Our Student Life Cycle eBook Series is Complete – Introducing “A User’s Guide to Competency-Based Education”

Find. Enroll. Retain. Teach.

Teach eBook CoverThese are the cornerstones of our services and technologies along the student life cycle and the basis for our newly completed eBook series, designed to help colleges and universities efficiently and effectively support students throughout the entire education experience.

As interest in competency-based education (CBE) continues to surge, we are excited to release this third eBook, focusing on:

  • What CBE is
  • How it helps students thrive
  • How it evolves the role of the instructor
  • The impact it has on administrative processes
  • How to plan and implement it appropriately
  • How the industry is embracing it

At Helix Education, we view CBE as the merging of three important elements – instructional content, assessments and outcomes. Curriculum builds on itself based on student performance and students have the opportunity to advance as they apply knowledge and demonstrate competencies.  Consequently, CBE can boost completion, retention and graduation rates.

The “teach” element of the education ecosystem is being transformed with the emergence of CBE. It is setting the stage for new and highly differentiated and personalized learning experience. If you are starting to think about CBE, or already have the wheels in motion, our eBook will serve as a valuable resource for you.

Don’t forget to check out all three eBooks in our series, which you can download for free from our website:

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A User’s Guide to Student Enrollment and Retention

A User’s Guide to Competency-Based Education


Steve Pappageorge

As Chief Product Officer, Steve brings a wealth of general management and technology leadership to his role at Helix Education. Having spent nearly 11 years with DeVry University, serving in a variety of roles, he was most recently the dean of the College of Continuing Education, New Programs, and Outreach. Steve earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Lake Forest College and an MBA from Northern Illinois University.