New Year and New Outlook on CPL and EDU Portals: Media Days Take-Away #2

As we come to the next part in our series on the changing landscape of CPL and EDU Portals, let’s talk about our second key finding from the group of CPL vendors who participated in our Media Days event.

Insight #2:

As predicted, there has been a significant sorting out of the “bad” apples – those affiliates that are still trying to “cheat” the system by not playing by the rules of conventional wisdom of compliance. There are still enough other CPL options (personal finance, insurance, healthcare, fitness, etc.) that many of the questionable affiliates are willing to play the game of cat-and-mouse with their “downstream” aggregate partners.  Obviously, questionable non-compliant messaging offering  unrealistic degree outcomes, free tuition or grant money still “hook” the unsuspecting – if they are found out in the EDU space, they can always go to other categories to earn an easy buck.

Many of the “real” players that are committed to the EDU space have made every reasonable attempt to be compliant, at least in principle – they have their livelihoods at stake and they will do all that is necessary to protect their multi-million+ businesses!

There has been a definite move toward “one-strike and you are out of the game” for compliance violations of upstream affiliate partners. Many of the “long-term” players have dropped affiliate networks and have brought everything “in-house.”

By the way, we find it interesting that the media team has fielded dozens of inquiries from many of these “dirty” affiliates within the last 2-3 months who are making a last gasp effort to broker their EDU leads.

We hope you’ll join us next time where we’ll talk about our third key learning, the shift from quantity to quality.

Scott Haslam

Scott Haslam has been with Helix Education for 3 ½ years and has over 8 years of experience in the Higher Education industry. He earned his BA degree in Communications from Brigham Young University.