What Do We Have to Look Forward to in 2013? Part IV: Marketing and Mobile

As I wrap up this blog series on trends and predictions that will impact us as marketers, I’d like to close with my thoughts on Marketing and Mobile.  Let’s face it, mobile is everywhere.

I came across an article on Mobile Marketer that I thought was interesting, Top 10 Mobile Trends for Marketers and Retailers This Year. I’ve pulled some key trends from the list that I think can have a big impact on our customers’ marketing campaigns:

2013 Will be the Year of Mobile – Again.

“Expect to see more of everything mobile: more mobile Web-browsing, more mobile commerce, more application consumption and more mobile devices.” Towards the end of last year, tablets were outselling PC’s reinforcing the importance of having a mobile strategy.

Less Designing for the Content, More Designing for the Context.?

“Expect smart marketers in 2013 to move beyond responsive design and tailor mobile experiences not just to a device but to a context as well.”

More Innovation in Mobile Ad Formats.

“Expect to see much more innovation in ad formats, both in standard mobile web as well as in native ads such as Facebook’s mobile news feed ads and Twitter’s promoted tweets.”

MS Tags will Disappear. QR Codes will Survive and Thrive.

“Most people do not know what an MS Tag is and, in 2013, expect to see Microsoft Tags follow the ranks of Betamax, 8-Track cassettes, laser discs and other format has-beens. QR codes will continue to grow in popularity and usage.” Of course there are other predictions stating that QR codes will disappear completely. I guess we’ll all know a year from now what really happened.

At a minimal you will want a mobile enabled website that works with the various smartphone and tablet platforms. You may also want to consider a mobile inquiry form which is shorter yet captures the most important customer information.

Adding new contact strategies such as SMS text will take significant time and integration between a number of stakeholders. You should plan well in advance you strategy to operationalize SMS text across your school.

As more and more prospective students access information from their mobile devices, your school needs to not only have a mobile presence, but also deliver a mobile experience that is reflective of the quality of service your institution provides.

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Steve Winchester

Steve is the CMO at Helix Education. He has been an advertising account executive for more than 20 years. Steve received his BS from the University of Utah.