Trusted Voices in a Changing Environment

The winds of change are sweeping through the environment for education marketing.

Metric and database analytics have brought new levels of efficiency and sophistication to the practice. For–profit and not-for-profit universities now compete for the same students. And, with new communication channels available and an uncertain regulatory future looming on the horizon, we’re poised for even more change.

We’re all going to have to adapt.

At Datamark, however, we have a history of not just adapting to change, but in many cases, leading it.

In this blog, we share our thoughts and insights about the future of enrollment marketing—trends we see emerging, challenges we see looming, opportunities we see surfacing—and what a reasoned response should be.

Today more than ever, education marketers need a communication strategy that engages potential students across integrated platforms. In all phases of that effort, Datamark is your trusted advisor.

We look forward to sharing our insights through this blog. And we welcome your thoughts through posts on this page.