Is the Chief Privacy Officer coming to higher education?

Is the Chief Privacy Officer coming to higher education?

Reported by EdSurge, more and more institutions are starting to understand the ROI in the role of Chief Privacy Officer. Already a popular position in health care given patient privacy regulations, Europe’s GDPR privacy law and California’s upcoming Consumer Privacy Act are helping higher ed take similar caution regarding student privacy.

The takeaway? Originally FERPA helped higher ed take student data privacy seriously. But with a swarm of new technologies and privacy threats, putting a CPO in charge of technical safeguards may be the easiest preventative ROI measure we can take.

May you continue to fight the good enrollment growth fight at your institution today, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Eric Olsen

Eric brings more than a decade of award-winning creative brand development, marketing analytics and higher education experience to Helix Education. Eric is a graduate of Bradley University and earned his MBA at Lewis University.