dive, despite representing less than 6% of loans, student housing currently accounts for 40% of loan defaults in the multifamily sector. Enrollment declines, the rise of online learners, and last decade’s housing boom creating an all-time high in student housing property prices have created a perfect […]

Is online education an entirely different product than traditional higher education?

Is online education an entirely different product than traditional higher education? Reported by EdSurge, many of us think of online education as simply a difference in modality, and therefore the question becomes how do we deliver the same experience through a different channel. But we really need to understand how absolutely different the average audience […]

Is the political climate leading to a surge in HBCU enrollment?

Is the hostile political climate leading to a surge in HBCU enrollment? Reported by Education Dive, one-third of historically black colleges and universities have seen record enrollment numbers within the past three years. Some theorize that recent public philanthropic gifts for HBCUs has ushered in a new understanding of the underfunding issues some HBCU’s have […]

Bringing Blockchain into the Business School at the University of the Cumberlands

What does the advent of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and their related sub-fields mean for the future of business programs at universities? For example, financial technology, usually called fintech, is an emerging discipline that includes AI, big data, blockchain, and crypto. This assortment of components makes fintech an interdisciplinary field and thus presents […]

How Pace University is intentional about enrolling underrepresented students

Pace University takes a hyper-intentional approach to enrolling underrepresented students. Reported by Education Dive, Pace’s ranking as the top college in the country for upward economic mobility comes from their intentionality in doing so. Removing application and enrollment barriers such as student and family income. Building a pipeline through high school visits to underrepresented communities. […]

Do we need PhDs in Learning Innovation?

Do we need PhDs in Learning Innovation? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, with exciting new innovations in learning science research and the rapid growth of online learning, the conversation about these digital innovations seems to mostly be happening digitally. Where historically, such massive thought around similar systemic change has largely happened in peer-reviewed journals, conference […]

The disconnect between higher ed leadership and digital learning

Is there a disconnect between higher ed leadership and digital learning? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a recent survey from the Campus Computing Project shows that only 40% of IT officials believe college leaders are “well informed” about digital learning and digital transformation. The takeaway? We’re unfortunately still in the early days of digital learning. […]

Boston College embraces Learning Experience Design (LXD)

Boston College is embracing Learning Experience Design (LXD). Reported by EdSurge, Boston College’s Carroll School of Management takes a different approach when determining course modality. They avoid the binary choice of online vs. on-ground. Instead, their faculty are working to build flexible, accessible and customizable hybrid courses for digital natives. This means animated videos, synchronous […]

Could embodied cognition improve students’ academic performance?

Could embodied cognition improve students’ academic performance? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, faculty within the chemistry department at Miami University are committed to the concept of embodied cognition, learning about things like atomic movement, by recreating the movement yourself. Spinning, vibrating, and match-making around the classroom. The results so far? Students in these […]

Evaluating academic programs by mission, market, and margin

When you consider adding new academic programs, consider your entire academic portfolio. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, institutions should consider individual academic programs, only in relation to the entire portfolio, and where they contribute to mission (your focus), market (student demand) and margin (net profitability of the program). The takeaway? Continually analyzing the […]

CSU Channel Islands teaches students how to learn online

California State University Channel Islands is teaching students how to learn online. Reported by Education Dive, CSU Channel Islands launched Learning Online 101, a 1-3 hour course allowing students to practice using online course technology, along with the time management and networking skills required for successful online learning. 92% of students thus far have reported […]

ASU’s adaptive learning experiment

What can Arizona State University’s experiment in adaptive software teach us? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, ASU has moved their algebra class from a 100-student lecture to 100 students on their laptops, while a professor and five undergraduate assistants roam and assist. The adaptive software tests existing competency, and then customizes the next-step learning path […]

On-Campus Student Services for Rural Online Students

Could on-campus student services help rural students’ online persistence? Reported by Education Dive, rural Shasta County in Northern California has no four-year universities and only two community colleges. But through grants from the Lumina Foundation, Shasta is now offering localized support, including tutoring centers, a library, and a health center, for those students studying online […]

Frito-Lay offers college credit for apprenticeship training

Frito-Lay is offering college credit for apprenticeship training. Reported by Education Dive, students who enter Frito-Lay’s apprenticeship program receive elective credits for basic engineering and maintenance skills through Central Georgia Technical College, as they learn skills that prepare them for entry-level manufacturing roles. Through this program, Frito-Lay has created pathways to successful hires as well. […]

New gift makes CalTech an instant leader in the climate science field

A new gift makes the California Institute of Technology an immediate leader in the climate science field. Reported by Education Dive, a $750 million dollar private donation to Caltech is designed to scale the institution’s environmental research as well as open a new 75,000 square-foot center for energy and sustainability research. Plus, new core courses […]

How to bring high-touch to online learning?

How can we bring high-touch interactivity to online learning? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, online courses, for all their pedagogical rigor, often miss many of the benefits of in-person interactivity. But there are several ways institutions are working to incorporate high-touch into the online degree program. From in-person residencies to heavy team-based projects, and client-based […]

How did one community college quadruple their graduation rates?

How did the Community College of Rhode Island quadruple their 2-year graduation rates? Reported by Education Dive, the Rhode Island Promise program provides high school graduates with free community college tuition contingent on them enrolling full-time. This along with other institutional initiatives has risen their graduation rate up from 4% to 18%. The takeaway? Full-time […]

I met my future college online

How important is social media for the college purchasing decision? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a recent EAB study has shown a significant leap in the importance of social media for college discovery in the last two years, with the percentage of students saying they “discovered” a college on social media growing from 19.2% in […]

From University Library to Maker-Space

From university library to maker-space, a physical transformation is happening on our campuses. Reported by EdSurge, once judged by the size of their collections, the modern university library is now being valued for how well it helps our students navigate the information age. With some institutions transforming their physical collections into maker-spaces, innovation studios, and […]

Developing a Digital Quad to Support Social Learning

How do we replicate the informal social learning that takes place in dorm rooms and quads for our online students? Reported by EdSurge, online students are increasingly disconnected from the channels that spark social learning, interaction, and educational development. The late-night dorm experiences. The serendipitous bumping into new people, opportunities, and experiences on the quad. […]

ASU’s Edx MOOC Experiment

What did we learn from Arizona State University’s great EdX MOOC experiment? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the results of this Global Freshman Academy have been disappointing. Out of 373,000 students who have enrolled in the program, just 2% completed a single course with a C or better. Less than ½ a percent paid to […]

Income-based tuition vs. income-share agreements

If income-share agreements run into regulatory trouble, will income-based tuition plans replace them? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, with more and more institutions exploring income share agreements to provide students with an alternative financing option, Simmons University is launching an income-based tuition alternative, allowing a nursing student to defer their tuition until after graduation, and […]

Are state flagship institutions unaffordable for their residents?

Are state flagship institutions unaffordable for their residents? Reported by Education Dive, a new study from the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) shows that nearly all state flagships are largely unaffordable for their low- and middle-income residents. In response to this financial reality, some institutions, like University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Texas […]

California’s new free online skills-based community college

California is about to launch their new free online skills-based community college, Calbright. Reported by Education Dive, Calbright will offer three academic pathways, including medical coding, information technology support and cybersecurity. Today, these courses do not offer credit that can be transferred to other colleges. Instead, the college offers job placement assistance upon completion through […]

Where should fintech live at your college?

Where should fintech live at your college? Reported by Education Dive, the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and cryptocurrency are all creating new curriculum and governance questions about cross-department collaboration for these emerging programs. University of the Cumberlands chooses to split the courses from their global business and blockchain degree between the […]

Would increasing math requirements at Cal State negatively impact diversity?

Would increasing math requirements negatively impact diversity? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, The California State System has proposed requiring an additional high school course in quantitative reasoning to qualify for admission, based on data which shows that students with those capabilities are much more likely to succeed at Cal State. While this wouldn’t require any […]

Will nudge economics work on our faculty?

Will nudge economics work on our faculty? While a long-term College Board study recently came back showing low effectiveness of student-focused nudge communications, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the California State System is testing a new system where professors themselves will receive personalized nudge communications. These messages will highlight differences in academic performance […]

Industry or academia: who is responsible for retraining workers?

Who is responsible for retraining workers? Higher ed or the employers themselves? Reported by EdSurge, a recent Gallup survey in partnership with Northeastern University showed that 73% of Americans believe employers are responsible for retraining. The problem? Most employers don’t see retraining as their responsibility, nor are they often deeply embedded in the education game. […]

The need for adult-specific EdTech

Do adult students require different EdTech? Reported by EdSurge, a new study from the U.S. Department of Education finds that adult learners and traditional learners likely need very different EdTech tools. For instance, when an LMS serves as a complement to the traditional classroom vs. the entire classroom experience, it probably needs to be designed […]

Solving the Part-Time Student Price Penalty at Southern Utah University

Traditional plateau pricing was originally designed to incentivize early completion. But for adult part-time students who are balancing education with family and work responsibilities, they end up paying more per credit hour for the same education. Others may overstretch themselves just to take advantage of the discounted tuition, ultimately having a poor experience or dropping […]

Teaching new alumni to give

Do new alumni need to be taught to give? Reported by Education Dive, Villanova University just wrapped up a 5-year capital campaign that came in $160 million over their $600 million goal through 78,000 donors, half of whom gave for the very first time. While major gifts drive campaigns, many advancement offices believe that ignoring […]

Will Google search changes increase community college enrollment?

How will changes to Google’s college search features impact community college enrollment? Reported by Education Dive, while Google’s “college search” features have historically only included 4-year colleges, community colleges will now be included in these search rankings. As these typically low-priced options are added to rankable college search listings, will this small database change vastly […]

Will the future of private college support come through employer partnerships?

While 65% of City University of New York’s budget runs off city and state support, one university president believes the future of private institution support needs to come through employer partnerships. Reported by Education Dive, Jayson Boyers, president of Cleary University, believes industry-education partnerships may provide the revenue stream diversity so needed by private institutions. […]

Indiana University has reduced mental health stigma on campus

Indiana University’s attempts to remove some of the stigma behind mental health issues appears to be working. Reported by Education Dive, the peer-led U Bring Change to Mind (UBC2M) has been holding events, “de-stress” activities, and bi-weekly meetings in attempt to boost mental health awareness and services across campus. Longitudinal surveys have shown a decrease […]

George Mason University Expands Student Mental Health Services

Students are struggling with their mental health. The percentage of incoming students who report feeling overwhelmed has jumped from 28% to a full 40% over the past two decades.  What are the primary theories about this? Have overall stress factors increased? Some experts blame helicopter parenting, saying it leaves students unprepared for the disappointments and […]

SNHU is offering Salesforce credit

Southern New Hampshire University is now offering course credit for free Salesforce training. Reported by Education Dive, SNHU will now count completion of Salesforce’s free online training program, Trailhead, as a technology elective. This follows the path of more and more colleges and universities partnering with and incorporating popular technology and software credentials into their […]

What can we learn from other countries’ “free college” initiatives?

What can we learn from other countries’ “free college” initiatives? Reported by Education Dive, a new study from the American Enterprise Institute suggests some potential unintended consequences of free college. Specifically in these international use cases, you find a high correlation between an increase in federal subsidies and lower admission rates. This is partially because […]

Apprenticeship Expansion at Florida International University

The Department of Labor wants to expand apprenticeship programs between higher education institutions and key industries. So much, in fact, that it invested $183 million in grant funding to do so.  Dr. Elizabeth M. Béjar, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Florida International University, and Dr. Bridgette Cram, Assistant Vice President for […]

Are nutrition benefits a college completion strategy?

Are nutrition benefits a college completion strategy? Reported by Education Dive, The College Student Hunger Act of 2019 is a legislative attempt to expand the existing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as SNAP. With a growing food insecurity problem across college campuses, and with more and more nontraditional students trying to balance the finances […]

Carnegie Mellon University Prepares for the Self-Driving Future

When many in higher education think about self-driving car technology, we’re tempted to jump straight to robotics, but autonomous car manufacturers are also going to be looking for generalists who understand the bigger picture of autonomous vehicle design and manufacturing.   How can universities help prepare students to work in the autonomous vehicle industry? Dr. John […]

Southwest Airlines is Building University Pipelines

Southwest Airlines is building university pipelines. Reported by Education Dive, with the aviation industry experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, more and more airlines are working directly with universities to create customized academic pathways and apprenticeship programs. Southwest Airlines is the most recent, partnering with Arizona State University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of Nebraska […]

Competency-Based Assessed Students Are Graduating 59% Faster

Students in competency-based assessment bachelor’s degree programs at Capella University are graduating 59% faster. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the promise of competency-based education is that freed from the credit hour, students would be able to progress through the curriculum as fast as their mastery allowed, saving time and tuition dollars. This experiment at Capella […]

Part-time Student Price Penalty

There’s a price penalty for part-time students in higher ed. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, many colleges still retain “plateau tuition” policies, meaning that a student taking 18 credit hours a semester pays no more than a student taking 12 credit hours. These policies are designed to encourage full-time enrollment and help students graduate faster. […]

The downsides of planning for the future of higher education

What could long-term higher ed planning possibly look like? We don’t need a different college every 10 miles to effectively serve the student population. Everyone’s going to study online. They’re going to make a hyper-rational value-quality decision based on widely available data. And there will be 25 mega-schools that teach everyone. What does real-term higher […]

Cannabis goes to college

Is cannabis coming to college? Reported by MarketWatch, with more and more states legalizing marijuana for medical and/or recreational use, the industry as a whole is looking to evolve. From ag science, to business operations, the business of cannabis is quickly creating a need for a specifically educated workforce. And a few institutions are starting […]

Gates Foundation’s Early Alert Initiatives Show Little Impact

The Gates Foundation’s early alert initiatives designed to improve student persistence and retention have proven largely ineffective to date. Reported by EdSurge, a new study examining the impact on these early interventions funded by the Gates Foundation at three separate universities has “not yet produced discernible positive effects on students’ academic performance.” This is a […]

Can Higher Ed Learn Online Education Best Practices from McDonalds?

Can higher ed learn online education best practices from McDonalds? Reported by EdSurge, Arizona State University’s Chief Technology Officer, Donna Kidwell, is looking to incorporate the best-practices of corporate training programs into online education. Because in a fast-growing franchise model, the new owner needs to learn very specific best practices for how to run and […]

Those Masterclass Videos are Coming After Higher Education

Those Masterclass videos are coming after higher education. Reported by EdSurge, the founder behind those celebrity video courses you see advertised in your Facebook feed is now offering university-level courses through a new company called Outlier. Outlier has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh to ensure the credits earned are transferable, and each course costs […]

Avoiding the Discriminatory Design of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Ed

How can we avoid the discriminatory design of artificial intelligence in higher ed? Reported by EdSurge, unchecked, artificial intelligence may tell you that low-income students are a higher risk admission chance, and suggest denying their entry. It may judge teachers on the exit point of the students taking their course and ignore their entry point. […]

Could Employer-Funded College Ruin Publicly-Funded Higher Education?

Could employer-funded college ruin publicly-funded higher education? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, while many see employer-funded education as an amazing move toward accessibility for adult learners, some, like Geoffrey Cox from Stanford University, have grown concerned that this trend may cause a de-funding of public education and lock both healthcare insurance and education […]

Boston University Launches Second-Tier Priced Online MBA

Boston University is launching a second-tier priced online MBA. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while many institutions make no pricing, or respective quality, distinctions between their online and on-campus degree programs, Boston University is promoting a purposely different online MBA. Specifically designed for the part-time student, this online degree offered in conjunction with edX, offers […]

Is “right-sizing” an enrollment excuse or a strategy?

Is “right-sizing” an enrollment excuse or a strategy? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, many are asking that question after George Washington University’s president, Thomas LeBlanc, announced plans to intentionally cut undergraduate enrollment by 20% over the next five years. This “better, not bigger” model is becoming a popular anthem in higher ed right now, but […]

Conversion Rate Optimization at Bethany Global University

You’ve probably heard about conversion rate optimization. But what exactly is it? And how might it fit in with your higher education marketing strategy? Dan Sanchez, Marketing Director at Bethany Global University joined a recent episode of the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the tools, techniques and massive enrollment growth successes they’ve had […]

Is social emotional learning coming to higher education?

Is social emotional learning coming to higher education? Reported by Education Dive, George Mason University is one of many institutions working with Education Design Lab to bring soft-skills badging, including social emotional learning, to higher ed. These credentials, including empathy, resilience, and collaboration can currently be obtained by both undergraduate and graduate students through standalone […]

Is a lifetime membership a solution for educating the lifelong learner?

Is a lifetime membership a solution for educating the lifelong learner? With many colleges thinking through their support mechanisms for the lifelong learner, including stackable credentials and continuing certifications, could a lifelong membership option be on the table? Some institutions like Boise State University are coming close with a subscription-based model, but this subscription currently […]

Will visa delays be what prevents many institutions from hitting their numbers this fall?

Will visa delays be what prevents many institutions from hitting their numbers this fall? Reported by Education Dive, visa delays by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are making colleges and universities nationwide so concerned about their international enrollment, many higher ed leaders are petitioning congress and the Department of Homeland Security to step […]

A degree of embedded certifications?

Is a degree of embedded certifications the next step for some of our tech-centric degree programs? Reported by Education Dive, with more institutions attempting to prove the market value of their degree programs, many are following the lead of community colleges, and incorporating credentials and market-friendly certifications directly within their degree programs, including Broward College, […]

Faculty’s role in a personalized learning campus

What if faculty’s role was less about subject matter expertise, and more about student learning expertise – working to personalize content delivery based on the individual learning profile of each student? Reported by Education Dive, Maryville University President Mark Lombardi is going all-in on personalized learning, using learning diagnostics and life coaches to make sure […]

What did free community college do for four-year institutions?

What did free community college do for four-year institutions? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, two years into the Oregon Promise program, which provided Oregon students with tuition-free community college, there was a 4.2% increase in community college enrollment and a 2.9% enrollment decline at the state’s 4-year colleges. 4-year institutions have been fearful of what […]

George Mason University Launches Amazon-Partnered Cloud Computing Degree

Should higher ed degree programs incorporate additional skills credentials and certifications within them employers are specifically looking for? Dr. Michelle Marks, Vice President for Academic Innovation and New Ventures at George Mason University joined the podcast to talk about their new cloud computing degree in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Northern Virginia Community […]

HR’s move to competency-based hiring

Would competency-based hiring put competency-based learning back in the spotlight? Reported by EdSurge, more and more HR managers are exploring and championing this concept of competency-based or skills-based hiring. And this could move us away from the degree being the primary signal of a new candidate’s talent, and more toward skills alignment to a company […]

Retraining vs. education?

Is Amazon going to “educate” 100,000 of their employees, or merely “retrain” them? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Amazon announced they will spend $700 million dollars over the next six years retraining their frontline workers whose positions may be eliminated by automation. But should we consider this re-training to also be educating? Or will Amazon […]

What were the results from The University of Chicago’s test-optional admissions policy?

Last year, the University of Chicago announced it would drop their SAT requirement and offer test-optional admissions. The results? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, first-generation and low-income student commitments are up a whopping 20%, with between 10-15% of total incoming freshman taking advantage of the policy change and not submitting an SAT or ACT score. […]

How higher ed expectations affect enrollment patterns

What cultural expectations exist about college attendance? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the High School Longitudinal Study tracks student and parent expectations of college achievement over time. The findings? Student expectations for their future academic achievements are slightly increasing, with students assuming a high school diploma or GED to be the end of their education […]

Georgetown University Is Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry

Higher education leaders have begun recognizing the communication gap between the academic bubble and industry. What does business-oriented America expect in terms of the quality of employee they believe they’re getting from new graduates versus what they’re looking for? And once students throw those mortarboards in the air, can they hit the ground running with […]

How can skills mapping help prove the value of higher education?

How can skills mapping help prove the value of higher education? Reported by Education Dive, The University of South Florida is reverse-engineering online job descriptions in order to determine the skills gaps that exist within their existing degree program curriculum. This means utilizing job data to determine the most frequently requested skills from target occupations, […]

How to find the colleges and universities that best serve Latino students?

How can we find the college and universities that are best serving Latino students? Reported by Education Dive, the Seal of Execelencia from the Execelencia in Education group is attempting to shine a spotlight on those Latino-friendly institutions. Earning this designation is based upon several factors including existing Latino enrollment, retention and graduation metrics, financial […]

What if our degree programs were composed of stackable employer credentials?

What if our degree programs were composed of stackable employer credentials? Reported by Education Dive, Harold Washington College is partnering with Facebook for a co-branded digital marketing certificate program, one of 20 institutions to do so thus far. This push to partner with employers to ensure our graduates are gaining market-friendly skills is wonderful, but […]

Quantum Computing at the University of Illinois Springfield

Quantum computing was once the sole purview of science fiction writers. Today, however, it’s fast becoming a reality that higher education can get on board with. Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor of Online Learning at the University of Illinois Springfield and Founding Director of the National Council for Online Education, joined the Enrollment Growth University […]

Higher Ed Sees a $183.8 Million Investment Injection into Apprenticeship Training

How will a $183.8 million investment injection into apprenticeship training affect higher ed? Reported by EducationDive, twenty three institutions and university systems received apprenticeship funding from President Trump’s 2017 executive order to expand apprenticeships. Some employers see these apprenticeships as a great way to specifically train potential employees while vetting them. Some institutions see apprenticeships […]

George Mason University Develops Cloud Computing Bachelor’s with Amazon

George Mason University has developed a cloud computing bachelor’s degree in partnership with Amazon Web Services. Reported by Education Dive, along with Northern Virginia Community College, George Mason has created a seamless path to a four-year bachelor’s degree preparing students for their cloud computing career. This program includes curriculum that prepares students to earn additional […]

Who owns your online course IP?

Will online IP rules become a competitive advantage for some institutions? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, for your faculty who write textbooks, the IP is often clear. The textbook is theirs. But the online course they design? Who owns those materials? Determining these rules as an institution is important to catch up with the evolution […]

May the best male win

May the best male win. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while a 2012 study revealed significant gender bias in hiring within biology and physics departments, a more recent study unfortunately shows more of the same. With these studies, resumes were submitted for roles with identical qualifications, yet with different first and last names. While the […]

Influencer Marketing at Illinois State University

Influencer marketing has become such a high-value marketing channel in the retail and e-commerce spaces. So why is it so underutilized in higher education? Megan Rolfs, Director of Marketing and Communications, Division of Student Affairs at Illinois State University, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about #YourRedbirdLife and the potential incredible role of […]

Behavioral economics “nudges” didn’t solve college undermatching problem

A behavioral economics “nudge” didn’t solve the college undermatching problem. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the long term results of a College Board study aimed at increasing high-ability low-income students’ applications to selective institutions came back ineffective. The goal was that by sending direct mail, emails and texts to these students about these more selective […]

The University of Wisconsin teaches its undergraduate professors to teach

The University of Wisconsin is teaching its undergraduate professors to teach. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, many college professors are subject matter experts, but have little to no teacher training experience. The University of Wisconsin is attempting to solve for this by incorporating educational research and teacher training into its graduate programs in […]

An International Enrollment Growth Crisis?

Do we have an international enrollment growth crisis? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, 83% of institutions cite the current visa-application process as a significant deterrent for international students, whose application and enrollment rates have declined for three years straight. More and more international students are now choosing more welcoming countries, selecting American institutions […]

Why universities are doubling down on literacy programs?

Why are universities doubling down on literacy programs for undergraduates? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, there can be an assumption that students have adequate reading skills by the time they get to college. The problem with that assumption is that many don’t. And therefore, their reading comprehension limitations are making course comprehension nearly […]

College enrollment declines 1.7% year-over-year

College enrollment declined 1.7% year-over-year. Reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, the only noticeable enrollment growth winner during this decline? 4-year private nonprofits, who grew 3.2% year-over-year. And where is this respective decline and growth coming from? Adult students, who are moving away from for-profit institutions (down 20% YOY), and toward non-profit institution options. […]

New online directory is showing students their alternatives to college

A new online directory is helping show students their alternatives to college. Reported by Education Dive, this Alternatives to College online directory is an attempt to help prospective students better understand their non-degree options that may be a better match for their current economic and timing situation, including bootcamps, apprenticeships, and more. The takeaway? Rather […]

Unbundling Faculty at the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus

Dr. Aaron Brower, Executive Director at the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus and Sr. Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of Wisconsin System, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss the difference between thinking about instructional teams vs. catch-all individual instructors. The Historical Context of an Unbundled Faculty Higher ed faculty […]

What are MOOC’s missing?

What are MOOCs missing? Reported by EdSurge, what these massive online open courses are missing is the individual support. It’s why MOOC completion rates are so dismal today. If you get stuck, and can’t figure something out yourself, where do you go from there? One MOOC through Case Western Reserve University is attempting to solve […]

Using Video Feedback to Improve Faculty’s Student Engagement

Video feedback is teaching faculty to become better instructors, not just better online instructors. Reported by EdSurge, many institutions are utilizing video capture tools like GoReact to video themselves delivering online instruction, in order to review, self-assess, and improve. And this exercise, now made easy through recent technology, is helping both online and on-ground professors […]

Upgrading Online Student Services at Florida Atlantic University

All kinds of students enroll in distance education programs. Gone are the days when internet-based education catering only to self-directed, skillful learners. Today’s online student may care for an aging parent, work, parent children, and manage relationships while going to school. He or she may be at economic risk, a first-generation student, or academically unprepared. […]

A Netflix-Style Tuition Model at Boise State University

The sticker shock of higher education prices hits students early. First-generation college students in particular may not anticipate the total expense of the university experience. Tuition, living expenses, transportation and books add up quickly. Plus, students can feel anxious about the benefits awaiting them on the other end of a bachelor’s degree, having heard from […]

Women now make up more than 50% of leadership roles at University of Michigan’s College of Engineering

Women now make up more than 50% of leadership roles at University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, this move toward diversity was not a charitable one, but a competitive one. Institutional surveys at UM showed women faculty’s perception of campus culture was significantly worse than male faculty perceptions, […]

Mental health as an admittance factor

Could a student’s psychological challenges be seen as an admittance factor? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, New College at Florida was allegedly red-flagging applications from students who mentioned psychological challenges in their admissions essays for further review, and they are conducting an outside investigation. But this does bring up serious ethical and legal concerns about […]

Carnegie Mellon University launches learning engineering tools

Carnegie Mellon University has launched brand-new learning engineering tools and a community around them. Reported by EdSurge, Carnegie Mellon’s OpenSimon Toolkit is designed to help professors theorize new learning innovations, test their efficacy, and then share/scale the learning with the rest of higher ed – with hopes that by opening up these software tools, that […]

Will instructional software kill print textbooks?

Will instructional software kill print textbooks? Reported by EdSurge, in Bill and Melinda Gates’ annual letter, they claimed that “textbooks are becoming obsolete” due to instructional software that is quickly replacing them. Yet, in higher ed, 74% of textbooks are still accounted for by print-only and print-digital bundles. The takeaway? Until instructional software becomes a […]

Will the Online Evolution Create a New Market for Online Proctoring?

Will the online education evolution create a new market for online proctoring? Reported by EdSurge, Examity is a provider of live and automated proctoring services with more than 300 college and university customers looking to verify the identities of students taking exams. These verification technologies include facial recognition, biometric key stroke patterns, and eye movement […]

New Neuroscience Study Defends the Arts

A new neuroscience study is defending the arts? Reported by EdSurge, Johns Hopkins’ Neuro-Education Initiative is designed to help improve faculty’s understanding of both neuroscience and basic cognitive understanding in order to improve best-practice professorial pedagogy. The biggest learning coming out the initiative recently? The academic benefits of integrating arts within all programs to better […]

Remote faculty in online education

Online programs open up not only broader recruitment possibilities, but remote faculty opportunities as well. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, more and more institutions are experimenting with remote faculty for their online programs – faculty who work full-time from home, and potentially don’t even live in the same state as their campus. And now institutions […]

Champlain College fights for the promise of affordable online learning at scale

Last year, Champlain College slashed their online undergraduate tuition in half. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, since then, they’ve doubled their online enrollment. Across higher ed, online pricing has remained relatively similar to on-ground pricing for many reasons. One being that launching online programs can be extraordinarily expensive from a technology and curriculum development standpoint. […]

Upgrading faculty’s online teaching chops is an institutional problem

Upgrading our faculty’s online teaching chops is an institutional problem. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, many institutions offer “optional” training for faculty to upgrade their understanding of online best practice pedagogy. But these sessions often bring in very low attendance numbers. So, California’s Online Education Initiative for one is attempting to solve for that with […]

San Francisco State University Experiments with Distraction-Free Zones

Students currently live in a uniquely distractable world due to the onslaught of information technology, so how can higher education create safe spaces from those distractions in order to get deep work done? Dr. David Peña-Guzman, Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities and Liberal Studies at San Francisco State University, joined the Enrollment Growth […]

More Colleges are Piloting “Concierge”-Level Student Services for Online Learners

More colleges are piloting “concierge”-level student services for adult online learners. Reported by Education Dive, Sunday evening is an example of primetime schoolwork for adult learners, let most traditional student service operations are closed. So Winona State University created online office hours for these adult students. And Western Governors University has extended technical help hours […]

How to support mental well-being at our institutions

George Mason University is looking to better model how colleges and universities can support mental health in higher education. Reported by Education Dive, with 40% of incoming freshman reporting feeling overwhelmed, up from 28% in 2000, George Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being is doubling down on mental health services, including streamlining counseling centers, […]

University of Miami Moves Away from the Traditional MBA and Toward Specializations

Higher education has seen a decline in MBA interest over each of the last four years even at the prestigious business schools. Could specialization help boost business school enrollment while simultaneously preparing students for the deep work expected in today’s business environment? Dr. John Quelch, Vice Provost at the University of Miami and Dean at […]

What does an apprentice starting salary at $60k mean for higher ed?

What does a starting salary of $60k for apprentices mean for higher ed? Reported by Education Dive, many employers are taking the lead on employee training and preparation by launching their own apprenticeship programs that combine classroom learning with on-the-job training. Employers are bullish on this employee preparation path because of the employee loyalty it […]

Higher ed is slashing foreign language programs in the midst of mass globalization

Higher ed is slashing foreign language programs in the midst of mass globalization. Reported by Education Dive, colleges and universities sunset 651 foreign language programs between 2013 and 2016. Perhaps under the incorrect assumption that the international business world is universally learning English, we also underestimate the massive power that the command of other languages […]

Evolving the Online Discussion Board at Wichita State University

Can students interact meaningfully online? It’s a question faculty members and educational leaders are still debating. But one online educator believes she has found the ways to make it happen. Dr. Carolyn Speer, Manager of Instructional Design and Access at Wichita State University, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about why she’s doubling […]

Reading, Video, and Arithmetic?

Reading, video, and arithmetic? Reported by EdSurge, video assignments are beginning to replace the college term paper, especially for online classes. And with digital video on YouTube and Netflix becoming a much more common and critical part of how we learn, does this macro-trend necessitate a skills-change in what we’re preparing our students for? The […]

The Future of Live-Online Education

Is there a future in live-online education? Reported by EdSurge, Minerva’s online teaching platform can now handle 400 live students at a time. The goal is that even for large online classes, a professor would be able quickly divide a large class into smaller groups for active learning experiences, mimicking the benefits of in-class active […]

Oberlin’s Enrollment Swap

Oberlin College is swapping conservatory students for liberal arts ones. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Oberlin College is shifting their enrollment goals, trimming 100 students from their music conservatory while adding 100 liberal arts students. This is because conservatory students bring in about $10,000 less than liberal arts students – due to the high market […]

Arizona State University Goes All-in on Corporate Partnerships with InStride

Arizona State University is going all-in on corporate partnerships. Reported by Education Dive, ASU has announced the launch of InStride, a platform designed to connect employers looking to offer education benefits. Already an industry leader when it comes to partnerships, ASU is looking to help move the industry more from student debt-funded financing to employer-funded […]

LabXChange: A MOOC Remix

Could MOOCs find new life if faculty could borrow from other courses to create their own? Reported by EdSurge, HarvardX’s founding faculty director, Robert Lue, is building a new platform called LabXChange designed to deliver on the promise of free education for all. The vision? Fully open source curriculum materials. The challenge? Getting universities and […]

How Harvey Mudd’s President is Solving the Gender Gap in Computer Science

How is Harvey Mudd College’s President helping solve the gender gap in computer science? Reported by EdSurge, President Maria Klawe’s intentional diversity and inclusion initiatives at Harvey Mudd College have helped raise the women-student ratio in STEM degrees from 30% to 50% during her tenure there. This approach required a strategic plan that focused on […]

California is Piloting Income-Share Agreements

California is the latest state to pilot income-share agreements. Reported by EdSurge, California’s Assembly Committee on Higher Education has approved a bill to pilot income-share agreements through the University of California systems and at California State University. These financial arrangements allow students to attend tuition-free, but require them to pay back a percentage of their […]

Incorporating bootcamps within our degree programs

Do we need to consider incorporating bootcamps within our existing degree programs? Reported by MarketWatch, many coding bootcamps are designed to quickly provide the practical skills to secure a good paying job. And many higher education degree programs focus on graduating well-rounded individuals, but potentially lacking on some hyper-practical entry level skills. So much so […]

The evolution of writing as a discipline

Students are writing more than ever before, but they’re still struggling deeply in college writing courses. Reported by EdSurge, many universities report issues with students passing introductory writing courses. The problem? Students are likely writing more than ever before in the history of the world – but primarily in abbreviated form via social posts and […]