New Marketing Report Highlights Importance of Personalization & the Customer Experience

Integrated Education Marketing
38% of marketers surveyed believe that their personalization strategies will become omnichannel in 2015.

The new Digital Trends 2015 report is out, published in partnership with Econsultancy and Adobe. While not specific to the education market, there are several good takeaways that apply to education marketers and the transformation our industry is experiencing in personalization—that is, customizing the way we initiate a relationship with a student and the way we support that student for the long haul.

Survey participants identified the “customer experience” as the single most exciting opportunity this year. Additionally, the report named data-driven business, personalization, mobile and cross-channel marketing as vitally important.

Perhaps not ironically, each of these areas holds significant value to Helix Education and the work with do with our partner institutions. To us, creating a lasting relationship with students and delivering a meaningful experience means you know who they are and what they want, you know what messages and channels are likely to resonate with them, and you know how they prefer to interact with you.

Here are some of the report highlights that we believe translate to education marketing:

The Customer Experience:

More than three-quarters (78%) of company respondents are attempting to differentiate through the customer experience. To us, higher education institutions are no different – institutions that understand their students on a deeper level will be able to deliver a truly student-centric experience.


The emergence of targeting and personalization (30%) was rated as the highest digital-related priority. When it comes to higher education, creating personalized messaging and intervention strategies means you can increase the likelihood that a student will develop a relationship with your institution, enroll and ultimately graduate.

Digital Marketing:

The proportion of respondents who say they will be ‘experimenting heavily with digital over the next year’ has increased from 64% last year to 69% this year. Today’s students expect to connect with your institution in a convenient, flexible and comfortable manner.

Cross Channel:

Two in five (38%) marketers believe that their personalization strategies will become omnichannel in 2015. At Helix Education, as part of our integrated marketing approach, we understand the importance of complementary marketing channels and campaigns to reinforce your institution’s brand and communicate your value proposition in a way that is tangible to the student.

To quote the report, “personalization has indeed become top-of-mind for companies aiming to improve the customer experience.”

We couldn’t agree more. By aggregating data across the student life cycle, institutions can personalize the entire learning experience, beginning with marketing outreach.

John Seal

As the Director of Digital Media at Helix Education, John has a real passion for leveraging technology and data to power online marketing initiatives like SEO and PPC that help drive increased traffic, conversion rates and ultimately ROI. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho.