How Does Your School Compare on Remarketing Strategies?

At Datamark, we know that remarketing works. It can have a tremendous, not to mention cost effective, impact on enrollment. A significant number of our customers have been able to prioritize previous inquiries, consistently and effectively reach out to these prospective students, and ultimately see them start in school.

That said, not every school is there yet. The problem is that some don’t believe their old contact lists have value, while others think it is simply easier and less costly to buy new inquiries.

In preparation for our joint presentation at APSCU with TARGUSinfo and Leads 360, we surveyed private sector schools on their current approach to nurturing dormant inquiries.  Here is what we learned:

  • Approximately 33% of respondents think it is easier to just buy new inquiries rather than nurture dormant ones, while almost 10% think it is a toss-up.
  • Just over 38% of schools who participated in the survey don’t have a formal process in place for nurturing dormant inquiries.
  • When attempting to contact new inquiries, phone based outreach was used the most, while email communication topped the list of outbound strategies when reaching out to existing inquiries. Interpretation: Everyone is doing this.
  • When asked about their process for nurturing dormant inquiries, nearly 48% said that all inquiries are treated the same, while 42% said there is some customization.
  • An overwhelming 76% of respondents said their current nurturing program for dormant inquiries is irregular, making it difficult to track ROI.

Remarketing can be one highly effective approach to nurturing dormant inquiries. After all, roughly 40% of inquiry quality is based on the likelihood of an inquiry being contacted and ultimately converted, while the other 60% is dictated by what happens to that inquiry once it is in your system.

Why not test it and see for yourself? That way you can see firsthand how Datamark Remarketing direct mail can be a cost-efficient way to encourage inactive prospects to contact you.

Schedule your Remarketing test now to ensure you have enough time to see the results and plan your 2013 budget accordingly.

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Steve Winchester

Steve is the CMO at Helix Education. He has been an advertising account executive for more than 20 years. Steve received his BS from the University of Utah.