The Longevity of Print Marketing in an Increasingly Mobile World

“In college marketing, print appears to be forever.”

This statement was recently published in an article in Direct Marketing News, “Traditional Marketing Gets Charged Up.” The article also featured Datamark and our own Rick Bentz talking about trends in higher education enrollment marketing.

To summarize, the marketing landscape isn’t necessarily changing, but more so it is evolving to add new channels, such as mobile and social, that complement the tried and true channels, including print, TV, radio and billboard. Marketers are looking at their audiences in new ways, reaching them through more channels than ever, and measuring the impact of each campaign through attribution.

As Datamark has evolved from a direct mail only operation at our founding to add direct response TV, PPC and SEO campaigns over the years, the key has always been the mix of channels our client institutions use, as well as the frequency and timing in which they use them.

As Rick said in the article, “A significant number of the larger schools switched from DRTV and back into direct mail and search. It’s a world in which we’ve had to quickly shift gears.”

It’s this ability to adapt that has helped get us to where we are today.  The fact that the product line we launched in the 1980s is still a core component of our solution set today and very much in demand says something.  We know direct mail is still effective, but we also know it isn’t the only way, or sometimes even the best way to reach certain students.

We haven’t changed, we’ve evolved, much the way that traditional marketing has across all segments. And while we expect the industry to continue evolving in the coming years it is the ability to reach prospective students across multiple channels that makes both Datamark and our customer institutions successful.

Kara Snyder

As the Director of Corporate Marketing, Kara brings nearly a decade of education marketing insights and experience to Helix Education. Before joining Helix, she worked in enrollment and affiliate marketing, undergraduate and graduate admissions, and student affairs. Kara earned her bachelor’s degree from Temple University.