What Does it Take to Keep Internet Lead Violations to Less Than One Percent?

Helix compliance monitoring provides strict monitoring and audits of websites and call centers to identify violations and make resolutions.

Colleges and universities continue to grapple with increasing government intervention when it comes to their internet marketing practices. What can they do, what can’t they do, and what do they do when they don’t do the right thing?

This is where Helix Education’s compliance monitoring solutions comes into play. We understand the regulations, we provide strict ongoing audits of websites and call centers, we identify potential issues, and we quickly resolve violations.

Schools that use our compliance monitoring solution have peace of mind that their messaging and enrollment representatives are compliant, and that their interactive media mix is of the highest quality. Our results speak for themselves:

  • As a result of Internet monitoring, all of our CPL client institutions and media partners have seen less than one percent violation rate among their Internet inquiries.
  • Our compliance team resolves 93 percent of all violations.
  • Since July, we have expanded our monitored online search terms by 75 percent.
  • Our compliance team has reviewed roughly 7,500 vendor web pages, flagging nearly 18,000 terms for review based on the most up-to-date marketing guidelines.

At Helix Education, our goal is to help protect our CPL clients, ensuring compliance standards are addressed and met. Our proactive approach gives schools the visibility they need to operate ethically and efficiently, minimizing violations and risk.

Ed Patterson

As the co-founder of Datamark, presently Helix Education, Ed Patterson brings over 35 years of higher education experience to his role as Regional Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Helix Education. During his tenure at Helix, he has partnered with over 100 institutions, creating tailored solutions that address a variety of strategic initiatives to optimize the cost of graduation for both his partners and the students that they serve.