New Year and New Outlook on CPL and EDU Portals: Media Days Take-Away #1

As we go into a new year, can we expect a new outlook on Cost Per Lead and EDU Portals, or simply more of the same? At Datamark we recently held our      4th Semi-Annual Winter Media Days event where we brought together 8 of our top CPL partners to answer this very question. The group discussed everything from media mix, conversion, quality assurance and pricing models, to compliance and important post-regulation trends.

In this upcoming blog series, we’ll share with you our three key findings that will help you stay current on the world of CPL and EDU Portals. We’ll wrap up the series with our Top Ten list of trends and directions that we can expect to see EDU Portal moving into the next six months.

Insight #1:

The positive change that we have seen since our last Media Days in spring of 2011 has been more evolutionary than revolutionary.

  • There has been a shift in the channel mix to more paid and organic search.
  • More sites are providing opportunities for the respondent to engage (at no charge) into a career discovery and course test drive process.
  • Not only do these approaches help “filter” to determine if online learning is right, but help laser focus the careers that might best fit interests and capabilities of the prospect.

Stay tuned for our next post that will talk about the significant sorting out of “bad” apples in the industry.

Scott Haslam

Scott Haslam has been with Helix Education for 3 ½ years and has over 8 years of experience in the Higher Education industry. He earned his BA degree in Communications from Brigham Young University.