The Print Store is Here!

Imagine you are hosting an open house and want to promote it to 500 prospective students through direct mail.  The open house is in 2 weeks, and you need to send something out fast in order to boost attendance. Now imagine the printer down the street only gives price breaks for big print jobs. Do you waste money and pay a higher price for a short-run print job, or do you waste materials and order far more than you need just to secure a discount?

The answer: neither.

The Print Store is our new on-demand printing and mailing center that gives you a convenient and cost effective way to manage and deliver one-off and smaller direct mail projects.  Order one, or order 100 – there is no minimum requirement.

Here’s how it works:

  • Datamark will work with you to set up your personalized print store and upload your creative templates.
  • You can then log on to your Print Store account to view your templates, and create, edit and select your direct mail piece.
  • You can manage and update your mailing lists.
  • You can place an order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • We’ll mail your campaign out in as few as 3 business days directly to your list or to a central location, whichever you prefer.

We are really excited about this new offering, and the schools we’ve mentioned it to are enthusiastic as well.  We produce the same high quality, professionally printed materials you have come to expect from Datamark, and we do it in a way that meets your specific needs, within your budget.

The Print Store is fast, customizable and simple to use.  Want to learn more? Click here to view a step-by-step guide of The Print Store, read the FAQs, and more.

Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith is a marketing professional with broad experience in many aspects of marketing: media management, new product development, branding, and creative advertising. She earned a BS in Marketing from the University of Utah.