Is Your Higher Ed Marketing Data Stuck in Silos?

It’s not uncommon to see institutions using different vendors for different promotional channels (i.e. print, SEO and dialog marketing). Yet if you are looking to create efficiencies and convey a consistent brand, this approach can backfire.

The reason is simple – your prospective student information from each vendor is stuck in different silos, making it nearly impossible to truly measure your ROI. You are losing powerful data insights that enable you to dissect your messages, campaigns and channels, and accurately assess which ones are working the best.

So, what is the answer to eliminating this siloed data approach?

Integration and closed-loop creative attribution.

Closed-loop creative attribution helps you understand exactly what is working and what is not. With a truly transparent partner as your integrated agency of record, you will see every win and every loss, helping you understand where and why your marketing dollars are best spent. And with these insights, your partner can continually adjust your media mix to whatever allocation maximizes your ROI.

Data silos can tremendously limit your ability to effectively market, making you and your data feel stuck. They do little to protect your brand as it becomes difficult to measure messages against each other, and they do little to protect your marketing budgets as funds are not always spent on the highest performing channels.

At Helix Education, we believe in an integrated approach and the importance of closed-loop creative attribution, allowing you to see the big picture by freeing your data and your marketing programs from confinement.

Michele Bates

With a rich media background in print, digital, and TV, Michele advances data-driven brand strategies as Director of Marketing Strategy and Research. She acts as the voice of the customer to guide brand research, audience analysis, creative messaging, and overall strategic marketing. Michele holds a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and Madison and has worked in upper-level management roles for more than 20 years. She is notably fond of cheesy 80s movies, giant game nights with friends, loud belly laughs, and her 3 kiddos.