Top 10 Media Trends: #9 Portals and Schools Competing for Google’s Top Rankings

Welcome to my blog series, Top 10 Emerging Media Trends. The Datamark Media team and I regularly develop a Top 10 list of practices and findings in the education market to share with our industry peers.

Media Trend #9: Education portals and schools are competing for Google’s organic search top rankings

Despite the significant decline in Education Portal traffic and site stickiness education sites are still receiving the highest relevancy and quality score marks from Google in “local” ranking on leading education search keywords.  Education lead generators understand and effectively implement an SEO success strategy that keeps them receiving preferred ranking by Google’s algorithm —-generally well above the leading colleges and universities in a local geo.   An education institution’s SEO competition may not be other schools, but rather Education portals who are winning the SEO ranking war in the trenches.

Check back tomorrow for #8 in our countdown of the Top 10 Emerging Media Trends.

Scott Haslam

Scott Haslam has been with Helix Education for 3 ½ years and has over 8 years of experience in the Higher Education industry. He earned his BA degree in Communications from Brigham Young University.