New White Paper: Six Steps to Generating Inquiries in a Closely Guarded Regulatory Environment

C-2_Blue-01Both passed and proposed legislation continue to keep enrollment marketers and institutions on their toes. At stake are their marketing processes and practices, but also their brands and reputations.

It is more important than ever for schools to understand the regulations, the tactical changes, and the long-term implications. For example, the FCC’s TCPA regulations, which went into effect two weeks ago, mark the latest round of rules that are impacting the ways colleges and universities connect with prospective students by phone.

At Datamark, we work hard every day to keep our clients in the know. We want to help them safeguard their inquiries and deliver an ethical and exceptional student experience.

Along these lines, we recently published our latest white paper, Six Steps to Generating Inquiries in a Closely Guarded Regulatory Environment, which is available for free download on our website.  When you have a minute, check it out.  You just might find some nuggets of information that will help mitigate regulatory risk for your institution.

Also, don’t forget about our Lead Confidence Toolkit, a suite of solutions designed to help schools with monitoring, transcription, data capture and confirmation functionality so they can confidently comply with the evolving standards.

Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith is a marketing professional with broad experience in many aspects of marketing: media management, new product development, branding, and creative advertising. She earned a BS in Marketing from the University of Utah.