How Gen Z and Adult Learners Value the Same Thing … and Why Higher Ed Can’t Afford to Ignore Them Though adult students and their teenage counterparts may seem different, they're both after the same college experience

The higher-ed industry typically distills students into two segments: traditional and adult. The former paints an image of a stereotypical on-campus college co-ed, while the latter shows a portrait of a working adult, attempting to master the elusive work-life-school balance. Universities market to these segments in different ways; traditional students get unlimited froyo in the dining […]

Data and Coaching Combination Solves Retention Crisis

The average institution loses just shy of $10 million in revenue annually due to student attrition. In fact, nearly half of students who start college don’t leave with a degree in hand, causing them to miss out on valuable career and life-advancing opportunities. Unfortunately, limited institutional resources dedicated to student reten­tion can make it hard […]

Three Popular Enrollment Marketing Models Which one is right for your institution?

  Increasing competition for students. Shrinking budgets. A more complex higher education landscape. It’s no wonder the world of enrollment marketing is always evolving. Marketers today need world-class creative that resonates and differentiates. They need to know what marketing channels work best and in what combination, and they need to know how their campaigns are […]

Importance of Brand on Recruitment Performance

Brand messaging isn’t about why someone should go to your institution. It’s about why you should even be considered. For instance, there are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. More than 450 of them offer online MBA programs. Why should a student choose you over the others? In the minds of many […]

Retention Strategies: Relationship Maintenance 101

  Higher education has an increasing focus on student retention, and rightfully so. Once your institution has invested the time, money, and resources it takes to enroll a student, you want to build a long-term connection, keeping him or her engaged and moving forward to graduation. For students and institutions alike, this doesn’t just make […]

Remarketing: Turning Past Prospects into Students

  We’ve likely all had a parent, teacher, coach, or boss say to us at some point, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” In life, in school, on the field, or on the job, this philosophy encourages perseverance. For an enrollment marketer, it’s the basis for a results-driven strategy. Not all students […]

The Impact of Marketing on Student Retention

An alarming amount of students have attended college and don’t have a degree or certificate to show for it. In fact, according to research conducted by the National Student Clearinghouse over the past 20 years, more than 31 million students have enrolled in college, yet left before earning their credentials. Almost one-third of this population […]

How Ready Are You for Competency-Based Education? Key Questions to Ask From Models and Academic Strategies to Policies and Regulations

Still in its infancy, yet rapidly gaining momentum, competency-based education (CBE) is creating opportunities that are transforming the educational experience for everyone involved, from students to instructors to administrators. CBE is disruptive, but in a good way – catering to students’ learning styles, allowing them to leverage prior knowledge and skills, evolving the role of […]