New Additions to Our Executive Team

One of the true privileges of my role is being able to help attract and develop the next generation of education marketing leaders at Datamark. While it’s always fun to hire great talent, it’s even more fun to be able to see the advancement of internal rising stars. On behalf of our CEO, Tom Dearden, it gives me great pleasure to announce that two of Datamark’s finest have assumed new leadership roles and joined our executive team.

First, we’d like to welcome Andy Cier to our executive team, in the new role of Vice President, Client Solutions Group. Andy joined us in 2009 from Salt Lake City ad firm Riester. Since then, he’s worked tirelessly to help all of us at Datamark “deliver what we promise” to our clients in a way that reflects our values. We rely on Andy’s 25 years of experience in marketing, public relations and advertising, and our clients are reaping the benefits of his expertise in better content development, more strategic marketing and always-improving client service.

We’d also like to recognize Steve Winchester, our new Vice President of Marketing and Solutions. In his new role, Steve will lead client-driven product development and help us communicate more effectively with clients about the solutions we already offer. Steve joined our team nearly six years ago, and has helped some of our largest clients develop and execute enrollment-building marketing strategies. He’s been an advertising account exec for more than 20 years, leading campaigns for Intel, Knight-Ridder and Earthlink. Steve is truly an expert marketer and has been instrumental in the success of our clients and our company.

We are thrilled to see Andy and Steve take on roles where they will be able to expand their impact on Datamark and our clients. Congratulations guys!