Where’s the adult student recession boom?

Where’s the adult student recession boom?

Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while economic recessions historically point adults back to college to up-skill, up-credential, and find that new career path, a report from Eduventures shows that we haven’t necessarily seen those early indicators we might, and that adult students may be losing confidence that a new credential is their certain ticket to a new job.

The takeaway? There are a whole lot more MOOCs, bootcamps and microcredentials than there were during the last recession. Do you have a better story to tell the adult student than they do?

May you continue to fight the good enrollment growth fight at your institution today, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Eric Olsen

Eric brings more than a decade of award-winning creative brand development, marketing analytics and higher education experience to Helix Education. Eric is a graduate of Bradley University and earned his MBA at Lewis University.