Using our Students’ Smart Phones as Contact Tracers?

What if we let our smart phones do our contact tracing for us?

Reported by Education Dive, a test pilot at the University of Alabama is utilizing the GuideSafe app, developed using Apple and Google tools, to let students know if they’ve been exposed to someone who’s contacted the virus, based on whether or not their phones have been within 6 feet of them for at least 15 minutes within the past two weeks.

The takeaway? It will be fascinating to see the results of the pilot, because the technological possibilities are exciting. The student privacy issues, more worrying. And the fact that it’s voluntary and therefore not universal, an imperfect solution at best.

May you continue to fight the good enrollment growth fight at your institution today, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Eric Olsen

Eric brings more than a decade of award-winning creative brand development, marketing analytics and higher education experience to Helix Education. Eric is a graduate of Bradley University and earned his MBA at Lewis University.