Student Retention: The Other ½ of Your Enrollment Growth Story

Student success coaching is key to improving retention
Student success coaching helps ensure that the students you are working so hard to enroll, stay engaged and successfully graduate.

Enrollment growth, while impressive, really loses some of its luster if the students you are enrolling are not graduating. And it’s not necessarily the fault of educators to be so focused on front-end enrollment efforts as the basis for their growth. Unfortunately, federal initiatives still prioritize student access over student success.

Retention statistics in higher education are alarming. More than 40% of students who start their college education don’t finish in a timely manner, if at all. As an industry, we need to re-prioritize retention as an enrollment growth issue.

It takes a significant amount of time, money and resources to find, recruit and enroll a student. If that student doesn’t persist, that seems like a lot of wasted time, money and resources, especially when you consider that 90% of students come to college intending to complete their degree or certificate.

At Helix Education, we approach enrollment and retention differently. Not only do we help you enroll students that have a high propensity for success – those who can be retained – but we combine our retention technology with success coaching to help ensure that the students you are working so hard to enroll, do stay engaged and do graduate.

Measuring growth by those coming in the door with less concern for what happens to them once they are inside is careless – it’s an incomplete picture.

At Helix, we are trying to change that mentality. Our methodology, technology and coaching are helping colleges and universities around the country put an equal emphasis on retention so that they can increase success rates and complete the other half of their enrollment growth story.

Sarah Horn

As the VP of Retention at Helix Education, Sarah brings unique insight into student retention from more than a decade of experience in higher education, nearly all in operations. She has designed, scaled and managed a success coaching program for an online Associate's Degree, and has a tremendous amount of experience aligning and implementing relevant, practical retention strategies that drive results. Previously, she worked for Inside Track as Campus Director, implementing large-scale partnership. Sarah is a graduate of The University of Rochester and earned her Master's degree at John F. Kennedy University.