What’s the Best Marketing Model for Your Institution: Best-in-Breed, In-House or Integrated Agency of Record?

If you are an enrollment marketer for your institution, then you probably find yourself thinking:

I need world-class creative that resonates.

I need to know what marketing channels work the best.

I need to know how my campaigns are performing.

I need to maximize my budget.

Depending on your outreach and enrollment goals, there are a variety of marketing models that will give you exactly what you need. But do you know what those models are, and more importantly, do you know the pros and cons of each?

The answers lie in our newly published article in the December issue of Recruitment and Retention.  Without giving away all of the details, here is a high level snapshot of each model:

  • Best-in-Breed: Specialized competencies exist but brands can appear inconsistent and measurement is difficult.
  • In-House: Institutions maintain significant control with in-house resources, but costs are high.
  • Integrated Agency of Record: Single enrollment growth partners provide closed-loop creative attribution and are financially incentivized in alignment with an institution’s growth.

You can also download our quick guide for free, Which Marketing Approach Is Right For Your Institution? It gives you the insight and scorecard you need to weigh and compare the benefits, risks, and results that each approach can deliver.

Whether it is marketing channel and sector expertise, data centralization and/or financial flexibility that you need, we invite you to check out our article and guide to help you navigate the model that will help your team and your campaigns be most successful.

Seth Odell

Seth Odell brings his award winning creative talent from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to Helix Education as the General Manager of Marketing Services. While at SNHU, Seth was responsible for concepting, writing, and art directing SNHU’s national advertising efforts, including its heralded 2013 cross-country bus tour campaign. Now at Helix Education, Seth collaborates closely with colleges and universities to develop their brands, craft meaningful messages, and deliver integrated, results-driven campaigns.