The Case for Predictive Analytics in Boosting Response Rates

Our partners over at KXEN shared some great news today, and we just couldn’t resist sharing the results too.

As many of you know, at Datamark, we are passionate about data.  It gives us visibility into the student enrollment life cycle that in turn drives our solutions and our client results. Through data and predictive analytics, we can make better decisions – decisions that improve lead quality on a school’s direct mail and digital marketing campaigns.

But we don’t do it alone. We are fortunate to have found a proven partner in KXEN.  It enables us to easily and accurately prioritize lists of individuals who match a school’s specific demographic and who have a high propensity for enrollment.

KXEN analyzes “Big Data” in our Datamark Knowledge Center. Our data compiles over 225 prospective student attributes, including lifestyle, demographic, census, consumer and other data from 450 different data sources. Through predictive modeling, KXEN helps us make this data actionable, improving segmentation and targeting.

So now for the results:

  • Student campaigns using predictive models built with KXEN on average see a 40 percent response rate increase.
  • Some campaigns have realized an increase in response rates of up to 200 percent.
  • Some campaigns have also added millions of dollars in additional tuition revenue.

Being a data-driven company means that we rely on research, analytics and trends to make your direct mail and digital marketing programs as effective as possible. Thanks for the added insight, KXEN!

Rick Bentz

Rick brings 23 years of experience in market research to his role as SVP of Business Intelligence at Helix Education. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Finance from the University of Utah.