Turn Uncontacted Leads into Inbound Calls

Let’s face it, cold calling is awkward.  Your enrollment team can be far more productive, not to mention happy, fielding interested, inbound inquiries.  So how do you drive more inbound calls in a cost-effective way?

At Datamark, we’ve thought long and hard about this and we’ve come up with a solution that will help you save money, increase the efficiency of your enrollment team, and boost enrollments.  We call it Call Catalyst.

Call Catalyst drives starts from leads that you have already paid for but not contacted, turning them into high-converting inbound calls.  Through art and science, our systematic communications combine email and direct mail marketing specifically designed to get students to inquire.  We’ve tested our approach in the field, and it works.

Call Catalyst Benefits:

  • You don’t have to spend money buying new leads, but rather can maximize your marketing ROI with your existing lead base
  • Your enrollment team can focus on what it does best – guiding qualified students through the enrollment process
  • You can see upwards of a 20 to 25 percent contribution to student enrollment annually

Your existing contact lists are valuable – as my colleague, Dave Mohr, put it, there is GOLD in the OLD.  Don’t discredit your current lists simply because students haven’t yet converted.

At Datamark, we have a proven track record getting students to respond.  Let us help you turn your uncontacted leads into inbound calls.  To learn more, call Scott Jager at 801.598.5349 or email him at Scott.Jager@Datamark.com.

Rick Bentz

Rick brings 23 years of experience in market research to his role as SVP of Business Intelligence at Helix Education. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Finance from the University of Utah.