LeadsCon Recap: What is the Education CPL Community Talking About?


I’d intended to pass along what we saw at LeadsCon East a few weeks back, and have finally had the chance to put “pen” to “paper.”

LeadsCon has developed into one of the top places to network with the education CPL community.  Congratulations to Dave Wengel and Jay Weintraub on their success.

Attendees tend to be the more hands-on interactive buying and managing types – they know first-hand what is and is not working.  Here’s what they told us:

  • Lead Testing – schools once again seem to be embracing the idea of testing out lead sources, whereas they had pulled back somewhat the past two years.
  • Lead Quality – after years of mixing media and buying ‘subprime’ leads, schools seem to be more interested in quality, even though they know it is more expensive.
  • Compliance – this is still on everyone’s mind, but is less a factor than it was a year ago given the fact that the Department of Education has been slow to act.
  • Vendor Reputation – despite a brief reprieve from regulatory concerns, schools are becoming more brand aware in terms of who is considered a good lead provider and who is questionable.
  • Campaign Optimization – while this has always been important to us at Datamark, there was more sincere interest among marketers in how to optimize campaigns over time.
  • Innovation – this seems to be one of the biggest topics as schools are beginning to demand a more strategic approach to lead generation; attendees told me that Datamark’s offerings are intriguing and appealing, which was a well-received sign that lead providers are capable of more.

What else?  As several of the big lead buying schools asked what else can Datamark do for them and what value can we provide, we had an answer that seemed to not only satisfy them, but got them thinking about lead generation in a new way.  Attendees were very receptive to our new Ed4Life solution, which leverage programs instead of brands – the results we are seeing speak for themselves!

Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas for LeadsCon 2012!

Steve Winchester

Steve is the CMO at Helix Education. He has been an advertising account executive for more than 20 years. Steve received his BS from the University of Utah.