Why Does Lead Quality Matter, and Why Now More Than Ever?

The enrollment marketing and admissions landscape continues to change with new technological advances and ways to communicate.  However, neither can enhance the enrollment process if the lead quality to begin with isn’t up to par.

As a participant on a recent panel, “Why Lead Quality Matters Now More Than Ever,” at the TARGUSinfo Interactive Insights Summit, I’d like to share with you some key takeaways on lead quality:

  • Bad identity and contact data are the most damaging things to the quality of a lead.  Secondarily, poor business practices in lead generation (such as prospect incentives) damage quality.
  • While schools need assurance that the contact information is accurate and relevant, measuring “intent” is becoming increasingly important in assessing lead quality.
  • Prospect contact times have been significantly compressed from days to just seconds. The need for transparency in the channel from which a lead is generated is more critical than ever to help institutions know how to respond in ways that are most effective and relevant.
  • An accurate phone number remains critical for contact. However, the mobile phone number is fast becoming king. It used to be an optional field on forms – it should be mandatory.  SMS is fast becoming an essential way to contact prospects, and to play within privacy laws, it is essential to capture the mobile number and get permission to contact the prospect via text.

Schools today are concerned that they are not getting what they pay for, making lead verification and lead scoring critical in eliminating uncertainty.  While the industry is not without its bad providers dispensing low quality leads, it is becoming more difficult for these companies to hide.   As an industry, we need to put as many safeguards as possible into place to ensure independent lead verification and accuracy.

Datamark treats lead quality with the utmost importance – after all, what good is your message if you can’t connect with someone to listen to it.