Micro-Grants as Stop-Out Prevention at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Stopouts and dropouts, especially coming late in an academic career, cause deep concern especially at institutions that primarily serve adult students and commuters. Many stopouts intend to return but never do, and two rounds of stopping out almost assure that a student will never finish their degree. What cause stopouts and dropouts late in an […]

University of Texas at Dallas Adds Quickbooks Bootcamp to Accounting Program

Would an accounting bootcamp teach students how to use Quickbooks? Reported by EdSurge, accounting courses at the University of Texas at Dallas teach students classroom theory, and then practice applying that theory using real-life work scenarios via the popular accounting software, Quickbooks. Rather than graduating students who understand advanced theory but don’t know how to […]

Church Partnerships at North Central University

Employer partnerships are often under pursued – or at least, under executed – in higher education. But for a faith-based institution with religious-specific degree programs and connections to a denomination, partnerships with churches can also help increase enrollment. At North Central University, a school located in downtown Minneapolis near the US Bank Stadium and affiliated […]

Dual Enrollment Programs are Saving Students a Semester of College

Do dual enrollment programs improve a student’s likelihood to graduate? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, 61% of students who enter the University of Texas System are now bringing college credit with them, through dual-enrollment credit and/or Advanced Placement credit. These students who enroll at UT with existing credit have a higher retention rate, and are […]

Students Aren’t Afraid of the Academics, But They’re Still Afraid They Won’t Finish

For students who aren’t confident they’ll complete their degree, it’s not necessarily the academics themselves they’re nervous about. Reported by EdSurge, nearly a quarter of students 18 and older currently enrolled at a 2- or 4-year institution believe it will be difficult for them to finish their degree. From a study conducted in partnership with […]

Micro-grants as Stop-Out and Drop-Out Prevention at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Are micro-grants a solution to student stop-outs and drop-outs? Reported by the Hechinger Report, 70% of students who leave UNC-Charlotte late in their program do so for financial reasons. In response, the university has created Gold Rush micro-grants (typically around $1,500) to help students stay enrolled. And 95% of these micro-grant recipients have either successfully […]

Paying Faculty More to Teach Online at Colorado Mesa University

For institutions who struggle persuading their full-time instructors to start teaching online, one university found a creative solution. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Colorado Mesa University incentivizes their instructors based on the number of students and the total number of credits hours enrolled in their online courses. Even with enrollment caps in place on these […]

Incorporating Information Literacy into Higher Ed Course Curriculum

How can we help students fight fake news by teaching them information literacy? In an article by The Chronicle of Higher Education, David Gooblar from the University of Iowa provided advice on how to incorporate information literacy into your courses. His advice includes partnering with your librarians on-campus to incorporate learnings in your classroom, teaching […]

Princeton University’s Principedia is Response to Anonymous Course Review Sites

Students continue to utilize course review sites like RateMyProfessors.com to share their course experiences, determine a course’s difficulty, and learn a professor’s hot-or-not’ness before enrolling. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Princeton University in response has published a more transparent and comprehensive student review of courses, through a forum they’ve named Principedia. Any Princeton […]

Fayetteville State University Adjusts Physical Campus Space Due to Online Student Migration

As higher ed’s student body begins to migrate more and more online, how do our physical on-campus spaces need to adjust? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Fayetteville State University is demolishing two unoccupied dormitories. But it’s not because Fayetteville State is struggling from an enrollment perspective – it’s simply that their student body […]

Rutgers University Study Shows Link Between In-Class Device Use and Poorer Test Performance

Do laptops and mobile devices help students in the classroom, or distract them? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a recent study from Rutgers University was published in Educational Psychology, revealing a causal link between cellphone and laptop use during class and poorer exam scores. Testing student performance against themselves, 118 students were split into two […]

Eastern Michigan University’s In-State Tuition Price Match for International Students

For years, colleges and universities welcomed full-pay international students to help balance out their traditional student tuition discount rate. But with a downtrend in international student interest due to changes in the political climate, some institutions are changing their pricing structure to attract more international students. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Eastern Michigan University has […]

Vanderbilt University’s Qualitative-Based Faculty Assessments

Vanderbilt University is trying to determine if the qualitative portion of faculty assessments can be better utilized to identify outlier faculty – both your highest and lowest performers. Reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Vanderbilt University’s findings were that in order to identify your best and worst professors for any given course, you need […]

University of Michigan’s Subscription-Based Continuing Education

Does a degree you earned 10-20 years ago continue to provide you with real-world relevance? Many institutions are attempting to solve this continuing learning puzzle for their graduates. Reported by The Washington Post, the University of Michigan is offering a subscription-based program that allows their graduates to continue to take courses there, forever. The takeaway […]

Learning Collaboration Technologies (Google Jamboard) at Alma College

Online education has exploded over the last 10 years. And while remote learning is creating much needed convenience for non-traditional learners, some liberal arts colleges fear they are losing the most powerful benefits of the traditional classroom in the process. Schools like Alma College, a liberal arts institution of about 1,000 students in central Michigan, […]

Eastern Michigan University’s In-State Price Match for International Students

Competition for students is increasing in higher education. So institutions are experimenting with innovative pricing models to attract their ideal students. Many schools began by making online programs available at in-state tuition rates for out-of-state students. This policy eventually led a few institutions to offer a flat rate to both in-state and out-of-state students. One […]

Building Student Service Hubs at Lynn University

Students expect a high level of service, but the word “customer” in higher education has historically been viewed as taboo. In an era where customer service is integrated into every sector from retail to transportation, therefore, universities may not meet students’ expectations. Dissatisfied students and parents create enrollment turnover. And it’s much more expensive to […]

Total Price Transparency at Columbia College (Missouri)

Adult and online students are especially concerned about pricing. They don’t just want fair prices, they want clear ones. People on college campuses are talking through interesting ideas about student loans, and schools are experimenting with innovating price structures. Still, students are complaining. In other words, it’s the perfect environment for an entrepreneurial approach to […]

Improving Graduation Rates at Georgia State University

Retaining students from enrollment through graduation is an escalating concern in higher education. Institutions serving a large percentage of students who are the first in their families to attend college face additional challenges to helping students complete their degrees. One university is appropriating what they call high-touch technology strategies to aid in student success. One […]

Integrating the Bootcamp Education Model at Duke University

Coding, business, other skills-based bootcamps are often portrayed in the headlines as a potential replacement to traditional higher education. Prospective students see them as an entryway to high-paying jobs without having to invest four years of time and take on the burden of student loan debt. Consequently, some universities see these new, hard-skills focused educational […]

Right-Fit Student Targeting at Saint Louis University

Budget line items for prospective student list buys can be staggering. One university has discovered how to target those list buys in ways that improve prospect responsiveness, increase student retention, and enhance student satisfaction, all while reducing expenses. Jay Goff, Vice President for Enrollment and Retention Management at Saint Louis University, came on the Enrollment […]

Blogging at Hope College

Students and their families are interested in outcomes when they review prospective colleges. But often, specific stories resonate more deeply than percentages. Statistics can be powerful, but it’s stories that bring the data to life. Telling a compelling collegiate story is a challenge now that print publications are in decline, and traditional media outlets are […]

Brand Journalism at University of Notre Dame

University Marcom offices often nail down their marketing work tight. They may also churn out some press releases that occasionally get picked up in major publications. But when places like the New York Times are producing world-class storytelling experiences, it changes prospective students’ expectations. Universities need to think differently about strategic content, how it can […]

Helix Education Brings Home More Bling at 33rd Educational Advertising Awards

Helix’s award-winning in-house creative team brought home more bling for our partners, winning Silver and Merit prizes at the 33rd Annual Educational Advertising Awards. Congratulations to (L to R) David “Sparky” Mortimer, Chris Winkler, Peter Anglea, Hayley Westwood, and Brennan Wall. Silver: Huston-Tillotson University :30 TV Commercial Merit: National Louis University Search Site

Web Governance at DePaul University

University website governance straddles marketing and information technology. In some cases, a third-party resource such as a CMS vendor enters the mix. Since the web is the largest marketing tool a university has, website ownership is critical to enrollment management. Keeping a consistent brand, voice, tone and overall content strategy on the site while simultaneously […]

Academic Exploration Tool at University of Kentucky

Students looking to select an academic major often get stuck on higher education websites reading PDF major sheets as their primary information source. But how can universities build online tools that actually advise undecided students about potential best-fit program matches? Tyler Gayheart, Director of Strategic Communication at the University of Kentucky, came on the Enrollment […]

Entrepreneurship Programming at University of Colorado Boulder

Prospective students are seeking more than just education these days. They are seeking out experience and opportunity and, if your institution can’t offer that, you could be missing out recruiting engaged and innovative students. Programs that offer real-world experiences, such as entrepreneurial business ventures, are drawing students who recognize the value of such programs to […]

Enrollment Growth Simulation Modeling at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

When we talk about enrollment growth, what we’re really talking about is balance. We recently interviewed Dr. Raafat Zaini, Research Scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), the expert who is responsible for creating a dynamic enrollment model for university expansion. The bottom line of Dr. Zaini’s research study, “Let’s Talk Change in a University: A […]

How Eastern Washington University Spins Up New Programs in Record Time

Higher ed is often criticized as stubbornly sitting in its ideological ivory tower, refusing to change as business and industry requires. Sometimes, though, that stubbornness is born less from lofty ideologies and more from poor communication and missed collaborations. While new classes and programs can create an exciting new draw for your institution, by the […]

Making Higher Ed Leaders Digitally Savvy at Florida State University

If you’re a higher ed leader and think social media is only for your marketing team, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. By avoiding these powerful communication tool, no matter the platform, you’re actually missing out on endless opportunities to create and foster genuine connection with students, future students, prospective students, donors, alumni, etc. Our guest […]

Building a Modern-Day Media Relations Strategy at Delaware Valley University

The media gatekeepers no longer hold the only set of keys to your institution’s storytelling. Imagery defines the current age. Snapchat, Instagram and easy, affordable access to HD video-making has redefined the way stories are shared. Tom Durso joined Enrollment Growth University to share how his university, Delaware Valley University, is building a modern-day media […]

Future-Proofing Your Higher Ed Marketing Department w/ T-Shaped Marketers at National University

In 1971, a veteran founded National University after experiencing the inconveniences of higher education for working adults—especially active-duty military and veterans. We recently interviewed Aaron Edgell, Head of Marketing Services at National University, to talk about how T-shaped hiring can help you build a robust team able to perform at all levels. In the world […]

How Middle Tennessee State University Prepares Students for Gainful Employment Prior to Graduation

How do you set your students up for success in the employment arena not just after graduation, but before they graduate? On this episode of Enrollment Growth Univesity, we got the chance to chat with Dr. Colby Jubenville, the Director of the Center for Student Coaching and Success at Middle Tennessee State University to talk […]

“Pie Your Professor” Highlights Concordia University, Nebraska’s Day of Giving

Secretly, all students wish they could shove a pie in their professors’ faces. For the alumni at Concordia University, Nebraska, that desire became a reality. We recently interviewed Seth Meranda, Director of Marketing at Concordia. He discussed how a Facebook Live stream had their community glued to their screens and reaching for their checkbooks during a […]

How Fresno Pacific University Leverages Faculty in Their Enrollment Marketing

At many institutions, faculty and marketing aren’t exactly BFFs. The two seem locked in a perpetual power struggle, one that isn’t easily avoided—unless the relationship is handled well from the beginning. We recently had a great conversation with Jillian Coppler, Executive Director of Enrollment Marketing at Fresno Pacific University, about how she and her team […]

Building a Modern Higher Ed Marketing Team at University at Albany (SUNY)

As a higher education professional, you are always looking forward. Forward to next semester, next year, the next graduating class, and forward to future enrollment goals across your institution. On this episode of Enrollment Growth University, Dr. Joseph Brennan, VP of Communications & Marketing and Clinical Professor of Business at The University at Albany, discusses […]

Concordia University, Irvine Brings the 4 P’s Back to Higher Ed Strategy

Your university experience is a product—even if that term makes you uncomfortable. Concordia University, Irvine has an incredibly interesting approach to academic program development that we’re going to share with you today. We recently interviewed Rick Hardy, their Lead Marketing Officer, on the Enrollment Growth University podcast, and Rick shared how the “Four P’s” of […]

Colgate University’s Advanced Facebook Targeting

On the latest episode of Enrollment Growth University, Matt Hames, Communications Strategist at Colgate University, discussed how to centralize your social media governance and utilize Facebook’s hyper-targeting capabilities for your enrollment growth initiatives. This post is based on what he shared in his interview. Several years ago, Matt embarked on what I would call a […]

Emerson College’s Approach to Integrating Adult Education on Campus

Adult and continuing education departments are often outliers on campus. They often have separate governance, with separate resources. But in the most recent episode of Enrollment Growth University Lesley Nichols, Executive Director of Professional Studies at Emerson College, discussed the integration and shared resource benefits of bringing adult and continuing education departments off their own […]

Bridgewater State University’s Student Affairs Communications Technology

Bridgewater State University is onto something special when it comes to student retention. Dr. Ed Cabellon, Assistant to the VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Bridgewater State University, recently talked with us about how his university leveraged technology to build capacity and more effectively engage and retain current students.   Below are some […]

Concordia University, Texas – Transitioning to a New Enrollment Role

The transition to a new enrollment role in higher education isn’t easy. You’re expected to change things—fast. Yet, if you move too fast, you’ll make critical mistakes that could’ve been avoided with a little more contemplation. In the most recent episode of Enrollment Growth University Jennielle Strother, Chief Enrollment Officer at Concordia University, Texas and […]

2 easy ways to protect your college or university brand from the wrong side of the internet

A beautiful ad for your institution. On-brand. On-message. Carefully concepted. Beautifully designed. And sitting on a website full of inflammatory hate speech. More and more colleges and universities are receiving complaints about ads promoting their institution being served and seen on offensive websites. And the outcry from the complainer is often about why on earth […]

Online course development, by accident or by design?

Online learning’s growth shows no signs of slowing. The Online Learning Consortium estimates that 85 percent of Americans enrolled in postsecondary institutions have at least one trait of a nontraditional learner. Additionally, 5.8 million students are enrolled in online courses and the number of students who are enrolled exclusively in distance education is rising. Yet […]

Confessions of a reformed dataphobe

As a higher ed faculty member, my cognitive dissonance toward the term “big data” was palpable. My body would stiffen and my arms would fold when discussing the use of student data to increase enrollment or support academic performance. Although my background in research instilled in me great respect for inquiry and data — as […]

The missional case for outsourcing in higher ed

Here’s a striking statistic: while most Chief Business Officers (CBOs) believe higher education is in the midst of a financial crisis, these CBOs are less likely to outsource than they are to revise tenure policies and promote early retirement for faculty, according to the 2016 Survey of College and University Business Officers. And it’s no […]

Are you A/B testing or A/B hedging?

Marketers often do not want for ideas. Conversations around the creative table often yield a number of different directions a single campaign could go. Thus, the idea of A/B testing seems inherent in the DNA of marketers. But unfortunately, what ends up happening often is that marketers, so close to their babies (ideas), really end […]

Helix -secret-to-whipping-up-new-programs

Expert reveals secret to creating new college programs FAST The secret to spinning up new college programs fast and with little funding? Concentrate.

In light of the ever-increasingly competitive market of higher ed, many institutions are seeking solutions to increase their relevance and competitiveness in the field. One of these solutions is often new college program development. On the surface, developing new programs seems a commonsense way to adapt with the changing times. Modern-day technologies are giving way […]

Is neuroeducation the key to online retention?

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” -Stephen Hawking Two realities are converging in higher education in an unsettling way. First, college and universities are being increasingly confronted by the changing needs of the post-traditional student, causing more institutions to incorporate a variety of online offerings. Second, staggering […]

You want your goals to produce results, but by addressing symptoms instead of causes, you’re only scratching the surface. Set your sights on what you ultimately hope to achieve instead of focusing first on what you think you need.

Higher Ed’s problem with short-sighted goals

It’s goal-setting time at your institution, and the following ideas float around the table: “We need a new brand!” “We need a new program!” “We need a new website!” While these things may be true, it’s likely that what you really need is more students. You’ve gone through the process—you’ve identified weaknesses in your higher […]

Research: Conducting Market Research for New Program Development and Efficient Growth

As competition grows among higher education institutions, acquiring market share becomes more difficult, and therefore more valuable. For colleges and universities, one of the main avenues of market growth is new program development. However, many leaders encounter inefficiencies, such as wasteful spending and low program enrollment, in their pursuit of creating a robust and profitable […]

Research: Media Expenditures Budgeting in Higher Ed

Marketing department media expenditures have been an important topic in student recruitment operations for more than 20 years. During the past decade, higher education providers have experienced a dramatic shift from print to electronic media as the main driver of their marketing operations. The resulting increase in electronic media expenditures has added a layer of […]

Research: Customer Relationship Management in Higher Ed

Customer relationship management is a critical component of an institution’s enrollment operations process. Increased competition and tightening budgets have led to a growing need for efficient and effective customer relationship management systems. Many education providers have developed external partnerships to meet this need. Helix Education and the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) have […]

Your students’ academic problems aren’t just academic

Student retention is an issue with high stakes for both the institution and the student. When tackling the issue of student retention, institutions often work from a common misunderstanding: students drop out because the academic load is too difficult. In reality, it’s often much more complicated than that. As noted in the recently released Primer […]

It takes a team to graduate post-traditional students Brenau graduate a testament to data plus coaching model

Donning a cap and gown at graduation is no small feat for post-traditional students, especially when life’s curveballs often stand in the way of degree completion. In fact, nearly half of students who pursue a college education leave before earning a degree, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Yet it’s possible to hit […]

Humanize your enrollment funnel for the post-traditional student by getting a little personal

According to the Direct Marketing Association, personalized marketing has become the most important objective of a data-driven marketing strategy. And in today’s appeal to the post-traditional student, higher ed institutions would do well to get a little personal. It is scarcely news that today’s higher ed landscape has become saturated by the post-traditional student (or […]

Practice does not make perfect: 3 myths keeping you from Peak enrollment performance

Why are some colleges attracting and enrolling more students than others? Are they inherently better? Do they have more experience? Are they working twice as hard as everyone else? The answer to these questions, likely, is no. These institutions aren’t doing anything superhuman, they’re just approaching their craft deliberately. As the world’s best athletes gather […]


Why you shouldn’t optimize your higher ed marketing spend to maximize inquiries

It’s an age-old story, yet one that keeps repeating. After the marketing budget is spent and someone comes looking for an ROI figure, the marketer responds with the number of inquiries generated. This figure then likely gets further broken down to the cost-per-inquiry. Yet the cost-per-inquiry figure only tells a small part of the story, […]


100% Online Programs: Just like everyone else

With 5.8 million students now learning online, your institution’s online programs are no longer novel simply for being located in the digital space.* Representing roughly 28% of total enrollment for degree-granting institutions, online learners illustrate the opportunities inherent in online education. Yet the competition is also onto this fact, and distance learning today is a […]

The Missing Link: How Success Coaching Can Solve Higher Education’s Retention Crisis

Colleges and universities are facing the ever-demanding challenges of student retention and empowering students to succeed and graduate. In fact, as many as 1-in-3, first-year students won’t return back after freshman year. Even more alarming is the fact that only 59% of full-time students will graduate from a 4-year institution. We often over-attribute these alarming […]

Congratulations to the Great Graduating Eight  

This year’s graduating class at Indiana University includes a group of graduates known as the “Great Graduating Eight” who will earn their doctorate in education. The feat of earning a doctoral degree is always impressive, but what’s even more impressive is the way these students went about it. They created a “sister circle” to share, […]

Malia Obama’s Gap Year and the Post-Traditional Student Trend

Malia Obama made headlines this week when she announced her plans to take a year off before attending Harvard University. The phenomenon known as the “gap year” is growing in popularity. The American Gap Association estimates that some 30,000 to 40,000 students elect to defer for a year; in 2015, participation in gap-year programs increased about […]

Understanding Who Your Online Learners Are and What They Want

A new infographic published by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) highlights an abundance of stats and trends about today’s online learners. While the data may not be surprising for institutions already prioritizing their enrollment growth for online and post-traditional learners, it certainly sets the stage for critical conversations at institutions that aren’t yet set up […]

Helix Education Brings Enrollment Growth to Life in a Big Way at the UPCEA 2016 Annual Conference

Helix Education joined higher ed leaders at UPCEA’s 101st Annual Conference to explore student-centric opportunities for post-traditional learners. We talked data-driven enrollment growth in our orange chair, released new UPCEA research findings, hosted the Enrollment Growth Gala on the Green, and had big fun along the way while connecting with UPCEA members.   A Night […]

Creating a Data-Driven Dialogue: UPCEA and Helix Education to Release Post-Traditional Program Metrics

Almost 85% of all undergraduate students are considered post-traditional. So what does this mean for your institution, and are you serving this growing population appropriately? If you are attending the UPCEA Annual Conference this week, you’re in luck. We’re releasing our initial research findings to help you assess how your current operations stack up and where there are […]

SXSWedu Reinforces Leveraging Data to Support Students

Earlier this month, Helix Education attended SXSWedu, the nation’s leading edge educational conference. The program ran the gamut from classroom maker spaces to educational policy and the visions of well-grounded futurists helping us to prepare to inspire and teach new generations of digital natives. Moreover, educational access was a big part of the SXSWedu conversation, with […]

Helix Explores the Future of Recruitment and Retention in Two Sessions at ACE Annual Conference

34 million post-traditional learners. That is the number of Americans over the age of 25 that Eduventures reports as having some college credit but no diploma. How will our industry need to evolve recruitment and retention strategies in order to better serve these post-traditional learners? The ACE 98th Annual Meeting gets underway in San Francisco this week, and it’s […]

Report Highlights Trends and Challenges Driving the Future of Higher Education

From the most solvable to the most challenging, the recent Horizon Report published by New Media Consortium (NMC) and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) ranks the top six trends that are both impeding and accelerating technology adoption in higher education. The answers to those most solvable challenges, and even the moderate challenges – the lowest hanging fruit, […]

What Do Your Post-Traditional Students of Tomorrow Look Like? Find out at ACHE West!

It is estimated that by 2022, higher education will enroll 10 million post traditional learners. That’s a much more significant percentage of the overall post-secondary market than in years past, not to mention a population with significantly different needs and challenges. As more and more post-traditional students inquire, apply and enroll at your institution, do […]

A Retention Equation That Really Adds Up

We’ve been talking quite a bit about retention lately, and for good reason: Not enough college students are being retained from term-to-term, and year-to-year. The statistics are alarming. The good news, however, is that higher education is starting to put the strategies in place to turn these metrics around and help more students succeed. Relying […]

Happiest of Holidays From Helix Education

At Helix Education, we are counting our blessings. It’s been another terrific year, and for that, we celebrate our team and the institutions that we support. New and sustained partnerships continue to motivate us to develop and deliver the solutions the industry and its students need. Higher education is not without its challenges, but with […]

The Power of Giving Back

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill This powerful statement is echoed by our team at Helix Education, especially as we give thanks this time of year. At Helix Education, we believe a giving spirit goes a long way to helping make life […]

Meet Me in St. Louis: ACHE Kicks off Today!

While it might not be as entertaining as the song and dance made so famous by the legendary Judi Garland in the 1940’s movie, St. Louis will not disappoint as the setting for the collaborative 2015 ACHE Annual Conference and Meeting — we hope to meet you there! Don’t miss your chance to meet our own […]

Brenau University and Helix Education Explore the Impact of Marketing on Student Enrollment and Retention at UPCEA MEMS

Academic thought leaders, program directors, and marketing and enrollment practitioners will gather in Denver from November 4 – 6 to explore trends in adult student recruitment and enrollment at UPCEA’s 24th Annual Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar. The line-up includes high level, strategically-focused presentations, as well as sessions which spotlight the tactical components of marketing […]

Helix Takes the Stage at UPCEA New England

To say October has been a busy time on the road is an understatement. But here we are, closing the month with one more UPCEA regional event, and we couldn’t be more excited. The 2015 UPCEA New England Regional Conference kicks off October 28th-30th in New Castle, NH. We are thrilled to have been selected […]

Student Retention: The Other ½ of Your Enrollment Growth Story

Enrollment growth, while impressive, really loses some of its luster if the students you are enrolling are not graduating. And it’s not necessarily the fault of educators to be so focused on front-end enrollment efforts as the basis for their growth. Unfortunately, federal initiatives still prioritize student access over student success. Retention statistics in higher […]

Recruit to Retain, and Retain to Recruit

Your retention data is one of the best indicators your team has to determine which students can be the most successful at your institution. But too many times enrollment marketers and admissions teams don’t have access to this information to tie it to the kinds of students they should be recruiting. How you recruit should […]

Helix Talks Marketing and Retention at the Annual OLC International Conference

The 21st Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference is underway this week in Orlando, and we can’t wait to connect with its global audience! We are thrilled to be a National Platinum Sponsor of the event and have been selected to speak about the impact of marketing on student retention. As you well know, institutions are challenged to market effectively, […]

It’s Gold for Helix in Google’s Global Agency Challenge

The results are in and Helix Education ranked in the top 3 internationally for Google’s Agency Challenge, earning Gold in the Mobile category! Helix was recognized for its digital enrollment marketing campaigns on behalf of its college and university partners. Mobile is everywhere these days. Consider that 86 percent of undergraduates own a smartphone, and […]

The Future is Now at UPCEA Mid-Atlantic

The UPCEA Mid-Atlantic 2015 Regional Conference kicks off in Philadelphia this week with a focus on how continuing, professional and online education units draw on past traditions and strengths, while looking ahead to address current and future problems. It couldn’t be a more perfect place to present our breakout session, “Meet the Institutions and Post-Traditional […]

Is Your Higher Ed Marketing Data Stuck in Silos?

It’s not uncommon to see institutions using different vendors for different promotional channels (i.e. print, SEO and dialog marketing). Yet if you are looking to create efficiencies and convey a consistent brand, this approach can backfire. The reason is simple – your prospective student information from each vendor is stuck in different silos, making it […]

How to Slice Your Higher Ed Marketing Pie

Let’s face it, marketing budgets are tight these days, and growing them, letting alone keeping them at current levels, can be a challenge. Anyone can provide you with media performance metrics – visits, clicks, calls, inquiries, and more. But what you really need are business performance metrics – insight that tells you how these visits, […]

Why So Many Higher Ed Marketers Don’t Know Their Numbers

You’ve done it – you’ve produced a brilliant creative campaign that is designed to engage and inspire action from prospective students. You are poised to reach your market through a variety of channels– all stemming from a comprehensive, multi-vendor strategy. Sounds good, right? Well, not entirely. Working with multiple vendors often means your data ends […]

Southern New Hampshire University Creative Marketing Expert Seth Odell Joins Helix Education

We recently expanded our integrated AOR team with some incredible talent, and are thrilled to welcome award winning Seth Odell, who hails from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), as our new Vice President of Creative and Marketing Strategy. One of the industry’s leading creative talents, Seth is no stranger to successful enrollment marketing campaigns. His work […]

Advertising and Media Veteran Pete Thornfield Helps Helix Clients Embrace Game Changing Brand Direct Approaches

We’re continuing to roll out the red carpet as we welcome our new Vice President of Marketing Services, Pete Thornfield, who joins us from Academic Partnerships. Pete is well versed in CRM, search, social, digital, field and traditional marketing. His brand management, advertising and media experience spans both higher education and nationally recognized consumer products. […]

Helix Education’s Integrated AOR Model Gives Institutions a One-Stop Creative and Direct Response Marketing Partner

Our recent integrated agency of record (AOR) announcement is garnering some significant attention in education circles. And while AOR is nothing new in the greater marketing sphere, the way we look at integrated AOR specific to higher ed is certainly worth noting. How Do We Define Our AOR Model? Our approach is truly integrated. Data […]

Go Ahead, Challenge Your Outsourced Program Management Provider

Making the strategic decision to seek an expert third party to support your program strategy, enrollment, academics, and operations is one thing. Identifying the right partner is another. With a variety of Outsourced Program Management (OPM) solutions on the market today, it’s no wonder institutions can get bogged down in navigating the landscape and differentiating […]

The Future Favors the Bold: Helix Set to Release New Technologies, Services, and Data Aggregation Capabilities

Higher education is experiencing dynamic challenges – shifts in student demographics, a seemingly chaotic approach to data management, inefficient insights, and restrictive vendor relationships – all of which are having an impact an institution’s ability to find, enroll, and retain students. Until now. Helix Education is listening loud and clear. Over the next several months […]

OLC Blended Learning Features Two Helix Education Sessions

The OLC Blended Learning Conference rolls into Denver this week, drawing a crowd of education innovators both passionate and curious about the digital future of higher education. Our team has been invited to present two thought provoking sessions on the emerging technologies, models, and processes behind this higher ed transformation. Personalized, Adaptive and Competency Based […]

New Research Sheds Light on Online Student Success Drivers

Eduventures recently surveyed 28,000 students enrolled in an online degree program, mostly adult learners over the age of 25, with a goal of identifying those triggers that impact a student’s ability to succeed in an online learning environment. As the industry experiences growth in the post-traditional student market, online learning allows these students an opportunity […]

Helix Invited to Speak at the Annual APSA Conference, Exploring the Power of Data to Improve Student Retention

Our busy summer conference schedule kicks off today at the Arizona Private School Association (APSA) Annual Conference. We are thrilled to have been invited to present two information sessions: How does Marketing Impact Student Retention? Aggregate, Analyze, Act: Keeping Students Moving Toward Graduation Traditionally, marketing and retention have operated in their own silos, but with […]

Helix Education Talks CBE at EDUCAUSE Connect

Ever wonder what exactly competency-based education (CBE) means for higher education, and how it fits within existing traditional credit hour courses? Discover the answers to these questions and much more during the collaborative session “A Lightning Round Look at Competency-Based Education” at the upcoming EDUCAUSE Connect event in San Antonio. Our own Emily Wood, Instructional […]

Gates Report Stresses Importance of Flexibility, Personalization, and Affordability Through Policy Change

A recent report published by the Gates Foundation talks about the need for higher education to become more flexible, more personalized, and more affordable, giving students an effective and efficient path to degree completion and career preparedness. If you haven’t had a chance to read “Postsecondary Success Advocacy Policies” yet, I encourage you to do […]

Join Helix at OLC: Three Days, Two Breakout Sessions and One Goal

We are counting down the days until we hit the road again. This time, you can find us at OLC’s Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium in Dallas where we will talk about Competency-Based Education and other instructional strategies. The three-day event gathers more than 700 onsite and 1,000 virtual faculty, administrators, instructional technologists, […]

We’re Helping UPCEA Celebrate 100 Years!

The year was 1915. Woodrow Wilson was president. World War I was in effect. Gas was around $0.15 per gallon and a first class postage stamp about $0.02. Men made an average of $687 per year. The Birth of a Nation debuted and the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Pluto was photographed for […]

What Were People Talking About at SXSWedu?

The SXSWedu Conference and Festival event wrapped up last week, and education technologists had a lot to say. Our friends over at eCampus News put together a list of sound bites from the various sessions. From the quality of content production and the role of the LMS, to the use of mobile devices and data […]

Helix Education Invited to Present on Competency-Based Education at Career Advisory Board Meeting

Competency-Based Education (CBE) continues to spark conversations, and Helix Education continues to be recognized for our insight in this area. Most recently, Steve Pappageorge, our Chief Product Officer, has been invited to speak on “The Wide Spectrum of CBE Programs” at Cengage Learning’s Career Advisory Board Meeting which takes place today, February 4th in Phoenix, […]

Lessons Learned in Serving Adult Students

We’ve been talking quite a lot lately about the different dynamics of adult learners and things schools should be doing in order to meet the needs of this increasingly complex group of students. Hopefully you had a chance to read our blog post, “Are You Connecting Effectively With Adult Learners?” In an effort to keep […]

Are You Connecting Effectively with your Adult Learners?

Adult learners, also known as post-traditional students, are increasing in numbers, as well as complexity. Some know exactly what they want to get out of their education, and others need more guidance. Either way, it is imperative that institutions rely on data to match these students with the right programs and personalize the experiences along […]

How Can Marketing Impact Student Retention?

Believe it or not, marketing doesn’t stop once a student is enrolled. Rather, it can play an important role throughout the duration of a student’s educational journey, providing the motivation and encouragement for students to continue progressing in their studies. In our newly published article, “The Impact of Marketing on Student Retention,” we highlight the […]

eCampus News Features 3 Trendy Learning Terms that Need Differentiating

Personalized Learning. Adaptive Learning. Competency-Based Learning. How much clarity do you have around the similarities and differences of each? While these terms might be used interchangeably by some, each has its own definition and its own approach to helping students achieve mastery. eCampus News recently featured our white paper on defining and differentiating these methods […]

Online Education – It’s Good to Be in the Know

Online education has carved out a critical place in our higher education system. It has changed the way students learn, added new channels for collaboration and engagement, and opened up opportunities for students who otherwise may not have been able to pursue degrees. EdTech Digest recently published an infographic highlighting the past, present, and future […]

Helix Education Sure Does Give a Gobble

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” -Dr. Seuss At Helix Education, we believe a caring spirit goes a long way to helping make things a little bit better for someone. This year, our team is once again volunteering for the annual Give a Gobble, […]

Rethinking Student Retention Measurement Standards

Think about this: Almost half of all students who enroll in higher education have no credential by the end of six-years. What’s more, 31 million students have enrolled in college over the last 20 years and left before completing their degree. Student retention rates are alarming, to say the least. Now think about this: Students […]

Helix Education Invited to Present CBE Strategies at OLC

We are taking our competency-based education (CBE) show on the road again, this time to the 20th Annual OLC International Conference, which is the premier global gathering focused on online learning innovation. OLC has asked Helix Education to present the breakout session, “The Five Things You Should Know About Competency-Based Education.” Our own Kari Kovar […]

Don’t Miss Helix Education’s CBE Presentation at ACHE

The Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) is holding its 2014 Annual Conference this week, and we are thrilled to be part of the line-up! The event is focused on ways to create, manage and grow continuing education programs. We have been invited to present the session “The Five Things You Should Know About Competency-Based […]

APSCU Calls CBE the Wave of the Future of Higher Ed; Learn Why on Their Webinar

APSCU is keeping the conversation about Competency-Based Education (CBE) going, and we’ve been asked to help. We are excited that our very own Steve Pappageorge will be joining Dr. John King, Chief Academic Officer of Lincoln Educational Services, and Steven Klingler, Vice Chancellor of Argosy University System, for an insightful webinar discussion. You’ve heard it […]

Keeping Students Engaged and Moving Toward Graduation

Today’s students are inundated with both internal and external factors that prevent them from accomplishing their academic goals – our objective is to help them effectively navigate those challenges and keep them moving toward graduation. Enter Helix Retain. Helix Retain gives educators a formula with which they can deliver exactly the right amount of outreach […]

The Future of the LMS

There has been a lot of talk lately about the changing role of the LMS as new instructional strategies and learning models emerge. From e-Literate to Inside Higher Ed posts, the industry is taking note of the fact that the traditional LMS just doesn’t account for the customized, student-centered direction that higher ed is heading. […]

Is Competency-Based Education Poised to Disrupt Higher Ed?

In an insightful new article, “Is this the dark horse of online education” published by eCampus News, the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation is predicting that “online competency-based education stands out as the innovation to most likely disrupt higher education.” That’s pretty powerful stuff. Michelle Weise, senior research fellow of Higher Education for the […]

New Data Reinforces That Personalization and Speed to Degree Are Critical Factors to Students’ Decision to Enroll

A new infographic circulating in the higher education space highlights some interesting trends impacting a student’s online program and school selection.  The data is based on survey responses from roughly 1500 former, current and future online students. Here is what the research tells us: Marketing messages that resonate most with online students are focused on […]

Inquiry Generation Trends – How Will They Impact Your Practices?

Enrollment marketing is anything but predictable right now, due in large part to economic, demographic and regulatory shifts. Yet enrollment marketers can’t ignore these factors. In our conversations with lead sellers and lead buyers, four recurring themes seem to dominate the space: quality, pricing, conversion and attribution. In our newly published article, “Using Current Trends […]

Helix Education Hits the Road to the APC Innovation Summit

We’re taking our show on the road again this month, this time to New York for the Association of Proprietary Colleges (APC) Innovation Summit. The theme of this year’s event is “Connecting Great Ideas with Growth and Student Success.” At Helix Education, we believe that growth and student success start before a student even does, […]

Our Student Life Cycle eBook Series is Complete – Introducing “A User’s Guide to Competency-Based Education”

Find. Enroll. Retain. Teach. These are the cornerstones of our services and technologies along the student life cycle and the basis for our newly completed eBook series, designed to help colleges and universities efficiently and effectively support students throughout the entire education experience. As interest in competency-based education (CBE) continues to surge, we are excited […]

EdTech Digest Features Our ABCs of CBE

Competency-based education (CBE) has the power to significantly alter the entire education process, and when careful planning and diligent preparation are part of the transition equation, great things are possible. EdTech Digest recently published an insightful article by our own Chief Product Officer Steve Pappageorge – the ABCs of CBE. Steve, who helped lead the […]

A Sneak Peek into Our Exciting APSCU Plans

This year’s APSCU Annual Convention is quickly approaching – an opportunity that brings together nearly 1,500 thought leaders in private sector and career education. We’ll be in Las Vegas for the duration of the show and hope to see you there. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to… This year, Helix […]

Four Key Themes Impacting Inquiry Generation This Year

The enrollment marketing industry is anything but predictable right now, marked by economic swings, stricter regulations, demographic shifts, and changing consumer behaviors. There is a lot consider, and a lot weighing on the minds of education marketers. In our new white paper, “Finding the Right Students: Four Key Trends Impacting Inquiry Generation,” we are tackling […]

Welcome Back, Kari Kovar

It’s always great to welcome a familiar face back into our organization, and I’m happy to say that face is Kari Kovar. If you know Kari, you know her energy, her enthusiasm and her passion for education are infectious. As our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Kari is out and about meeting with different schools […]

Why Remarketing Makes Sense for Your School

Does the thought of losing 25% of the potential value of your enrollment marketing dollars cause you concern? It should, but it doesn’t have to. Our remarketing campaigns, a communication strategy to engage unconverted student inquiries, result in a 20-30% lift in enrollment rates for our clients. If you haven’t considered remarketing before, now is […]

Don’t Forget to Register for our PPC Search Webinar

You are invited to join us on Thursday, April 17th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time during our webinar event: The Four Things You Need to Know About Effectively Using Paid Search as Part of Your Integrated Marketing Strategy. Whether you are already using PPC Search in your marketing outreach, or simply  weighing your options, you’ll learn […]

Introducing Helix Education

From acquisition to transition to integration to implementation – that pretty much sums up our lives over the last several months. You’ll likely remember that last October, we acquired the technology assets and support infrastructure of Altius Education.  We did so with the intent of further developing its solutions and expanding our footprint along the […]

What Can the Education Industry Expect in 2014?

As we kick off this new year, we’ve been talking to our team internally, researching and reading external articles and reports, and generally soliciting input from our academic customers and contacts on what we can expect in 2014.  While this isn’t a comprehensive list, the three categories below seemed to create quite a bit of […]

Maximizing Paid Search, Minimizing Overspending

If you are an education marketer, chances are you are either implementing or exploring paid search marketing, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) – the concept by which you bid on key words for placements in paid listings.   Paid search is quite an effective marketing channel as it allows you to target prospective […]

Be in the Know When it Comes to Attribution Marketing

Being able to track your campaign ROI is marketing 101.  But as we see more overlap among channels and campaigns as students research and interact with your brand in different ways, the lines to measure your ROI are becoming blurred. Enter attribution marketing. If you follow Datamark, you’ve probably heard us talk about attribution marketing.  […]

Understanding the Changing Regulations, and Managing the Burden of Proof

We’ve reached a point in higher education where change has become the new norm, at least from a regulatory standpoint. And as we point out in our new article, “Keeping up with New Regulations, Compliance and Risk,” this change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  After all, the changing rules are designed to better protect students. […]

A Time to Give Thanks

It’s that time again where we reflect back on the year and recognize everything Datamark has to be thankful for – overcoming challenges, reaching milestones, and generally enjoying the working relationships we’ve been fortunate enough to create.   But most of all, we give thanks for each other – for our colleagues at Datamark who […]

Solution Spotlight Series: Dialog Marketing

As we continue with our Solution Series blogs, this week we are focusing on Dialog Marketing.  For obvious reasons, Dialog Marketing essentially creates an ongoing conversation, or dialog, with prospects with the goal of creating a lasting relationship.   Through a series of relevant, customizable and timely messages, you give prospective students the opportunity to […]

New White Paper: Six Steps to Generating Inquiries in a Closely Guarded Regulatory Environment

Both passed and proposed legislation continue to keep enrollment marketers and institutions on their toes. At stake are their marketing processes and practices, but also their brands and reputations. It is more important than ever for schools to understand the regulations, the tactical changes, and the long-term implications. For example, the FCC’s TCPA regulations, which […]

The Next Chapter of Datamark

Last week marked quite a major milestone in Datamark’s 26 year history serving the higher education market. We announced the acquisition of the technology assets and support infrastructure of Altius. While we didn’t purchase the entire company, we did buy its impressive technology, intellectual property and infrastructure. This includes Helix, a competency-based online learning platform, […]

Don’t Miss Our Free Print Store Webinar with Today’s Campus

Since launching The Print Store in January, more and more schools are logging on to our convenient, centralized online ordering solution. They are simplifying their small run printing and mailing projects online, on-demand. So now it is your chance to see what your colleagues at other schools are doing! They are creating efficiencies.  Because we […]

Live From Leads Con East – We are Kicking Off the Presentation Line-Up in the Education Track

For those of you who have never attended a LeadsCon event, we highly encourage you to consider it.  And for those of you who have, you know exactly how excited we are about the upcoming LeadsCon East in NYC next week, August 13th-15th. We have the privilege of speaking at this year’s LeadsCon East Buyer’s […]

The Longevity of Print Marketing in an Increasingly Mobile World

“In college marketing, print appears to be forever.” This statement was recently published in an article in Direct Marketing News, “Traditional Marketing Gets Charged Up.” The article also featured Datamark and our own Rick Bentz talking about trends in higher education enrollment marketing. To summarize, the marketing landscape isn’t necessarily changing, but more so it […]

Increasing Your Website Traffic with the Right Visitors

Often times increasing your website traffic can be accomplished by purchasing additional banner ads, adding new keywords to your site, and increasing your social media presence.  While these tactics may result in more eyeballs on your website, they don’t necessarily guarantee you will increase traffic with the rights kinds of visitors. Believe it or not, […]

A Mid-Year Update of Evolving Vendor Lead Channels: Part III

Our EduPortal partners are taking the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliance requirements very seriously, especially with the significant uptick of leads coming through mobile devices. Below is an example of a leading vendor’s efforts to remain compliant. Efforts from this particular vendor include both On Form disclaimer display and Display Confirmation delivery. The Express […]

A Mid-Year Update of Evolving Vendor Lead Channels: Part II

As consumer marketing migrates away from “last click” to a “shared” attribution model,  it is important to capture all marketing touch points impacting our prospects.  These important brand and product communication events will have a collective impact on a prospect’s application and enrollment outcomes. Datamark is pioneering an initiative with our EduPortal partners in determining […]

APSCU 2013 Highlights

We’ve been back a little over a week now from another successful APSCU Annual Convention, which has been just enough time to digest the wealth of information, the candid conversations, and the increasingly positive tone on the exhibit floor. Let’s face it, with shrinking budgets and increased regulatory demands, APSCU schools have had their fair […]

APSCU Session: How to Be More Efficient with Less Money

Datamark had the privilege of leading two speaking sessions at the 2013 APSCU Annual Convention in Orlando. For those of you who missed our session or perhaps just want a recap, this is your chance. During our first session, Tips and Tricks to Help Enrollment Marketers be More Efficient with Less Money, we were joined […]

Admissions Insights

With challenges to increase enrollments, institutions continue to improve and streamline their admissions processes. In this guest blog post, I’ve asked Martin Lind at Leads360 to share the dynamics and differences he sees between traditional and private sector schools’ admissions departments. Traditional schools and private sector schools: Two very different admissions processes Understanding these differences […]

Q&A with Martin Lind: Admissions

Are there really differences between admissions processes for traditional schools and those for private sector schools? Yes, and understanding these differences is fundamental to having an effective and successful admissions process. Both types of schools need to be diligent in cultivating their prospective student populations and can benefit from a strategic enrollment planning process.  But […]

Datamark Joins LeadsCouncil

Its official, Datamark is a LeadsCouncil member, and for several very good reasons: Through access to a library of objective research, lead metrics, statistics, market share findings, case studies, white papers and secret shopping studies, we’ll be able to help our customers better navigate lead gen challenges and opportunities We’ll have more opportunities to connect […]

Top 10 Emerging Media Trends: #4 Re-enlisting DRTV

Welcome to my blog series, Top 10 Emerging Media Trends. The Datamark Media team and I regularly develop a Top 10 list of practices and findings in the education market to share with our industry peers. Media Trend #4: Re-enlisting DRTV Brand building has made a comeback in the education space, with a 30% year-over-year […]

How to Benefit from Greater Lead Visibility

Knowing exactly how a lead came to you, how and when it might have already been contacted, and how valid it really is, are critical components of a sound lead generation strategy.  We’ve partnered with LeadiD to develop Lead Audit, Datamark’s newest lead quality solution. Lead Audit allows you to gain visibility into leads being […]

Career Education Review Features Datamark’s Collaborative Research

For some prospective students it simply takes time to make the decision to apply and enroll, and for others, a little bit of nurturing can go a long way. We teamed up with our colleagues, Martin Lind at Leads360 and Chris McArdle at Neustar, to dissect the extent to which inquiry nurturing programs exist at […]

Introducing Our New Lead Confidence Toolkit

Posted on March 11, 2013 by Rick Bentz They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  I buy it, for the most part, especially when you think about it in terms of our new Lead Confidence Toolkit. All of our lead management and compliance solutions have value in their own right.  […]

Where is Social Media Marketing Taking Us?

Social media has come a long way in its relatively short existence.  HubSpot recently published its “6 Ways Social Media Marketing is Changing (For the Better)” and I just couldn’t help but think how this channel has evolved from its role in facilitating personal connections – those I’ve made with long lost elementary school buddies […]

What Do We Have to Look Forward to in 2013? Part III: Marketing and Data Analytics

Here we go with the third installment of this series – in case you missed my first two posts, I encourage you to check out trends on Marketing and the Customer Experience and Marketing and Branding. Today’s prediction comes from Ovum’s 2013 Trends to Watch: Education Technology and focuses on the following: “Institutions will turn […]

What Do We Have to Look Forward to in 2013? Part II: Marketing and Branding

As we continue to look at the predictions circulating for 2013, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about marketing and branding.  By the way, if you missed my first post in this series about Marketing and the Customer Experience, you can access it here. So let’s dive in.  A conversation about marketing that […]

What Do We Have to Look Forward to in 2013? Part I: Marketing and the Customer Experience

Now that the first month of the New Year is coming to an end, I thought it would be interesting to write a series of blogs that highlight some of the predictions being thrown around out there, and take a look at what those predictions mean for those in education segment. . Ovum recently published […]

When is a Past Inquiry Still Worth Pursuing?

Just because a prospective student doesn’t begin to move forward through the enrollment process at first, doesn’t mean that individual won’t at some point.  So, how do you continue to nurture that prospect to get to that point? We recently teamed up with our colleagues at Leads360 and Neustar® (formerly TARGUSinfo) to publish a joint […]

Part Three of Three: Top Three Happenings from the World of CPL and Traditional Media that May Impact Your Business

In this final part of our three-part CPL and traditional media series, we outline the importance of video. Videos are coming on the scene and are being used extensively during the evaluation process. Recent Google video usage studies suggest that there has been a significant uptick in use of higher education video assets on the […]

Part Two of Three: Top Three Happenings from the World of CPL and Traditional Media that May Impact Your Business

Part Two of Three: Mobile device marketing In this second part of our three-part CPL and traditional media series, we focus on emerging trend of marketing being optimized for mobile devices. Education seekers have adopted a 3-screen approach: 44% use a cellular and / or tablet device in their search.  (Note:  97% still use a […]

Don’t Miss Datamark at CAPPS!

If you are planning on attending the 2012 CAPPS Annual Conference, we’d love to meet with you!  Datamark will be on site networking and talking to schools about new and better ways to market to and recruit students. If you are not planning on attending, perhaps you might want to reconsider.  The event draws a […]

Datamark at 25

To say that our CEO, Tom Dearden, has seen a lot of change in higher education marketing over the past two and a half decades is an understatement.  Tom, who has been with Datamark for 23 of its 25 years (congrats Tom!) sat down with Michael Cooney over at Career Education Review to share his […]

How Does Your School Compare on Remarketing Strategies?

At Datamark, we know that remarketing works. It can have a tremendous, not to mention cost effective, impact on enrollment. A significant number of our customers have been able to prioritize previous inquiries, consistently and effectively reach out to these prospective students, and ultimately see them start in school. That said, not every school is […]

Think Direct Mail is Too Old School for Your School? Think Again. by Mark Wilhoite

Don’t let the fact that direct mail has been around for so long fool you.  The art of direct mail isn’t what it once was.  Direct mail can be incredibly dynamic, and as we know it, it is being reinvented, becoming more personalized, interactive, and effective than ever before. The team at Today’s Campus recently […]

Do You Know What Motivates Prospective Students to Enroll?

Let’s face it, the more you know about your prospective students’ thought process during the enrollment process, the more likely you are to engage them at each step along the way, from the initial idea to further their education, through research, selection, application and enrollment. Ask yourself, why do prospective students decide to pursue higher […]


As long as anyone can remember, sales and marketing teams are continually looking for ways to produce more revenue for the company in cost effective ways.  Typically, the most frequent method is to have marketing pour more leads and better leads into the top of the sales funnel. Who could argue with that?  However, what […]

Is your brand getting in the way of your marketing?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”   – William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) One of the central tenets of any marketing plan is to increase brand awareness. You want potential buyers, or in the case of education, potential students, to be familiar with your […]

Where Will the Misrepresentation Rules Take us in 2012?

What a year it has been on the regulatory front in higher education. In an industry that has seen such tremendous growth over the years, now more than ever colleges and universities are tightening the reigns, setting different expectations, implementing new policies and navigating a whole new era of compliance. I recently had a chance […]

APSCU Misrepresentation Guidance: Datamark’s View

On October 11, APSCU published guidance for its membership on “The Misrepresentation Rule and Third-Party Vendors.” We congratulate APSCU on the publication of this very comprehensive treatment of a very complex topic, particularly its holistic review of the federal and state regulatory issues beyond “Substantial Misrepresentation” that education marketers must consider. We view the publication […]

Misrepresentation Regulations, Part II: What Implications Will We See?

As we previously discussed, the U.S. Department of Education’s misrepresentation rules open up colleges and universities to greater liability and accountability.  So what can we as education marketers expect when these rules go into effect? Based on our research, we predict the new regulations will cause: Demand for Greater Visibility – colleges will require audit-level […]

Misrepresentation Regulations, Part I: What Do They Mean?

The U.S. Department of Education’s misrepresentation regulations, which are slated to go into effect on July 1, 2011, create a significant risk when it comes to performance-based (CPL) Internet marketing. The rules bring a whole new meaning to what constitutes misrepresentation.  Specifically these amendments will: Expand the scope of misrepresentation to include “any statement that […]

Talking Prospect Competition, Brand Integrity and Ethical Marketing at NAGAP

We just returned from the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP) conference, and I must say, as a first time attendee, this was a great show.  The turnout was strong, the organization was effective and the attendees were eager to take admissions to the next level. A consistent theme throughout most of our conversations was […]

Headlines from LeadsCon

The annual LeadsCon event hit Las Vegas recently and turned out an insightful crowd of people.  I joined several of my Datamark colleagues for the event, and it again proved to be a productive opportunity to meet with clients and leaders in internet lead generation to discuss trends, innovation and regulatory change.  Congratulations to Jay and […]

More Educators Look to Post-Recession Marketing Strategies

 “In the crowded field of private colleges, only those that differentiate themselves with signature programs and unique marketing strategies can hope to thrive in a challenging economy, several panelists stressed here on Tuesday at the annual meeting of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.” – The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 1, 2011 […]

What Makes You Tick?

I have spent the last several months exploring the topic of behavioral marketing. As I have read, researched, and discussed the topic I have found some great quotes. I’d like to share one of them from Bill Bernbach: At the heart of an effective creative philosophy is the belief that nothing is so powerful as an […]

The Changing Marketing and Enrollment Landscape

I recently had the opportunity to interview with Keith Hampson, a well-known education consultant, speaker and founder of the Higher Education Management group on LinkedIn.  Keith and I talked about the changing marketing and enrollment landscape, and the things that colleges and universities should be doing to adapt their strategies given economic recovery, regulatory changes […]

Strategic Recruitment for Both Business and Philanthropic Higher Education Models

In today’s economy with both greater demand for education and skyrocketing tuition rates coupled with a decline in fiscal support, students are wise to question and understand what they are getting for their investment of time and money.  This is making today’s admissions environment more competitive than ever as all schools are being asked to […]

Program Feasibility Studies Part I: Why Do They Make Sense?

During the recent Council for Adult and Experiential Learning 2010 International Conference, I had the opportunity to present a session about the importance of program feasibility studies.  Whether schools base their programs on internal evaluations, external demands, or both, I talked to the audience about research being an integral part of the equation when deciding […]

Why Does Lead Quality Matter, and Why Now More Than Ever?

The enrollment marketing and admissions landscape continues to change with new technological advances and ways to communicate.  However, neither can enhance the enrollment process if the lead quality to begin with isn’t up to par. As a participant on a recent panel, “Why Lead Quality Matters Now More Than Ever,” at the TARGUSinfo Interactive Insights […]

California Schools Talk Marketing Strategies in a Rebounding Economy

Datamark joined Joseph Holt, Vice President of Marketing at San Joaquin Valley College (SJVC), in a presentation at the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS) 26th Annual Conference.  The topic was post-recession marketing strategies.  SJVC is definitely at the forefront when it comes to understanding the enrollment landscape and proactively adapting its marketing strategies to […]

8 Advanced Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile search and text messaging are the foundation for building an effective, database driven mobile program. But how you build up from there is as wide-open as the new mobile medium itself. The trick is to figure out what works best for your school when there are no completely proven best practices to pull from […]

Strategic Recruiting: Tips for Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Continuing education is growing and evolving at a phenomenal pace. More adults are reacting to tough economic conditions by actively seeking opportunities to change careers, finish degrees, or increase job security. And more higher education schools, colleges, and universities are responding by expanding their continuing education and distance learning offerings. Here are a few tips […]

Trend to Watch: DIY-U Start-Ups

Bill Gates recently said, “Five years from now on the web for free you’ll be able to find the best lectures in the world” and online education “will be better than any single university.” Over the past several months we have been monitoring the EduPunk and DIY-U start-ups. Unlike traditional and for-profit schools, these new […]

3 Tips to Get Visitors On The Go

What do mobile users experience when searching for and visiting your school on their handheld devices?  Do they find your web site easily or at all?  Once there, is your site format and content comprehensible? To connect with mobile visitors, you have to pay closer attention to their environment and optimize your web assets.  Here […]

Develop a Text Messaging Contact Strategy

Here’s a jaw-dropper: 60% of people, under age 30, read their text messages within a minute of receiving them. And these same people can take up to four days to listen to their voicemail, according to Compliance Point. So what does this mean for schools?  As even more potential applicants rely on texts for primary […]

Start a New Conversation with Students

The mobile revolution is here. Schools that begin now to use mobile marketing’s unique capabilities to meet their highly connected students and prospects where they are—on their devices—will be able to start new types of interactive conversations with them.  You’ll be able to create richer, more individualized dialogs than ever before. By offering new mobile […]

8 Strategies to Combat Post-Recession Challenges

The economic environment is changing once again, and with that change comes challenges for education marketers. But there are ways to turn post-recession challenges into distinct marketing opportunities. Following are eight enrollment marketing strategies to help you through the economic recovery: Pay for inquiries based on their quality. Prioritize your inquiries based on their likelihood […]

Economic Recovery Brings Challenges to Education Marketers

Since 1990, the United States has experienced three major recessions, and during each of these tumultuous periods, higher education marketers have found a unique silver lining – student inquiries have sprouted easily and school enrollments have grown. As economic recovery has turned the corner and unemployed prospects have found new job opportunities, the bounty of […]

Trusted Voices in a Changing Environment

The winds of change are sweeping through the environment for education marketing. Metric and database analytics have brought new levels of efficiency and sophistication to the practice. For–profit and not-for-profit universities now compete for the same students. And, with new communication channels available and an uncertain regulatory future looming on the horizon, we’re poised for […]