Our Academic Services Team Adds Tremendous Instructional Talent

Who better to help advise and support educators than those who have been in the trenches themselves, teaching, leading and transforming education? Our Academic Services Team is expanding with front lines talent as we are thrilled to welcome Amy Hale and Emily Wood to Helix Education. Both have extensive experience teaching and developing courses for post-traditional students.

Amy and Emily join an insightful group of education technologists focused on developing the highest quality student experience. Our Academic Services team relies on big data to create learning opportunities that keep students engaged and moving toward graduation, while helping institutions identify and deliver the right learning modalities.

As the Director of Academic Programs and Instructional Design, Amy will coordinate the efforts of our instructional design team, working with clients and faculty members, as well as helping shape discussions around best practices in emerging models within post-traditional education. Most recently, she served as Undergraduate Director of Instructional Technology and Teaching Excellence at Golden Gate University.

Amy has fifteen years of experience in online education, and has developed and/or taught more than 400 online courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She spent the past twelve years as a “power adjunct” teaching exclusively online for a several higher education institutions. She has conducted workshops on online teaching best practices, produced educational resources for publishers, and frequently served on course design teams working at every stage from curriculum design and mapping to creating polished online courses. Amy earned her Ph.D. from UCLA and is published both in the U.S. and abroad.

As an Instructional Designer, Emily will strategize around instructional approaches, collaborate with subject matter experts, curate learning materials, and facilitate quality assurance reviews. Most recently, she served as the Founding Director of the Center for Engagement and Learning at Pierce College.

In addition to teaching both online and in the classroom, Emily has developed courses and other learning opportunities for post-traditional learners in undergraduate, graduate and professional development environments. She has applied her instructional design expertise to develop industry-driven curriculum, produce courses and tutorials built on Open Education pedagogies, and lead course peer reviews for quality assurance. Emily holds an MSIS from the University of Texas at Austin with a specialization in Instruction.

Welcome to our team Emily and Amy!


Cherron Hoppes

Cherron is the Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education. She holds a doctorate of education (Ed.D.) from The University of Alabama with a specialization in higher education administration.