Why So Many Higher Ed Marketers Don’t Know Their Numbers

You’ve done it – you’ve produced a brilliant creative campaign that is designed to engage and inspire action from prospective students. You are poised to reach your market through a variety of channels– all stemming from a comprehensive, multi-vendor strategy.

Sounds good, right? Well, not entirely.

Working with multiple vendors often means your data ends up in different silos, making it difficult to measure a campaign’s overall effectiveness. Not to mention, you have no visibility into how one channel may be impacting another. When data from various vendors lives separately, it can be cumbersome to integrate and make sense of all of the numbers.

What’s a marketer to do?

Consider a partnership with an integrated agency of record who provides seamless access to all data and insights– so you don’t just understand the results of one channel or campaign, but you understand them in terms of how they are working with, or in some cases against, your other channels and campaigns. It’s data attribution at its best. A level of visibility that gives you an opportunity to fine tune along the way, ensuring that you are spending the right amount in the right places.

Knowing your marketing numbers means that you can grow your enrollment numbers. Key to achieving this is an integrated approach. An approach that creates insight by connecting your data across all mediums and messages. After all, being able to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and channel strategy means that you can better allocate your budget while justifying the marketing dollars you need to continue to grow your brand and your student population.

Damian Wilbur

Damian brings over 20 years of applied technical experience to his role as the Director of Analytics and Reporting at Helix Education. He holds an MBA from Colorado State University and earned his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Damian is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.